Friday, November 16, 2007

911 Freaks get a life

Now first, before you liberals get your panties in a snit. I myself have questions about 911. But I am so tired of all you 911 conspiracy nutcases advocating that Bush was behind the whole thing. Give it up guys, all of your little theories have been debunked! Get a life and get back into flying saucers or something. If you think Bush is smart enough to be behind anything you are high! I hear them bitch all the time, well this building looked like it imploded...shutup freakboy. I have this Northwoods crap of a tape someone gave me and you will see for yourself that buildings that implode, collapses differently than the WTC buildings, because you can clearly see the buildings pancake FROM THE TOP to the bottom. In the Northwoods video they clearly go from bottom to top. You 911 people, I liked you better when you thought men did not go to the moon. Get a life!

Just a thought!

You know perjury cases are prosecuted 14% of the time now thats not a lot
but consider.

Mark Furman( former cop) lied on under oath-Punishment:guest shots on Fox News and wrote books.

LIL Kim (rapper) lied under oath) Punishment 1year and 1 day in prison.

Barry Bonds (baseball player)in 2003 lied under oath punishment just now facing 2years in prison(what took so long huh).

How come Fuhrman is free, he was a cop he should be serving 6 years in prison.

"Complexion for the protection" I hope not.

Shanin and Parks race Pimps.

This a reprint of a posting I put in concerning a talk show here in town locally. I recieved the most stupidest responses.

"I must say that I am not shocked by some recent broadcasts at KMBZ lately. I mean the people I know mean well. But I wish that there was little more fairness in the coverage. No one race or culture has ever been raised to some sort of papal consistory that they can never be criticized. Yesterday Shanin and Parks were discussing black people. My problem with that is, I heard the callers call in and use the show as a cartharsis for their own personal ignorance concerning blacks. Now, not all of the callers mind you,but a great deal.Now keep in mind some things they were saying were true. But! I mean, to listen to the show you would think that whites never have any problems. The same social problems that plague blacks also plague the white community also.The media loves to sensationalize black problems...kind of in the way Jerry Springer sensationalize whites(you know who is my daddy I slept with your mom etc etc). I mean did you know that more white women are on welfare than anybody else? You will never hear this on the show. The same problems that happen with blacks happen with whites but the latter does not make for good radio. Thats why you hear in the mainstream media terms like "too black" but you never hear "too white"(except maybe standarized tests) According to government statistics(comedian D.L Hugley lightly touched on this saying 92% and this was repeated back by broadcasters on KMBZ minus the rest of the study)
97 percent of blacks are killed by blacks(shocking figure) but also with that study they find that 97% of whites kill whites now that's intra-racially! Now as for interracial crimes it accounts for 3% each way. So contrary to popular belief black men are not going around raping and killing white woman with reckless abandon! OOOHH! you will never hear that on KMBZ. Why because the media loves to say black on black crime but they never say white on white crime. I get annoyed when I hear this sensationlist crap from someone like Shanin who I have met and am impressed by him because he is a brilliant intellect and I know he can do better. I do not know Scott Parks and can't speak for him (sorry Scott) I will still listen to BZ But please just a little a fairness here and there and beat up on blacks and everyone equally do not become a Fox News myrmidon. Now I know some closeminded liberal or neo-con will say that I am just as racist and angry. So who cares what they think. I have always prided myself on being politically incorrect and proud of it. Now if you guys are one sided and thats your schtick then I understand and let people know this. Keep up the good work."

Dog Eat Dog World! I love It!

Okay we have heard all about Dog the bounty hunter and his racist rantings.
My point is, hey Dog don't apologize you meant every word. You just never thought you would be caught thats all. Now here is what you do. First of all butch up and not bitch up and tell everyone that you were just angry and you let it slip and hey sometimes these darkies piss you off. Secondly, tell that stupid son of yours to stop defending you in public by saying "My dads not racist because if he was then he would shave is head and have swastikas tattoed on him"....What? Thirdly please do not try to appease blacks by saying that you will be buried in a slave cemetery that is so patronizing,plus it makes you look more racist. Fourthly(is there such a thing)Stay the hell out of your sons business,if he wants to date a black girl leave him the hell alone and get your own. I am so tired of this white arrogance in this country. As is if you guys are so good and that blacks just do not measure up. No one put you guys in charge of anything, Ok! Drop the white arrogance and grab a black person and pucker up whitey.Oh yeah and cut that outdated Twisted sister mullet".