Friday, November 24, 2006

Rosie Disgusts me!

Okay, do not get me wrong I do not hate Rosie O'donnell. I do not even know Rosie O'donnell.But my problem with her stems from an incident between Clay Aiken and Kelly Ripa. Now Kelly was conducting an interview and Clay during the interview covered Kelly's mouth with his hand. Kelly played it off with class with a "thats a no no" comment and also made the comment that she does not know where that hands been(which is the truth). Okay my point is, you should never put your hands in someones mouth(unless your asked to). Plus nothing should be shoved in the body bigger than a fist and less loving than a dildo.Thats very disrespectful! Well Rosie got wind of it and accused Kelly of making a homophobic remark....What? Clay Aiken should have apologized or suffered a bitch slap. Are we getting into a new mind set in this country when everybody gets so sensitive that we start accusing people of crap ..How paranoid is that. Rosie, not everything is homophobic.....stop being hetero-phobic! Now what was racist was the Michael Richards controversy. Check it out for your self.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Oh poor baby.

Okay folks if you are a republican or like Bush, you will not like tonights show.
I mean its going to be me gloating and putting Bush lovers in their place.
Also there will be other things to talk about. Well I know you heard the news about Bush has screwed it up so badly that his daddy and his friends have to come in and clean up the Iraq mess for him. I mean I have only been saying this for years that this guy is incompetent. Enjoy tonights show.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Coming Attractions.

You gotta love this picture. Anyway Britney Spears is getting a divorce. Wow, they are so in love and I sure did not see that coming.hmmmm damn. Anyway,Rummy just resigned and now the hammers is about to come a swinging.Here are what they should look into according to me. Whats really going to happen. Events of September 11, 2001.Pre-war faulty intelligence that was used to justify invading Iraq.
Whether the Bush Administration purposely misrepresented intelligence.War profiteering
Illegal wiretaps.Torture

End of the NEOCONS!

Yes,the GOP values of rape, torture, murder, invasions,secret prisons and illegal eavesdropping might be destroyed.Hey folks here is an excerpt from a Canadian about the neocons from about two days ago. "Whether or not the Republicans lose control of one or both houses of the U.S. Congress on Tuesday,the neo-conservative vision that has guided American foreign policy since 2001 has run its course. The neo-cons' grand design lies in ruins, having accomplished nothing other than to shrink America's stature in the world. The great unwinding of the American "benign global hegemony" first heralded by neo-cons William Kristol and Robert Kagan in 1996 will commence after the election, when America's political leadership will abandon Iraq and the neo-cons.


"They could make the Diebold machines work if they wanted to.
Proof - have you ever had an ATM machine give you too much money?
No, that doesn't happen because the banks are careful with their money."
-- some guy on CNN

The Party Is Over.

Wow, I must say that I am shocked. It seems that the Republicans got their asses kicked and bitchslapped in the House and soon to be in the Senate(at the time of writing this Montana and Virginia is still being counted) I stayed up all night and was on the phone with the Red Menace and fell asleep on the couch. Now I predicted McCaskill was going to win and I was right. Now Fox News the sore stupid losers that they are, said well here comes Nancy Pelosi and her San Francisco values(see this elitist comment is why they lost both the House and the Senate). Now here is what is going to happen folks, first of all, I am going to(along with the Red Menace)gloat and brag my ass off on the show and to every Republican thug I know. Second talk radio and Fox News will try to down play the fact they just got slaughtered(ho checked) because the public hates parties who govern from the extreme right or left. They will say the government is now full of leftist liberals and of course that would be a lie. They have to save face somehow and minimize the fact that now they are powerless and that no one likes them and they have been successfully marginalized. Plus, now they really want a terrorist attack to happen to make them feel a little better. Now, here is what's really is going to happen; the Democrats will push through the minimum wage bill and recalling tax cuts for the oil companies and the 9/11 recommendations, perscription drugs prices.. But the real ass kicking has yet to come. Now Jim Murtha kind of hinted around to it. But I knew it was coming if the Dems ever took power and the Republicans knew it too. Thats why they are saying the things they are because judgment day is upon them. There will be investigations into the oil companies and energy meetings and also the Iraq war issue and all the secret meetings. I tell you I can now start believing in my country again.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Get out and vote.

First of all the seven pictures next to this paragraph is reason enough to get out and vote. Plus I want to give a shout out to major freethinker's Cara and Anthony who checks out this site and they think it's cool. Plus, that Anthony has a very cool name.
Okay if you have not voted please get out there and vote.I want to see Sean Hannity depressed.

I allegedly voted.

I need to learn how to just shut my mouth sometimes. Okay here is how it went down. I went to the local church to vote today and I noticed, that first of all what age do you have to be to be an election worker? I mean these people ages were at least pi(3.14). There was one young election worker who handed me that really spooky electronic card before I cast my alleged vote. I proceeded to ask her that I could not help for noticing that Diebold(they make the atm's)was the maker of these electronic voting machines. So I asked her, where was my receipt for voting? She said that there would be no receipt. I responded by saying your shitting me! There is no receipt! The company that makes ATM's that always give you a receipt during any transactions can not give me a receipt of who I voted for. I asked her why no receipt, she said she did not know. I said, does that not make you a little suspicious? She said nope! Hmmm that's a damn shame. So I quickly told her that these machines have a bad record of being wrong and that Chavez of Venezuela bought machines(diebold) in Florida complete with receipt capabilities
to make sure his elections were fair. They put the receipts in a lock box to be double checked in case of controversey. So it can be done, so why do we not have receipts. She could not answer. then I told her that in Florida they did not give receipts because the election workers there said that they did not want the receipts to conflict with the official tally of the machines...Huh! Thats like operating the cash register and then not running the receipt tape at the end of the shift because we do not want it to conflict with the amount of money in the drawer. So I voted and who knows how it will turn out. Since I do not have proof of purchase.