Saturday, April 29, 2006

Prepared to get Snowed in!

I accidently erased the last entry so here it goes. The President using bad sophistry told america a lie. Concerning the big profits oil companies are making he actually said(I'm trying not to laugh as I write this) he will investigate the price gouging. Well here is whats going to happen. I doubt there will be an investigation and if there is, it will be a half assed almost non-existent attempt. I mean come on two oil shills investigating big oil. Yeah Right! Thats like O.J annoucing he will look for the killers. These people have no credibility on investigating or truth seeking(name one investigation they voluntarily cooperated with). We saw how the investigations in the past went(Plame,leaks, 911). These guys(President,Vice president)refused to swear in before testilying, I mean testifying before the 911 commission. Well I guess it was no surprise the latest Bush apologist whore, Oops! I mean press secretary is none other than Tony Snow Fox news henchman. Now remember when a Clinton staffer got a job At ABC news. The neo cons were fraught with indignations such as thats the liberal media for you. The Clinton administration is in bed with the media. Hmmmm. Why can't Fox news just admit that they are just an extension of the Bushies. I mean come on. Oh and just in case I forget, Darcy and I feel that Sean Hannity who is a Bush whore of the highest order got taken for a ride and he rightly deserved the job as liar I mean press secretary. Sorry Sean you kissed so much ass for Bush and spewed his policies and you did not get a dime for it. Unlike the other prostitutes like Armstrong Williams etc. Well Sean as you know the difference between a hooker and a whore is just the fee charged. Darcy and I feel your pain. You know when Bush gets an erection Sean Hannity grows taller.

What's a Sophist?

Okay folks I have been asked in emails what in the hell a "sophist" is. I mean if this is not proof positive that our institutions of higher learning has failed us,I do not know what is.....well either that or I am being the arrogant,elitist,egotistical,prick I have always been accused of being. Well lets say its the former.........okay the latter. The sophists were fifth century teachers in ancient Greece. They taught culture and politics and rhetoric they also applied bogus reasoning and were concerned with winning arguments rather than establishing the truth(kind of like anyone on Fox News and Neo-Cons)Well anyway Plato had a few problems with them. He thought they were liars and "sophistry" became known to mean "fallacious reasoning". Now I must point out that in the beginning(pre-Socratic) to be a "sophist" was actually a good thing. It meant to be wise and to give wisdom. It was actually a very highly complimentary title. But in fairness to Plato the term in the second half of the fifth century especially in Athens the sophists went to the dark side. Okay thats enough on Greek history my head is hurting now.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sick of double Standards!

I am so sick of hearing about this alleged rape at Duke University. It seems the race baiters on both sides are revving up this issue and of course the media is complicit in all of this. See folks this is why racism will always be pervasive in this country. Because we love to take racial sides. Just listen to talk radio, this woman has been called every name in the book because she is a stripper(interpretive dancer) and had two kids out if wedlock( I'm sure am glad she is the only one in the world who has ever done that)despite the fact she was in the Navy we will not bring that up. Now for the record I do not know what happened just like everyone else. I hope justice will prevail and I will leave it at that. But I can not help but notice how irrational people are when it comes to these issues. I feel the same way about these guys as I did about Michael Jackson,O.J and Kobe if they are proved to be innocent then let these men go about their lives and bring up charges on the woman, but if they are guilty then nail them! I find it funny that the same people who condemned Jackson,Kobe,O.J and was sure of their guilt are now saying. "Innocent until proven guilty"(concerning the men) Like as if all of a sudden lets be fair. But since we are divided along racial lines in this country anyone who takes sides uses this ploy.
So in the eyes of(I'm speaking generally here) white america you are innocent until proven guilty.....unless your name is Michael Jackson,Kobe,O.J.
And remember this........

The most hypocritical(Republicans)will always talk out of both sides of their mouths about the behavior of "those people" so they can pretend they're so "superior" to them. Meanwhile, on that same page, we had:

Republican County Councilman Keola Childs pleaded guilty to molesting a male child.
Republican activist John Butler was charged with criminal sexual assault on a teenage girl.
Republican candidate Richard Gardner admitted to molesting his two daughters.
Republican Councilman Jack W. Gardner was convicted of molesting a 13-year old girl.
The above would never be mentioned on Fox News.

Hey! You Neo-cons! Hell's a coming back!


The Evil Genius Returns May 1st 2006.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Immigration! (A Monologue)!

This is a subject that some people are so closeminded to on both sides of the issue.
So I approach this subject with caution. I do not want to be called a racist just because I may have an unpopular opinion. Well here it goes, a great number of illegal....lets say it together "illegal" aliens march across our borders everyday and lets be honest there are a great number of them who want to work and take care of their families and are hard workers and have good intentions when they cross our borders. But then there are some who do not necessarily follow the rules of this country as anyone living in California would know about the crimes from illegals. So what do we do? Well when I discovered that illegals account for about 10 billion dollars yearly,I knew that the do nothing government would do something to appease them,(we are capitalistic whores) so this is why they are creating an amnesty program that they refuse to call an amnesty program so they will call it the "guest worker" program which implies,hey these are our guest coming over for a visit and hey since they are here lets put them to work. Okay here is my concern,crime from illegals are low and the government does not care about it(see 10 billion dollars section)are we so concerned about this money that we are compromising national security. I mean we only discovered Yemeni's and Iraqi's crossing over the other day. So how long will it be before Al-Qaida figures that one out? Now I disagree with Fox's lawsuit it's a scare tactic! There has got to be a way to placate both sides I mean I can not blame them for wanting a better life for their families. But also Americas racist sides are coming out, I hear people talk about how hispanics are going to outnumber the white people someday in the United States. So! Why is that a bad thing? Because racists for years have made it seem bad to be a minority, Now the shoe is on the other foot and they do not like it. Hey to my latinos brothers and sisters I say "more power to you". but back to what Big Daddy was saying, We know they are hard workers, no argument there, but where in this fading republic's constitution does it read, hard work trumps national security? I say this because the northern border to Canada is just as porous and open and we have caught terrorists coming across that border all the time(but you never hear alot about it). My point is only about security because my problem is with both borders but sad to say you will only hear about just one and let me give you a hint(its not the one that borders a majority white country). I mean what happens when a terrorist walks across the border with a tactical suitcase nuke.Political correctness and racism is going to kill us all. I mean we had no problem turning the Haitians away who came here illegally,hell and even some Cubans except if they can throw a ball. But we find room for thousands of Serbians(Fort Dix) and now a "guest worker" program. In New Orleans there was not one illegal alien but now New Orleans is over run with illegals who were given jobs to rebuild when the locals residents were forced out of the bid(Thanks Mr. Bush and rescinding the Davis-Bacon Act))to help make money rebuilding their community and later those same people were called lazy because they could not find a job. Now those jobs have been "insourced" I hope there is a better solution where everyone can benefit. Remember before the creation of the KKK, blacks were brought from the south to break unions and as whites said in those days "to drive down wages" and a lot of whites lost their jobs and that prompted some men in Pulaski Tennesee to form the KKK. You know if these men just realized that they were being screwed by the corporations and not blacks it would have been better for them to band together white and black. Now I hope history is not repeating itself.But now I am not so sure because Mexico's attitude towards Central Americans is piss poor, and they are sending them back to their own country by the busloads when central americans cross Mexico's southern border but when Mexicans wants to cross our borders we are expected to understand and let them through. But again the mexicans do not want the central americans in their country.Hmmmm isn't racism interesting.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It was bound to happen.

Yeah I heard another Nascar guy bit the bullet the other day. I actually heard someone say..well it was not his time..Hmm lets see going 500 miles per hour on a oil slick track in a circle weaving in and out of cars at a dangerous speed.....yeah it wasn't his time my ass. That was bound to happen sooner or later thats the chance you take and he lost . Some one said lets make Nascar safer.....screw that if it was any safer we'd be watching traffic. Later!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Be afraid! Be very afraid!

I am so tired of these hypocritical neo cons totally rewriting history and using the magic of revisionism to cover up their transgressions.
The media is BUILT on the ashes of Clinton's impeachment, and there are so many whores on the news that if anyone even brings up a CENSURE, they get marginalized and called crazy. For impeachment, there is a simple formula here it goes:

1) Elect a Democratic majority in November
2) Hold their feet to the fire until they start investigating the bad intelligence and lies that drove us to war
3) Figure out EXACTLY what laws he broke THEN begin an impeachment, otherwise the Democrats will get their asses handed to them in the press because they'll be accused of a "revenge" impeachment...

Anthony's rule #1: If a Republican accuses you of something, it means they are doing it. See ya on the flip side.