Tuesday, December 23, 2008

When Right Wingers Attack!

Hey folks you got to hear this tape of idiot neocon host Mark Levin go at it with liar idiot neocon host Bill O'reilly. Bill attacks all neocons(Limbaugh,Hannity etc)for being what I have always have said and known that they were liars and idiots, and Levin attacks O'reilly back for telling the truth about them. The funny part is that both guys are telling the truth about each other and their ilk. I love it when the ultra right triumphs over the even stupider ultra right. These guys do not like FACTS! Oh this is so great that these haters are destroying each other.BTW does not Levin sound like some caricature of a right wing host? I mean he sounds like he is doing a skit. But believe it or not he is real and that's sad.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Whore Media Back On The Job!!

People often wonder why I call the press or media "whores". You see, this whole thing about the Illinois governor is exactly my point. This man has clearly absolved President Elect Obama of any wrong doing. And as matter of fact is on tape cursing Obama because he won't play to pay. The prosecutor has said that Obama is innocent and nothing points to him. So one would think whats the big deal? Well, now you hear stories about what did Obama know and when did he know it or how does this scandal affect Obama? Well it does not affect him if the media does their damn job and focus on what needs to be focused on and quit bringing his name up. You see its about selling papers and time to advertisers. This is where the term "whore" factors in. You see a good ho does it for the money, damn whom they hurt. I expected it from the whores at Fox news and the addleminded twerps on talk radio. But I used to expect better from the mainstream media. But also remember there is no such thing as the liberal media and when you hear someone say that, then you know you are dealing with a not so serious or intelligent person.(they might as well be talking about flying saucers and green men,google how the liberal media crap started).I am glad I was not the only one to see CNN's Rick Fox make a fool of himself trying to coin "Blagogate" So just because the press tries to fabricate a scandal does not mean it is an actual one.

"To anyone who lived through the media feeding frenzy of the 1990s, during which the nation's leading news organizations spent the better part of a decade destroying their own credibility by relentlessly hyping a series of non-scandals, the past few days, in which the media have tried to shoehorn Barack Obama into the Rod Blagojevich scandal, have been sickeningly familiar. Whenever reporters think -- or want you to think -- they've uncovered a presidential scandal, they waste little time in comparing it to previous controversies. Yesterday, CNN's Rick Sanchez tried desperately to get the phrase "Blagogate" to stick -- the latest in an annoying post-Watergate pattern of ham-handed efforts to hype a scandal by appending the suffix "-gate" to the end of a word.

check out this link.


These people are hypocrites and the American whore press laid down for Bush while he got 4200 soldiers killed, dismantled the Constitution and crashed the economy, but Obama's a villian because he refused to be corrupt?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pretty Ricky!

All you liberals please get off Obama's case with this Rick Warren thing. I am not saying that I agree with Warren on anything. But the PE(president elect)has a right to have whomever he wants at his shindig. Did anyone even bother listening to Barack on the campaign trail or did you just hear what you wanted to hear(these are different skill sets you know)?...I actually listened. So why is this surprising? You see folks, this is the danger of partison politics. The left and right are so myopic with their views that that try to project them on others. Look everyone has views we agree and disagree with. That's America! We will not always agree.Get a life and stop crying.

Open Letter To The Lord.

Dear God I do not come to you often...okay who I am kidding not in a long time. But Lord I ask that you grant me what I am asking for because I really deserve it. Plus it would mean a lot to me. First of all, I am not asking you for money or to nail that hot chick down the street or even to help my favorite team to win in games. I would never presume on our relationship like others have done and ask you to cheat in sports for me. Or even the silly claim that you take sides in wars(how stupid is that). All I am asking for God, is that you let that crazy wacked out lady Sarah Palin still stick around and continuing to delude her into still thinking she is relevant. So I can continue to kick her around and making fun of her being an intellectual light weight or dummy.. Also God, I fear that the Republicans might do something smart like actually listen and follow Bobby Jindal(R- intelligent guy and Obama on the right) who actually has ideas for the party to follow by opening up the doors to minorities and making that party a driving force in the future. I mean, I have noticed that many of these neo cons do not know who Jindal is(big ups to you on that God keep them stupid). Please let them follow Palin and her wacked out views therefore weakening the party and making them even more irrelevant. Please God if you do this for me. I will not screw with those scientologists and hippie liberal christians on the Plaza anymore....maybe. PS: God, on the way home one day Lord this neo con republican's dog barked and tried to bite me Lord. Please give him doggy cancer or even better, let him get hit by a car driven by a liberal animal lover on his way to an A.S.P.C.A event and then let him die slowly..in Jesus's name I pray Amen..U Da man!!

More Fake Outrage!!!

When does this stuff end....Okay folks here we go again with stupidity from the right(fake outrage crowd) as usual.Here is a photo of Obama the President -Elect from his freshman year in college. At first glance he appears to be smoking a joint. Then you notice its just a real cool way of handling a cigarette. Now he posed for these pics with that stupid hat on back in 1981. Now these pics are completely innocent. But watch how the right blows this pic out of proportion.The whore so called liberal press has made this photo of many ...the front page. But as they are doing their thing just remember Obama has been open in his books about his drug use. But Bush has many criminal records of arrests on drunk and driving and cocaine use which he tried to hide. But they never talk about that on the lying right. You see these people are beyond hypocritical. They are engaging in what the great Digby coined "intellectual violence". You see the right wing nut cases or neo cons have no ideas anymore and they are a dying(thank you Jesus)breed. Quick examples.....the attacks on Obama and his administration. This has been the most effectively picked cabinet in the nations history. But it is lost on the lying right. Meanwhile,Bush as been the biggest screw up since forever! You see the right wing does not like the law or rule of law and they do not believe in following rules or facts(if you don't believe me, then cite me any instance when they did not try to defund or impede and cooperated with quickly and fully and not try to block any investigation?.....don't worry I'll wait). They really talk a good game. They also just make up it up as they go along. When Fitzgerald rightfully came after the Bushies...Fox news and there ilk portrayed him as and called him a "rogue prosecutor"!And bitched about being persecuted and never cooperated with the investigation. But now since he is after a democrat..now all of a sudden he's ok now and the democrats must follow the rule of law.Riiight.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Watch The Shoes.

I know you all have seen the footage of Bush,having not one but two shoes thrown at him by a an irate reporter. First I thought this was funny and this shows how much this man is hated around the world. Plus he can duck really well.I will say this... that reporter should have his credentials revoked and should receive a personal ass whipping from the president himself. Obviously this is the end result of neo con philosophy folks. But I do not think the president should have shoes thrown at him.Also I would be having a talk with that secret service detail. But I have to admit that stuff is sooo funny.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Thank You Jesus,Silence of the Skank!

Gosh thanksgiving was made even more wonderful and thankful when I found out the Coultergeist got jaw boned. I was so glad to hear that she broke her jaw and it is wired shut...see God don't like ugly. This woman has said the most vicious most vile anti-American and racist inhuman things that someone can say about a person. Try reading all of her books...I have and I will never get that time back(google her sometime if you think I am too harsh). Now before all of you get all pissed off at me ..I do believe in free speech and I never believed that this succubus should be censored..Ever! But as is my nature. I will always take the time to find joy and revel in a neo cons pain and misfortune and suffering. I love to make fun of them that's my right as an American. I know some people are saying Anthony you should be ashamed of yourself laughing at her..be better than that. Well to hell what you liberals think. I am better than that but at least I am honest. Now the witch claims she fell and broke it...sounds like a lie to me. But I am hoping some woman in a bar socked her a couple of times with a nice left hook(I do not advocate violence against people BTW) But hell its Ann Coulter. Omigosh I just remembered she will not be able to promote her new stupid book that's coming out. Oh its so shameful..Now in all seriousness really, I do wish her a speedy recovery(well maybe not too speedy). I like to keep kicking her around and her sister in stupidity Sarah Palin too. And to all of you neo cons and supporters who say oh Anthony your just bitter. I respond by saying bitter about what? My side won. My side has been on the right side of history. Nope no bitterness here..I just really enjoy kicking you guys around especially when your down.Anthony's note:You know she might be like this for a few weeks at least past the new year...Hmmm christmas ain't looking too bad either.:)

Read for yourself.


Neo Cons Who?

You know, I hear the dribble coming from the dying lying right about Obama,Hillary and and his pick for his kick ass financial and foreign policy teams. I am here to tell you folks that these right wingers have a failed vision and they failed America with their deregulation and want to make government small which is bull crap because we had the biggest government growth under Reagan. They are so full of it. They do not matter anymore. Forget O'reilly,Hannity,Coulter,Ingraham,Limbaugh, their visions harmed the country. George Bush just admitted that he was unprepared for war and he was wrong on WMD'S. But if you listened to Wavestation X or read this blog you already knew that years ago. To show you how pathetic these cultists are,you have still some of them who believe that Obama was born in Africa and never presented his birth certificate. Okay now see why I am glad these idiots did not win. Despite the facts to the contrary ie Hawaii making a statement the actual certificate being made public state seal and all. Also it being reviewed by reporters and experts,he has a passport(submission of certificate is needed for background check)(I have one)this list goes on and on....see what I mean. Now there are hosts locally and nationally who has actually said that well it could be true and did not take a stand because of pure cowardice and stupidity.Just remember this, if left up to conservatives there would be not tolerance or civil rights or minorities or women voting and etc. They have been on the wrong side of history and continues to do so because they are stupid and unyielding to change. So ignore them they don't matter. They talk plenty of crap because they are like lost children and cultist who have lost their way and leadership they are pathetic little empty vessels. In the face of current economic situation check out these facts. These are due to tax cuts giving to rich people and corporations by republican administrations;

Here's the count. You decide.

Dwight Eisenhower: 2 recessions
Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford: 2 recessions
Ronald Reagan: 1 recession
George H.W. Bush: 1 recession
George W. Bush: 2 recessions

Here are the Democrats:

John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson: no recessions
Jimmy Carter: one recession, the briefest of the era
Bill Clinton: no recessions

Eight to one: As I say, you decide.