Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tips For Obama!

Ok, I vowed to stay silent on this because I support both candidates. Actually I supported Hillary until recently with the negative attack ads towards Obama. All right here goes....Obama I respect the fact you are taking the high road in this campaign. I applaud the fact that you are way to intelligent for this job(this is actually a step down for you)But I digress. You can no longer play it safe anymore. We all know you are decent to the core. Okay here is what I need for you to do between now and the election. ATTACK ! You see Hillary's true colors are coming through. She takes every opportunity to kick you in the nut sack.For instance the "bitter" comment, any thinking American knew what you really meant. But now all of a sudden this lying succubus (Bosnia lie)is acting like you just killed a den of little children in Texas. See Barack, this is the time when certain people are stuck on stupid. I mean look at the facts, Hillary is acting like a psycho ex-girlfriend who won't leave the house. Remember the film "Play Misty For Me"? She is giving the other side ammo and she is all over the place emotionally. If she can't have the presidency then no one can have it. If I can't have you then no one can have you.....(see my point) And now John McCain(Grandpa) woke up from his daily nap and is taking pot shots at you. Here is what you need to do. You need to(hypothetically) slap these two bitches like two whores that came up short with your money. Now McCain does not know where he is half the time. Bring up everything from the Savings and Loan. Remember, his crooked wrinkled ass was one of the original "Keating Five" and of course keep hitting him with the Bush policies.Also the fact he can't remember a damn thing. Now on to the shrew. Every time that harpy talks about your preacher you should find the tape of him(I did) and put its entirety on your web site. Because in context he said not one racial comment and defended white women and black women. But Hillary and talk radio will remember not to mention that fact. Plus keep reminding voters that when her husband did his thing with Lewinsky. What did they do?....invited Jeremiah Wright to the White house not once but numerous times for counseling and prayer breakfast. You see, Hillary is a lying double dealing hypocrite. Also remember Barack, her campaign is in debt up to its eyeballs, Hell! Even Dave Ramsey can't help her and she has lots of unpaid bills across the country. So if she can't run and manage her campaign effectively "how in the hell" can she run America????? So put them on the defensive constantly. Ya feel me! More later.