Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Drink tomato juice Cuz that O.J. will kill ya!

I am so sick and tired of hearing anything about this OJ crap in Vegas. Look people! I know you may think he killed his wife and now this new trial is kind of like payback for you...a catharsis if you will. But here are the facts: He was found INNOCENT and apparently he has not killed anybody since. Even his new girlfriend is still alive.
But I am astounded that the amount of skepticism and interests displayed in this newest pop culture train wreck is done so by the same people who are dinky dumb when it comes to science or Bush and Osama. Now keep in mind Fox news got into the mix when they had some people on who claimed that they(as we say in Hollywood) Repped O.J. Its Fox news,they are supposed to lie and get it wrong all the time. Its not a real news station except for a few snippets of hot chicks reading the news. Its a mouth piece for the Bush administration. Remember its the Fox channel that has pushed the big lie that rapper Nas is a gangsta rapper. I mean Come on.

Mustang Sally.

Oh ! ok first of all as much as I like him, shame on Barry Manilow for not showing up on "The View" because of Elizabeth Hasselbeck political views.Come on ladies you all need to work this out and stop this silly little girl fight. Citing I will not perform if she is there. I am sorry Barry she has a right to be there...she works there. Just because you disagree with her does not mean you have to shut her out. Instead Mr. Manilow you should have taken this opportunity to challenge her to a debate on the issues. I do not like it when other people try to censor someone just because they may disagree. Now with that being said....
I watched most of the Emmy's and I was not shocked that Sally Field was censored. I mean, come on this is america where we care more about an aging football star who may or may not have killed his wife, than we are about a real murderer Bin Laden.
So it was no surprise to me what the Fox people did. I mean we do not care about anything that may help us. We just care about stupid stuff like sports and celebrity lives. No wonder we can't catch Bin laden. But I can't help for wondering though if Sally Field had said,When Republicans are in the White House,
there are no goddamn blowjobs in the oval office. you can bet that not only
would Fox have aired it, they would be airing it over and over and over again.
Just a thought!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Osama Bin Hiding!

Okay, we all saw the Osama video the other day. When I saw the video I was seated very comfortably in my easy chair thinking to myself. Wow! he really looks good and very well rested. Plus I like the dye job in the beard, nice touch! Well I thought, of course he looks great because its not like anyone is after him and he is obviously not worried about Bush ever catching him. So this letter below I discovered explains how I feel about the weak on terrorism republicans.

Osama bin Laden has released a new video, but what does it mean?
What it means is that 6 years later Bush has failed to get him. Osama is right about one thing.
The Democrats have failed to make any kind of serious effort to stop the war in Iraq.
Since bin Laden says he wants Democrats to stop the war that will make sure Democrats don't stop it.
Osama really wants the war to continue because it's bleeding us dry and as long as we
waste our resources on Iraq then he will be able to roam free.

"Bush and the Republicans aren't serious about getting bin Laden. Bush has said that he isn't concerned about him. Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson write him off as a "symbolic threat". This seems to indicate that the Republicans have failed to identify the enemy. How can the guy who caused 9/11 not matter?

One thing is clear. As long as Osama bin Laden releases videos the job isn't done.
We need a president who is truly interested in getting him.

Marc Perkel
San Bruno, CA.
Amen Brother!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Separated At Birth!

Okay its about time that things I actually like I are happening with everyone leaving the white house. Okay lets fast forward to the Miss South Carolina stupid answer to a question about why is it that most americans can not find the united states on a map?
Her answer was so powerful stupid that it is indicative of the stuck on stupid approach to learning in our country. I do not feel sorry for her. She should have known better.
Now I will show you a piece of tape of George Bush trying to explain the meaning of the word "tribal sovereignty" which means the right of people (indigeous)to govern themselves. Now watch this moron just blow it all, Miss teen usa style. I see a pattern here.