Saturday, December 31, 2005

Impeachment! Why yes.

This is what Bush's impeachment hearing will be like. It will play like that scene from a few good men.

Bush: Wiretapping? Wiretapping?

Son, we live in a world that has liberals.

And those liberals have to be stopped by men with wiretaps.

Who's gonna do it? You?

You, swiftboat Kerry?

I have a greater responsibility to defend our oil interests than you can possibly fathom.

You weep for the Constitution and you curse the NSA. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing how much I don't know: that the Constitution's death, while tragic, probably gave record profits to the oil companies.

And my reelection, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves profits...

You don't want the truth. Because deep down, in places you don't talk about at you gay marriage receptions, you want me spying on you. You need me spying on you.

We use words like God, late-term abortions, intelligent design... we use these words as the backbone to a life spent dividing a nation.

You use 'em to further your whiny liberal causes.

I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to my subjects who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very "freedom" I provide, then questions the manner in which I provide it!

I'd rather you just said "hail Bush" and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you flush down a Koran and start torturing some terrorists. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you're entitled to!

Congress: Did you order the wiretappings?

Bush: I did the job the Supreme Court elected me to do.

Congress: Did you order the code red?

Bush: You're goddamn right I did!!

And by god I mean the voices in my head.

And 9/11.
Boy those neo-cons really hate "rule of law" when it applys to them.

Friday, December 30, 2005

What a coward!

I am sure you have read the comments from the so called star child or the "child".
You see folks these cowards can not talk principle so what they are reduced to is gay name calling. The more he insults the less he knows. I have tried to remove entries from this person but I decided to let them stay on to show people what an idiot this person really is. You see folks this person will not call the show because they do not want to face real opposition so this is their only outlet. Maybe this person has gay issues I do not know or nor do I care.
But just remember this that everytime he posts something stupid just remember it is a testament to our side and how we are correct and they are lost so lets laugh at this human debris and wait for his next stupid posting.I would love to actually have an open dialogue between me and the "child" but I do not think they he has the capacity to be on my level. But I will await a negative posting in regards to this. You can do it "child"

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Freakman Cometh!

Okay I must admit whenever I hear Bill O'reilly say something about morality I burst out with a big gut laugh. Okay first of all it started wuth this judge(republican Bush appointee mind you) who ruled in Dover Delaware that intelligent design does not need to be mentioned as an alternative view in a biology class. The judge was right ID is not science. I mean how many churches let atheist groups get up in church and say there is an alternative view to theism.Answer none. So what is their f**king problem.
Oh yeah I forgot they are pests thats their problem.And for you readers I am not talking about the average christian I am talking about the Pat Robertston type nutcases. Anyway O'reilly went out against this gay movie called Brokeback mountain(about gay cowboys). He kept saying on how this movie was terrible and immoral(never saw it) then he would punctuate each sentence with I do not care about the movie. Then why talk about it then? I mean is this the same guy who told his female producer that he is masturbating over the phone while he is talking to her and how he loves a dildo in his ass. I think this movie hits close to home lil Billy and go see this movie you may realize something about yourself and if you can't come don't call.

They put the Funk in Dysfunctional!

It seems that the nutcases are at it again. These Christmas freaks are out of their mind. No please I am not bashing christmas I happen to like christmas but in an effort to get more money from their flock. These holiday pimps are taking very fringe isolated small cases of christmas bashing and making it mainstream. So they are creating a christmas crisis when none really exists. If you want to know whats that tantamount too just imagine if I gathered all the incidents of all isolated cases of white oppression against minorites then said on my show these whites are mean and they are attacking minorities everyday. Now thats not representative of all whites and thats stupid and imprudent to assume that premise. But if you will around look you will find that christmas crisis revels on fox news and every neo-con show.You see neo-cons look for logic like a thief looks for a policeman. If you hear a rattoothed neo-con give you that christmas lie again. Tell to shut up and take his/her f**king medicine.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Almost had him.

The following is a dramatization based on events that happened last year when Iraqi security forces captured Zarqawi and let him go because they could not identify him and also despite of the fact there are pictures of him all over the place.
Setting: Baghdad,Iraq police station.
(Scene: Two Iraqi police officers are questioning a suspect. They do not know who he is but in reality he is blood thirsty terrorist insurgent Zarqawi.)

1st Officer: So who are you friend?

2nd Officer: Yeah who are you? You look like this Zarqawi guy(throws down on the desk a copy of a magazine with Zarqawi's face on the cover).

Suspect(Zarqawi): Well my name is um...umm......ummm Ned and I am from Compton yeah thats right.

1st Officer: (disbelief)Hmmm are you sure. Because if you are the bandit Zarqawi, we will take you to the secret cia prison camp and torture you.

2nd Officer: Yeah we are already kidnapping innocent Oops! I mean were are capturing enemy combatants and with out much evidence we are dunking their heads in water until they drown and then we electroshock them back to life and ask them questions.Also we hook electrodes to their genitals and then zap them and then ask them questions and identify what terrorist group they are from we have to identify every potential terrorist.

Suspect(Zarqawi): Gosh that sounds alot like torture to me.

1st Officer: Shut up fool! we are merely engaging in light aggressive interrogation techniques according to the wonderful Bush adminstration memos.

2nd Officer: But back to the what we were saying earlier you look a lot like Zarqawi I mean you look like all the photos of him.

Suspect(Zarqawi):(using the Jedi mind trick on them) No I am not him, I am from Nebraska. You will not need my identification you will let me go at once.

1st Officer:(Jedi trick working)Well although we can not identify you and that is important. Despite the fact of your uncanny resemblence you are obviously are not him because we can not identify you. So we will continue snatching and detainng people and asking them hard questions and maybe we can find Zarqawi one day.

Suspects gets up to leave room and has he walks out the door he is greeted by his 6ft 6 wife wheeling a very strange contraption behind her. Hmmm probably nothing! The officers goes back to watching the ending of a movie called the "Usual Suspects".

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Wrong again! Doggy Dog Dog!

This is why Bush is in so much trouble. Look at the comment section of the previous posting. Much like the administration Big Dog cherry picked info concerning spying and accused me of being deceitful. This is what he said
I suggest you look at the law itself and stop your assinine media sourced opinions. I mean for fucks sake man, this is the second instance you have indulged in such ill-informed misleading tactics."

Okay you know Doggy is right! I mean although I said in my last posting that neo-cons do not let facts get in the way of their opinions. Maybe we should look at what Big Dog posted (note) There is a reason why thinking people like the NSA officials Aclu,Congress and others feel that laws were broken. You see No President can make an executive order that can supercede the Constitution with the exception of Martial Law(maybe). When you review what Big Dog put up you will come to find out has I have that these provisions did not cover domestic spying, hell it does not even mention the word domestic in any of Big Dog postings. You see law makers and the NSA knew this thats why they were a little antsy. Now here is where the splitting of legal hairs come in, the provisions cover foreign intel only now if you are intercepting emails that originate in the states thats not foreign intel thats domestic intel which has certain laws governing that which the President did not follow(notice Big Dog did not post anything having to do with domestic spying because he was trying to trick you and I (much like the President) to use those foreign provisions to apply domestically. (maybe big dog is not used to doing his own research if he makes a big blunder like that) Sorry Big Dog, that Dog won't hunt! So I want you to see Big Dogs postings its under the Say it ain't so post. Big Dog I am shocked that you in your dislike of me put up such a silly posting that proves my point again! Here is a question for you Dog (to get you on the right side of the arguement)I dare you to answer.. Where in the constitution allows the President to do what he did? And why did he violate the domestic portion of the act and bypass the courts? I will ask you this on the air tommorow Doggy and until you redeem yourself and apologize for being wrong you will be known as little dog. Impeachment anyone?

Anthony say it ain't So! Its So.

It seems that people do not realize the severity of this latest Bush fiasco.
There is a protocol stated forth in the law that the President has to follow involving warrants from the courts secret or otherwise. This man blatantly did not follow any rules. He bypassed the courts why? What constitutional law allows this? There were even operatives from the NSA (whose job it is to spy)who felt uneasy and wondered about the legality of this operation and did not help the administration out and I know this because it was implied in the article of the Times when it read that "Some NSA officials were so concerned about the legality of the program that they refused to participate" Also the Times said. "Questions about the legality of the program led the administration to temporarily suspend it last year and impose new restrictions." Now all of you individuals who love to quote FISA please do not forget this part....
The law governing clandestine surveillance in the United States, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, prohibits conducting electronic surveillance not authorized by statute. A government agent can try to avoid prosecution if he can show he was "engaged in the course of his official duties and the electronic surveillance was authorized by and conducted pursuant to a search warrant or court order of a court of competent jurisdiction," according to the law. Now this part is important

"Engaged in the course of his official duties and the electronic surveillance was authorized by and conducted pursuant to a search warrant or court order of a court of competent jurisdiction," Does anyone out there knows what pursuant means? Big Dog?

That is the part Bush missed because there were no warrants or court orders issued.
The only thing he did that neo-cons will try to say was court related was that he notified the judge and talked to some congressional members thats it! Notifying the court is not a warrant or a court order, neither is talking to Congressional members. Get it! And remember that the activities of the NSA fall out of the jurisdiction of the Patriot Act.(read it if you do not believe me). As a former board member of the ACLU (The American Civil Liberties Union)eavesdropping in the US without a court order and without complying with the procedures of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is "both illegal and unconstitutional". Hey do not take my word for it. Listen to what Elizabeth Rindskopf Parker,former NSA general counsel said, "it was troubling that such a change would have been made by executive order, even if it turns out to be within the law".

Hey I just found this out the NSA activities were justified by a classified Justice Department legal opinion authored by John C. Yoo, a former deputy in the Office of Legal Counsel who argued that congressional approval of the war on al Qaeda gave broad authority to the president,this was according to the Times. Now remember Yoo was the one that made a very similar legal argument in another 2002 memo which outlined an extremely narrow definition of torture. That opinion, which was signed by another Justice official, was formally disavowed after it was disclosed by the Washington Post. Hey Neo-Con's please do not let these facts get in the way of your opinions.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Just A Thought!

Your right Dennis(The Red)Menace about the communism remark. I'll fix that.
But I want to add to what you commented on. The neo-cons are bitch blind and can only see the bad that democrats and liberals and libertarians. So I doubt if any one will be honest about this. Remember "Compassionate Conservatism" is really "Friendly Fascism"!

Zarqawi who? Never heard of him!

Now here is something that makes me wonder. Iraqi security forces(What does that mean?) caught Zarqawi last year but released him. What the F**K?
And here is the punchline, because they didn't realize who he was according to the deputy minister Kamal. he told reporters. He said that Iraqi police "suspected this man" and detained him "along with other members" of his group. "Afterwards, he was released because we did not know the identity of this criminal," Kamal said.

"He was not armed," Kamal said. "He was like any other citizen who was suspected.
There was a simple interrogation with him and he was released."

Okay here is my evil point. If they can't tell when they've hit the jackpot, why are they detaining anybody?
If they let Zarqawi go - then who in the F**K are they detaining? Is it just me folks.

Funny Quotes!

Hey this is something Bush said and I thought it was funny enough to share it now if your a neo_con you will miss the humor and call me an american hater.

"Yes, I do."
- ( Bush, when he was asked by Britney Hume if he believes Tom DeLay is innocent.

Now here is my point that's strange because when they asked Bush "Is Karl Rove innocent?" he said "I can't comment on that." What a difference a lie makes.

1984 has already been here!

Okay I know you heard the reports about Bush authorized the NSA(here is an organization that really uses the Patriot Act) to spy on Americans.

The National Security Agency has eavesdropped, without warrants, on as many 500 people inside the United States at any given time since 2002, The New York(Bush) Times reported.

That year, following 9-11, Bush authorized the NSA to monitor the international phone calls
and international e-mails of hundreds — perhaps thousands — of people inside the United States.

Before the program began, the NSA typically limited its domestic surveillance to foreign embassies and missions and obtained court orders for such investigations.

The revelation that the Bush administration is using the NSA to spy on Americans without a court order is disturbing for many reasons. Besides the obvious move towards a crypto-fascist society the fact that the New York Times sat on this story for more than a year because the White House told them to(can you believe that shit,liberal media my ass) this act shows that not only are we secretly being spied on, but also that Bush has control over the press. This is an administration that pays journalist to push their agenda and misleads us into a war then changes the reason for it when it goes bad. Then fixes Saddams trial as not to implicate two Republican administrations
Am I the only one disturbed by this. Lets see Bush is good and Clinton had a intern pay attention to his nutsack and he is a dispicable and lying and untrustworthy person. Hmmm sounds about right!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Gotta Love Saddam!

Boy that Saddam is sure giving that "kangaroo court" a run for its money.
I mean not showing up for court, telling people to go to hell. I find this very entertaining. Just some questions I have surrounding this trial.

Why is he not being charged with anything having to do with 911?

Why is he being charged with crimes prior to 1982 and not the 1983 and 1988 crimes in which he killed Iranians and Kurds and put them in mass graves. Which is one of the reasons we invaded(remember mass graves being filled remember that bullshit)
I am sure it had nothing to do with the fact that we sold him those weapons and helped him cover up those kurds deaths. So Saddam recognizes that he is being setup so he is acting a fool and I love it.

Fake Outrage!!

I am loving this fake outrage act about "happy holidays" and "merry christmas" being eradicated form our speech. I mean there are so many genuine things to be mad about than this stupid stupid area of human interest. If you for even one second are outraged about this, then you need a life and you are really pathetic. I mean out of all that is going on in our country ie, mismanaged war, lies concerning this war, spy in the whitehouse. We as Americans pick this to be outraged about. Well F**k those who are outraged and F**k christmas too. Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 02, 2005

To Torture or not to Torture?

I can not believe that these neo-cons have trouble recognizing torture.
I mean rational human beings like ourselves know torture when we see it right? I mean I am not against torturing the terrorist when we find them, but lets be honest about what we do. Below is a lie er..... I mean quote from Cheney loyalist Porter Goss. Now decide for yourself if its torture.....

“What we do, does not come close to torture...”
-- CIA Director Porter Goss

Hmmm does not come close to torture......?
It's amazing that Goss would say that, after the White House admitted they've gotten
"valuable secrets" from their practice of "water boarding." Do you know what that is?

It's when you tie a man to a see-saw device, where the shifting of weight is enough to
lower his head under water. After he gets a few lungfulls of water, and sometimes dies,
they pull him out, electric-shock him back to life(stay with me) so they can torture him Oops! I mean ask him some more questions(I guess that electro shock thing is just to get his attention, Damn ADHD).
They kill him again and again - over and over - and if they go too far and he can't be
revived, they call it "a mysterious death" and have a Pentagon doctor rule that the
suspect died of "natural causes."

Does that sound like torture to you? Can we make that call????

A secret memo issued by Administration lawyers authorized the C.I.A. to use novel interrogation
methods—including “water-boarding,” in which a suspect is bound and immersed in water until he
nearly drowns. Dr. Allen Keller, the director of the N.Y.U. Program for Survivors of Torture, said that he had treated a number of people who had been subjected to such forms of near-asphyxiation,
and he argued that it was indeed torture. Some victims were still traumatized years later, he said.
One patient panicked when it rained. (When it freaking rained)

Monday, November 28, 2005

Never trust a politician!

Okay folks elections are coming up and watch how these democrats and republicans start to lie to you. Remember politicians only seem to care about you during election time.
The democrats voted for invasion because it was an election year and they did not want to seem soft on terror(never forget that). It was a pragmatic vote. So take care and listen to the show tonight.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

To Catch a Thief !

Halliburton Co. repaid $8.6 million to pension holders in 2003 and 2004 for failing to properly fund the plans
and for a bookkeeping error, according to a letter from the Labor Department. The Labor Department closed
its investigation into the pension violations after the payments were made.

"Because you have taken the corrective actions ... the Department will take no further action," Roger Hilburn,
regional director for the Labor Department said in the letter, which cited several potential legal violations by the company.
The Houston-based company said once the errors were discovered, it moved to cover the payments.

When the crooked president and VP are your partners, when you get caught stealing millions,
you just have to say, "My bad" and return some of the money and everything is cool as hell.
But if you're poor, and you get caught stealing a turkey for your family to eat, you do hard time. Goddamn Bastards!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Targets My Ass!!

This entry is from John Tackett.

We live in a free society that has a free press,free speech and the right
to have a exchange of ideas including ideas that can be disturbing.

That statement is lost on E.Dean Gall who think the Abu Ghraib photo's
shouldn't be release because it would make targets of american
soldiers like thier loved one.

I have some news for the Gall's. Your son is a target because he was sent by
the President of the United States to a country that had nothing
to do with 9/11. What happen in Abu Ghraib is already news!!!!! in the
world. Your son is a target because he wears the uniform of a U.S.
Soldier who is part of a occupation force in another country that borders
weren't closed so more insurgents have come into Iraq to add to
Iraq's who don't want your son there. (that makes him a target).

Your son is defending also the right to disagree with the goverment when
the citizens feel that a policy is wrong. ( I thank him and all soldiers
for that right.)

The ACLU isn't to blame if a soldier dies in Iraq or Afganistan. Our
responsibility as citizens is to hold the goverment accountable for
what it does and to make sure that our politicans are accountable to the
truth. When we don't do that we get people like George Bush
leading us...

The World Needs To Hold A Big Cocktail Party!!

Random Thoughts From Sidekick Extraodinare
Episode Three: From John Tackett

Hi Gang,

1) The Senate voted 90-9 to ban the use of torture in trying to interogate
non combatants. One of the sponsors of this vote was John MCcain a POW and torture victim during the Vietnam War. Our VP (The Real
President) was lobbying senators a last week to vote against the measure.
Gee he even talked to Sen. MCcain about the pluses of torture. (Well he
found 9 idiots to go with him) Gee I would have loved to been in the room
when the VP made his pitch to John MCCain... ("WHAT A REAL MOMENT OF ZEN")

2) Senator Maria Cantwell (D) from Washington want to have the big oil
executives sworn in for the hearings on the price fixing on the oil prices.
Well Senator Ted Stevens (R) from Alaska had a real "hissy fit"
about this. Question: WHY?????? What is the big oil boys trying to hide
from us??? If you are one of the morons (and there are a bunch,examples:
Jerry Agar on 980 KMBZ and any "AYN RAND dumb*&^) then you are a real KOOLAID DRINKING MORON!!!!!!!

3) Can someone please explain to me why Pat "Marion" Robertson is a
important figure???? (Marion is Robertson's real name and he isn't
licensed as a minister) This guy makes more over the top statements
then Ann Coulter .This moron said that the folks of Dover Pa.should not be surprised if God rejects them because of the vote they made rejecting the morons who want (ID) taught in a science setting.(Gee those voices that Marion hears in
his head well if they are God maybe one of these days God will want Marion
to come home by using his own means..)

4) To the Vets out in the Blog Thanks guys and girls for what you did
for this country and go and join the rest of us in having one big cocktail
cause the stupid people are running the country and I got my U.S.
flag turned upside down cause we are under seige not by the terrorist

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sean Hannity Is A Trick Bitch!!

Sean Hannity(R-Insane Lying Whore)always likes to repeat this lie over and over again you know the lie...... "If the democrats were in power mass graves would still be filled and the rape and tortures rooms would still go on"....really dumbass let me count the ways. In 1988 Saddam gassed the Kurds and America sold him even more weapons of mass destruction Oh yeah by the way he threw the bodies in "MASS GRAVES" the same mass graves that he used has a lie Oops! I mean reason to go into the country to invade! America helped Saddam cover it up. Which could go to explain why Saddam is being charged with pre 1983-88 crimes and not anything having to do with 9-11(interesting). In 1983 he killed Iranians and Reagan sent Donald Rumsfeld to ensure Iraqi/American relations and of course we sold him more weapons(Anthony say it ain't so). Its so! So basically I am am refuting Sean Hannity's ASSertions to prove that under two Republican adminstrations that rape and torture rooms went on and mass graves were filled(Damn I am good) and they did not bat and eye. Now all of a sudden they care about the goings on 17 years later.What! And do not give me this Clinton thought so to crap. The next time some crippled bitch neo-monkey slithers up to you and says that. You respond by saying... Well here is the TRUTH on that one.

This claim, while accurate, is completely irrelevant to the question of whether Bush lied us to war. What follows are a few of the things Clinton and Democrats didn’t say in the run-up to war. Yet these are claims—starting in the fall of 02—which took us to war in Iraq:

1) President Clinton didn’t say: That Saddam could have a nuke within six months. That was the statement of Vice President Cheney—and it contradicted the state of the intelligence.

2) President Clinton didn’t say: That there was only one use for those aluminum tubes—that the tubes could only be used in nukes. That statement was made by Condoleezza Rice. It contradicted the state of the intelligence.

3) President Clinton didn’t say: That Iraq had unmanned aerial vehicles which it “could deliver biological weapons to its neighbors or, if transported, to other countries including the United States.” That clownish claim was made by Colin Powell in his presentation before the UN—the presentation which ended debate about the war. (In Plan of Attack, Bob Woodward drew a devastating picture of the way Powell assembled this report. Liberal elites ignored it, though. Reading books is just too gosh-darn hard.)

4) President Clinton didn’t say: That Iraq could fire up its chemical and biological weapons within 45 minutes. That was President Bush, in September 2002—making the statement which George Tenet derided as “the 45-minute shit.” President Clinton wasn’t talking this “shit;” it was Bush who was talking it. (In Plan of Attack, Bob Woodward describes Tenet ridiculing Bush’s statement this way. Liberal elites ignored it.)

5) President Clinton didn’t say: That Saddam was seeking uranium from Africa. Whatever you’ve decided about this claim—we’d say it played an extremely small role in the run-up to war—it wasn’t Bill Clinton who made it.

6) And, of course, President Clinton didn’t say: That Iraq was involved in September 11. That was the Bush team, over and over. The claim was made to build the impression that Saddam was inclined to attack us. With those UAVs, for example. In as little as forty-five minutes.

The concept here isn’t all that tough. Yes, most people did believe that Iraq would have chemical or biological weapons. We’d assume that the Bush Admin actually thought this too.
But chemical and biological weapons weren’t a threat to the United States—so the Bush Admin began to pimp the idea that Saddam might also have nukes. The heavy pimping of the nukes began in August 2002—driven by blatant misstatements by Cheney, Rice and Bush, not by Clinton. At the same time, we heard that Saddam’s UAVs could deliver chem and bio to this country—and we heard that Saddam would surely do so if he could. (Just look at his role in September 11!) Bill Clinton didn’t say these things—these things were said by Bush/Cheney/Rice. And these were the claims, in the fall of 02, which actually took the nation to war. The claim that Saddam had WMD was not the claim which took us to war. It was the claims we’ve listed above—claims which were not made by Clinton.

Psuedo-Con Monkeys!

I am so tired of these liars in the "coporate media" but the good thing about it is that these media monkeys are starting to see the Bushies for the incompetent f**ks they are. The decision to invade Iraq has made the world less safe. Look at the wreckage left behind by the bombing of those hotels in Jordan last week. The perpetrators were not hardened al Qaeda veterans who learned to fight
in the Hindu Kush by killing Russians on behalf of the Reagan administration. The perpetrators were all Iraqis.
Mr. Bush's misbegotten adventure in Iraq has left the nest, and is spreading out into the wider world. The decision by Bush to use wildly questionable sources in order to scare the American people into supporting
the war has been a great aid and comfort to those who now kill American soldiers so far from home.
In other words, did Bush do exactly, precisely what Osama bin Laden wanted him to?

There's no doubt that Bush handled all of this in exactly the wrong way.
After 9-11, love for America poured in from around the globe and Osama was universally hated.
Three years later, Osama and Al Qaeda are stronger than ever and America is universally despised.
Only one man had the power to make Osama a world player and Bush played his part perfectly,
this is if you're Osama trying to prove that America is a sex-obsessed land of Arab-hating torturers.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Kick'em In The Dick!

Hey this is what happens when stupid people collectively get together and screw up!

In March, 2003, Bush, in perhaps the greatest strategic blunder in U.S. history, invaded an Arab nation that had not
attacked us, did not want war with us, and did not threaten us—to strip it of weapons we now know it did not have.
Result: Shia and Kurds have been liberated from Saddam, but Iran has a new ally in southern Iraq, Osama has a
new base camp in the Sunni Triangle, the Arab and Islamic world have been radicalized against the United States,
and copy-cat killers of Al Qaida have been targeting our remaining allies in Europe and the Middle East: Spain, Britain,
Egypt and Jordan.
And, lest we forget, 2055 Americans are dead and Walter Reed is filling up.

Thanks Mr. Bush and President Cheney.

Suffer No Fools Gladly!

Recently I engaged in a debate with someone who I thought at the time knew what they were talking about. Well, that was not the case. This guy was so dense and stupid that I should have disengaged at the sight of the red flag but I did not. This dumbf**k actually said that "scientific theory" and "theory" (used in common parlance) are one and the same. Oh why did his mom not go to the local abortion doctor for a session.

Well he is also a neo-con..... surprised? Here is some interesting reading I think you will like.

It is increasingly apparent that there is an important ideological conflict going on in the modern
conservative movement between supporters of increased state power and supporters of limited government.

The conflict pits the Bush Republicans against traditional conservatives. While both groups give lip service
to the term limited government and use the same “conservative” label, they are very different creatures.
The Bush Republicans advocate a “neo-con” approach to state power that critics fear is a potential creeping
fascist ideology disguised as conservatism. Secret prisons, torture and unlimited detention in prisons without trial
are all examples of policies supported by the Bush Republican that outrage both traditional conservatives and civil libertarians.
Traditional conservatives rely on the rule of law instead of personal rule by a strong leader or leadership group.
The Bush Republicans seem to believe that anything the Bush Administration wants to do should be permitted
because they claim that they should be trusted not to abuse the power of their offices.
Traditional conservatives believe that the system of checks and balances should be strong enough to survive good
or bad White House or Congressional leaders. The Bush Republicans seem to view the checks and balances system
devised by our Founding Fathers as obstacles to imposing their views on our government and nation.

Most Americams - 57 percent - said they think Bush is a dishonest bastard.
Just over four in 10 say Bush is honest. Whites, Southerners, evangelicals, racial bigots,
the uneducated and the religiously-insane, were most likely to believe Bush is honest.
Bush, who promised "honor and integrity," has ordered his entire staff to attend ethics classes in an
attempt to fool the blind and the stupid into thinking he's clean, but his staff is full of treasonous traitors.
The president gets credit from a majority for being strong and decisive, but he's also known for
getting everything completely f-ing wrong, so his stubbornness is dragging the country down with him.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Whose been smoking Crack?

Well it seems that the Kansas Board adopted those new scientific standards guaranteeing
that we in Colonial Kansas are moving backwards. Wow how I long to have gutsey people like in Dover Delaware that told their little bible thumpers to fuck off and ran their stupid asses off the board on a rail! And then Pat Roberston(R-Lying Crazy Fucker) responded by telling these people that god basically does not like them so do not call on him. This idiots should be ran out of town on a rail we need to be more aggressive when it comes to these bottom feeders. I like these quotes. In a nutshell
fellow freethinkers remember this.

"All we are is dust in the wind."
- Kansas

"Gravity isn't real and dinosaurs are dragons from Hell."
- The Other Kansas

If Katrina and Iraq woke-up a politically sleepy nation to the horrors of neocon rule,
let us hope what Kansas has done to their children exposes the extreme danger of the Rapture Right.

In a 6-4 ruling on Tuesday, the Kansas School Board has paved the way for Creationism to be taught,
not in a comparative religion class, but as hard science.

Science is the study of the Natural World. Creationism is the study of the Supernatural World.

The US is chronically embarrassed by our pathetic math and science ranking in the world.
More and more of our postgraduate research slots are being awarded to foreign students for lack of
qualified or interested Americans. And as we enter the "century of biology," we are condemning
ourselves to myth and magic while other nations simply pass us by.

Although, there are some signs of hope. Also on Tuesday, the people of Pennsylvania
sent all the Flat-Earth freaks on their school board packing.

Get involved, stay informed and do the right thing even when no one is looking.
We get but one chance to raise our kids.

"Sixty four percent of Americans think Dumb Bush is doing a bad job,
The other 34 percent think Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs to Church."

That's as funny as it is scary.

The only people who still trust Bush are the religiously insane.
Even the greedy oil billionaires probably wish Bush was smart enough to help those poor people
who died in New Orleans, but then again, it was only about 1,000 - and they were poor and black
- so who cares, right?

Saturday, November 05, 2005


My sister Kim lives in Colorado. She is a wonderful human being and I would say that even if she was not related to me(Big Daddy). So why am I talking about my sister Kim you may ask? Let me put it to you this way,we have political conversations and the more we talk the more I come to really believe she is a closet republican. Now keep in mind there is nothing wrong in my mind with being a republican closeted or otherwise. Here is what I find fascinating about her. She hates Limbaugh(rightfully so) and Hannity(no brainer)but LOVES Bill O'Reilly. What???? Plus she voted for Bush. I mean although she voted for the talking coke monkey I can forgive her for that. But O'Reilly I mean come on. But she is steadfast in her support for O'Reilly and here is the worse part when she is defending her man O'reilly she does it in an intelligent,direct, lucid, almost ireverent way and we she talks about the liberal media reminds me of someone else I know............Me! I always thought I was one of kind but I be damned there is another voice out there who is just as stubborn,irreverent,verbose, and sounds just like me.

Lets pray that my sister does not get her own radio show I would hate the competition.

Friday, November 04, 2005


Hey guys I just talked with Professor W just a few minutes ago.
He will return to the show on mon for a few weeks until the Christmas holidays then he leaves for Costa Rica for 6 months to help his family.We will cover everything that happened politically in the last few months. Believe me you do not want to miss this weeks Wavestation X.

Things that make you go, Hmmmm?

I will add this regularly to the blog. These are just thinkoids that will enrich your world knowledge. Its also a promise I made to the late Steve Allen when I last met with him in New York circa 1995. Get his Book "Dumbth and 81 Ways To Make Americans Smarter".

"Did you know that intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair."

(No Bush jokes here lol)

To All Republicans.....(Bitch Better Have My Money!)

Hey Folks although I have never been a Democrat. I must say that Harry Reid has been kicking Republican ass(which is always a good thing). So I want all you WSX listeners to call Harry Reid's DC office and tell him or his staff that he is doing a great job! Also tell them their boss's pimp hand is strong.
It's about damn time a Democrat showed some balls and bitch slaps those Neo-Con Republican bitches.
The Republicans are going to try to destroy Reid over this.
- Reid's phone number: (202) 224-3542.

Bill Maher made a good point on his last show when he said the following.

"The Party of Fascists investigated Clinton to see if he got Monica a job.
Horrors! The President tried to get a girl a job at Revlon?
So what does Bush do?
He tries to give his secretary a lifetime job on the Supreme Court - and that's

These Ballsy Politcians!

Wow these Democrats have the Republicans crying like bitches with the nomination delay with the Supreme Court and the closed door Senate meetings. I am loving every minute of this. I expected for these Republicans to name call and lie their way outta this and they are. Michelle Malkin(R- Lying Bitch)wrote a new book. This woman needs to crawl up somewhere and take her medicine. Hey back to the crybabies here is a quote from Bill Frist concerning this closed session. Check out the link read it and enjoy it. And believe me President Katrina and Roves problems are not over yet. Oh by the way Bush's polls numbers are at 37% the lowest of his fake presidency. Now do not let lying Rush tell you any different. Talk at cha later!

"The Senate has been hijacked by the Democratic leadership! Never, have I been slapped in the face with such an affront to the leadership of this grand institution. They have no conviction. They have no principles. They have no ideas. This is a pure stunt. This is an affront to me personally. It's an affront to our leadership. It's an affront to the United States! Harrump, harrump, harrump[, harrump ...for the next year and a half, I can't trust Senator Reid."

-- Crybaby Billy Frist, throwing a tantrum because Harry Reid grew a pair of balls.

"Random Thoughts From A Sidekick"

1) Rosa Parks passed away last week(10/24 to 10/28) "God Bless You
Ms. Parks and Thank You."


(Warning: If you are a neo/conservative or just a
blind BUSH loving moron you just won't like this part)

Valarie Flame who is the wife of Joe Wilson was
outed by someone in the Bush administration. That damage put her life,her
family and various contacts that she made in danger. She
was working on gathering info on WMD's so that (Mushroom Cloud don't happen
in a american city..) Ms. Flame hadn't told anyone
either in her family,friends that she was a spy. (check out Patrick
Fitzgerald's press confrence on Fri 10/28/2005..) Robert Novak

also ran a story that leaked the dummy CIA created company that Flame was using to use as cover for her work. Other agents was using that same company to provide another layer of cover for them so that is out there too. Oh Ms. Flame was working on

gathering intel for WMD's and Nuclear purchases from other countries and
the bad guys
MORAL OF THE STORY: We have heard a lot of things
about Joe Wilson's claims and the fact that he was lying and pumping
his own self up. But lets keep our focus on what is going on that someone
outed a CIA agent because
they didn't like what her husband said about this governments plans to
sending troops to Iraq. Sorry I
take TREASON a little bit SERIOUSLY.......................

3) I Love Jon Stewart and Steve Colbert work on the fake
news shows (THE DAILY SHOW and THE COLBERT REPORT). They are keeping me sane and is putting the news media on notice by making fun of them. Steve Colbert makes fun of Bill O'Reilly trife he does on Fox News and his radio show.

4) Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram,Mike Savage, Rush
Limbaugh,Ann Coulter ( 5 reasons why abortion should be legal....)


Monday, October 31, 2005


Well it looks like the Bushies have screwed the pooch on this one.
Libby getting indicted and believe me more will follow. Miers got shafted.
And the Neocons are on the defensive. They are adopting the same strategy the Clinton administration. Tonight on the show supreme court pick,Gay Mr.Sulu, Russian shooting,
Craddock the racist republican plus more.

These neo-cons are really showing their hypocrisy. Please everyone enjoy it.


Sorry with so much going I have not had a chance to do posts but I will post new stuff here in the next few hours.

Monday, October 24, 2005

The Show

Topic for tonights show

Indictments are coming.
Neo-cons are running like scared bitch.
Hurricane Wilma
Police shoot man with knife.

Plase tune in and listen in 90.1 FM KKFI Wavestation X Evil Genius

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Neo Cons are running scared!

Well well well. It seems that these neo-cons are beside themselves. They do not know
whether they are coming or going. If you just listened to neo-con radio this is what you would have not heard. The spy found in the whitehouse, Tom Delay(except how this is a witch hunt and he is innocent).(Bullshit) The indictments concerning the Plame incident are coming down the road here and all I hear is this "rogue prosecuter"(who was appointed by republicans mind you) and the "criminalization of politics" What?
When it was Clinton and a blowjob the rupublicans told us it was "rule of law" remember that? Now when the shoe is on the other foot its a different story. They are getting their comeuppance and I love it. More Later.

"Some Random Thoughts From John (Sidekick Extraordinaire)"

1.. Watching tonights episode of "Hannity and Colmes" I seemed to notice that
Sean isn't in the Fox Studio's with Alan. Wild theory!
But could it be that Alan is sick of the smell from Sean Hannity's
head because it is in the Bush Administration's collective "ASSES"
and he finally complained about it?

2.. Who is the most annoying callers to WavestationX???? I have three in
no particular order....

"Fairway Mike" a longtime listener and caller to talk radio in K.C.
who always prove you can talk a lot but have nothing really to say.

"Russ" He claims he is a "Libertarian Anarchist" he
is waiting for society to fall apart because of all the legal/illegal
immigration that comes into the USA(mostly its ok that Russ wants to bring over a Russian Girl to I guess to marry him, but it isn't ok for anyone
of color to come in the country because damn, its just bringing us down. He has it all figured out and the rest of us are suckers....

"Racist George" I met this guy a couple of times and he is also
a longtime caller of talk radio in KC. George is a racist
but he is the type that is racist with a soft fuzzy side .. (he is a evironmentalist) He just want the "master race" to control it all. My experience with racists is that they are in a lot of ways lazy and real dysfunctional people(George has over 100 hours of college credit with no degree and this is the fault of minorites)who never accomplished anything. Look in the mirror George that is the real culprit to your existence.

3.. George Carlin once said when he was called to cynical about things
that he thinks of himself as a "desolutional idealist".
I am far from that area but it amazes me that we have some of the
dumbest people it seem running the country and it seems that some of us surrender the ability to ask questions and challenge people who are in authority.. Question it
all the time because if you don't, you get "GEORGE W. BUSH".

Later to Blogger Dudes and Duddette's.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bush affirmative action! Why don't we stack the Judicial Deck.

This posting below is from my good friend John Tackett.

James Dobson "Focus On The Family" announced on his radio show that the Federal
Courts should follow the will of the american people and put christans on the federal courts. (HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH???)

The Federal Judicary should follow the Constitution and not the petty
fantasies of ideologues like James Dobson. The Federal
Courts have to be independent of the executive and legislative branches of our
national goverment. They follow the constituion so it is fair to all americans.

The Courts shouldn't have Judges that are just christian, that is not the
point of the matter. See Dobson and the rest of his nutty ilk
believe in "Judical Activism" and legislating from the bench whenever it fits their
agenda.(What do you call the selection in 2000 of George W. Bush as President??? ) When it doesn't fit then they cry "JUDICAL ACTIVISM".

They confuse what is going on in the courts and thats why our President
nominates "Rachel Dratch from Saturday Night Live"
Oh! I mean Harriet Meirs to the Supreme Court of the United States of
America.. (are you kidding me????) Let me guess this is Bush Affirmative Action for his buddies???.

John (:sidekick to the evil genius)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


"And what this man who grew up in wealth and privilege considers good for poor
Muslims is that they become killers and suicide bombers. He assures them that
is the road to paradise - though he never offers to go along for the ride."
--Dubya, who grew up in wealth and privilege, telling our soldiers to "stay the course on"

"Bush feels that God has asked him to invade Iraq. I don't know what else
God has told him. We may be one of the countries invaded if God whispers,
'Please, Bush -- invade Malaysia'."
-- Former Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad,

Oh and this one is my favorite one of all. I mean this just proves how intellectually inflexible these people are. Openminded people change their minds in the way of new and convincing evidence, its called LEARNING! Now dolts with a provincial outlook are called Neo-cons and closed minded, whether you are on the right or left. Smart people change their minds when necessary. Keep this in mind this is the same woman who said Bush is the most brilliant man she has ever met.What the F**CK.......! This statement is tantamount to when Mrs Whitney Houston(crack is whack)was obviously high when she said that Bobby Brown(druggie)was the king of R&B.
What!! All of you people join me a collective,this... bitch.... is... high! Chant.
So this is what I think of dear old Harriet Miers,she was the head of the scratchers tickets lottery.

"I know her well enough to be able to say that she's not going to change,
that 20 years from now she'll be the same person with the same philosophy
that she is today. I don't want to put somebody on the bench who is this way
today, and changes. That's not what I'm interested in."
-- The Talking Monkey President.


I am sorry or is just me but everytime I hear Bush speak in public,I swear I feel very sad that america has a minimally exceptional president. Just to watch him torture himself to remember the latest lies he is supposed to have memorized is in itself quite sad and funny. But what if Bush had a brain fart and started being honest(a la'Bullworth) This is what his speech would be like if the dolt had a smattering of decency in him.

It is hard to even imagine what George W. Bush would have to say if he were serious about “leveling with the American people” over the Iraq War. Here is a draft that would surely not get past the White House speechwriters:

“My fellow Americans, let me explain to you what really went wrong with the Iraq policy and why so many young Americans have died in what looks like a futile war without end.

“First, you must know that I have long obsessed about getting rid of Saddam Hussein, taking care of some unfinished business from my dad’s presidency. There’s also a lot of oil there and my neoconservative advisers wanted to project American power into the Middle East.

“So when the Sept. 11 attacks occurred, I saw my chance. Vice President Dick Cheney and I began merging references to al-Qaeda and Iraq. That way, the casual listener would start associating Iraq with Sept. 11 subliminally, even if there was no real evidence to support that connection.

“We also decided to exaggerate the shaky intelligence we had about Iraq’s WMD because we knew that would scare the American people into supporting a war against a country that wasn’t threatening us.

“Next, I got rid of officials, like Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill and Gen. Eric Shinseki, who had doubts about the Iraq War plans. To keep British Prime Minister Tony Blair on board, we agreed to go to the United Nations, but only because we hoped that Saddam would reject a demand for U.N. inspections and give us a better pretext for war.

“When Saddam crossed us up by letting the inspectors in, we started a war hysteria inside the United States. When the French wanted more time for the inspections to work, we turned ‘France’ into a dirty word, even renaming French toast and French fries into ‘freedom toast’ and ‘freedom fries.’

“Before it sank into the American people that the U.N. inspectors weren’t finding any WMD, I forced the inspectors to leave. Later, after the war was over, when your memories were getting a little fuzzy, I pretended that Hussein had never let the inspectors in and had shown ‘defiance,’ leaving me no choice but to invade as a ‘last resort.’ For details on how I pulled off that sleight of hand, see’s ‘President Bush, With the Candlestick…’

“In the first days of the Iraq War, when we realized ‘shock and awe’ didn’t have quite the effect we hoped, I had the U.S. military bomb civilian targets, such as a residential restaurant which we obliterated because of some sketchy information that Saddam might be eating there. We did this even though we knew that civilians would be killed. We were right about the civilians getting killed, but Saddam turned out not to be there.

“All these acts that I’ve described to you tonight might well be considered war crimes, but I really don’t care much about international law. Remember when I reacted to one question about international law by joking, ‘International law? I better call my lawyer.’ That’s just the way I feel about treaties and other things that try to tie me down.

“Some of my critics might say that I’ve been a dissembler, which means someone who doesn’t tell the truth. But that’s just politics.

“Well, so now that I’ve leveled with you about how we got into this mess, I’m sure you feel you can trust me to continue protecting the American people and leading our great nation to victory in Iraq.

“As I actually did say in my radio address on June 18, ‘I’ll continue to act to keep our people safe from harm and our future bright. Together we will do what Americans have always done: build a better and more peaceful world for our children and grandchildren.’
Ah! Hope springs eternal.

Monday, October 10, 2005


I was angry at that footage in New Orleans of that 64 year old man being beaten by the cops. That was uncalled for and that will be one of the topics on tonights show

Harriet Miers
Karl Rove indicted
Doctor tricks woman into sex.

Friday, October 07, 2005


I was watching Oprah the other day(do not ask me why). The cast from my favorite movie "Crash" was on. Well this expert threw out this figure on crime concerning inter-racial verses intra-racial and discovered this. That both blacks and whites count for 3% of crimes inter-racially and that each group intra-racially counts for 97% of crimes.
So that means that despite a lot of racial beliefs, black men are not raping or robbing white women or people at an alarming rate and vice versa. So basically whites are killing there own at an alarming rate and blacks are killing each other at an alarming rate. I did a show on this a few years ago. It was good to see this again.
But yet the media keeps this black on black crime bullsh*t going. Well cultures from all over the world kill each other. Would you believe and be shocked that in China, chinese people kill chinese people or that in Italy, italians kill italians. So you never hear the media describe that as "chinese on chinese" or "italian on italian" or "white on white crime". The term implies that no other racial groups kill each other. So you now know how absurd the term "black on black crime" is. So why does the media do this, I mean surely a liberal media would be fair and not perpetrate this lie ,right! I will start using the term and you use it also(white on white crime) until this foolishness stops.


Okay here we go again. Can you believe this sh*t. We have another fake terrorist warning. Now because of an arrest in Iraq the other day an "insurgent" admitted that 19 operatives were coming to New York or already there with briefcases to bomb New Yorks subway system. Oh Anthony say it ain't true. Well its not. Here is my evil reasoning behind this.. Tom Ridge admitted that the past terror alerts were used by the Bush administration for political reasons and that he thought they were stupid. We all remember those vague alerts that systematically came out that warned there were no specific targets but be on alert. What? And also we have a president with low polling numbers and there was a spy (a f**king spy) found in the White House and Karl Rove(Turd Blossom) is testilying Oops! I meant to say testifying concerning the Valerie Plame affair and there is word in Washington that there are about to be 22 indictments handed down. It also seems the White House is distancing Bush from Rove. Plus the President gave an interesting speech mentioned Bin Laden by name and would you believe that hours later we get a specific terror alert that has New York on edge. But meanwhile the Dept. Of Homeland Security claims that these threats are not credible,Huh? So what is a person to do? STOP THE INSANITY!!! Could this be what magicians call misdirection. I mean this is what they accused Clinton of, concerning blowjob gate. So he lobbed missiles at the Sudan to throw attention off of him.Could this be what is happening folks? I mean even the events of the arrests does not sound plausible. I am flying to New York in a few hours and will let you guys know the events there. If I get bombed in the subways I am turning the show over to Dennis and Darcy and John(bastard) and they will carry on the Wavestation X legacy. But as I sneakily suspect I will return to the show on monday to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. Oh by the way did anyone watch the Ann Coulter and Bill O'reilly shoot out the other day. O'reilly kicked her ass! This was concerning the Miers nomination. It seems that some neo-cons are turning against Bush! Its good to see the right wing truimph of the extreme right wing, and thats why I love this country!!

Monday, October 03, 2005


Okay tonight will be a great show. But before I start, I want to blame the last two Chiefs losses on my dear friend John Tackett. Now you say what does John have to do with the way they played.....well he don't, but its never stopped me before for blaming things on him(plus he is a Chiefs fan). Okay let me put the joint down for a second and get to this blog.

On tonights show :
Tom Delay

New justice
Bush the King
Green cards for Booty
Ashton Kutcher?Demi Moore(Why I think they will break up soon)
Eminent Domain in Florida.

Hey here is what the neo-con Rush forgot to tell us about Delay(Rush was to high to tell people about this). He deserves the Larry Johnson Bitch slap. See you guys tonight!

The Real Tom DeLay Story

The real story about Tom DeLay’s indictment in Texas goes far beyond the corrupt
acts of a single individual. DeLay’s intervention in Texas state legislative elections was
part of a concerted, nationwide Republican plan to control our government through
political gerrymandering at the expense of black and Hispanic voters. I observed this
process first hand as the expert witness for Democrats in the court cases challenging
Republican congressional redistricting plans not only in Texas, but also in Pennsylvania,
Florida, Ohio, and Michigan.
These latter four states are equally divided between Republicans and Democrats,
yet Republican gerrymandering has resulted in GOP control of about two-thirds of
their congressional seats.
By pumping money into state legislative races in Texas, DeLay engineered Republican
control in 2002 over a previously divided state legislature. He then guided Texas
lawmakers into breaking precedent by rewriting mid-decade an established congressional redistricting plan. The DeLay plan thwarted the will of voters by drawing districts to
guarantee Republican victories and take over five Democratic seats. To this end,
DeLay and his allies cynically and knowingly destroyed the voting rights of millions
of African-Americans and Hispanics in Texas.
In the Dallas County area, the plan demolished a 60.5 percent minority district and
scattered its voters into five Anglo-dominated, Republican districts in which they have
no chance to influence the outcomes of elections. In southwest Texas, DeLay’s plan
removed some 90,000 Hispanics from Congressional District 23 to ensure that it
would elect a Republican opposed by Hispanic voters. His plan dismantled seven other congressional districts across Texas in which African-American and Hispanic voters
critically influenced election outcomes, submerging these voters into heavily Republican
districts in which they have no influence.
The big corporate interests behind Tom DeLay knew full well what they bought in Texas.
They bought our government. Absent DeLay’s gerrymandering, the Democrats, not
Republicans, would have picked up congressional seats nationally in 2004, putting
Democrats in a much better position to regain control of Congress next year.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Well it seems that Tom Delay is in a little bit of trouble. Well I heard Rush Limbaugh say that it is no big deal and it is a partisan venture. I mean I am glad Rush set my mind at ease and I am glad that republicans have never did anything partisan to democrats. Yep that Delay is such a victim. So Limbaugh claims there is no proof of these indictments at all concerning Delay hmmmmm... But Limbaugh said during the Iran-Contra scandal that there was not one conviction at all in that scandal.Hmmm what a lying bitch, the fact is that there were 14 count them 14 convictions in the scandal so Limbaugh has a tendency to LIE just like he is now. But dyed in the wool neo-cons who have not seen these documents listen to Hannity and Limbaugh and just parrots the same party line. So sad that these brainless neo-cons that listens to these guys do so because they do not know what to think for themselves. So the next time you hear one of these anti-science,parroting neo-cons tell them that until they see the evidence for themselves then SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! Now I know this entry will make neo-cons angry good FUCK'EM!!! And think for your self.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Yes it was I, the Evil one who wanted to pull the posts of the balless idiots who do not have the intestinal fortitude to call up the show. But will bitch up and post like a coward. So in my bid to stomp out stupidity, I entertained the idea of pulling the cowardly posts. But Dennis (The Red) Menace informed me that would not be good.
So I listened to my friend and I realized that a coward should have the right to be stupid and cowardly so the posts will remain. Over the years I have done this show I have not censored anyone. I do not hang up on people if you disagree with me. If you make your case intelligently and are willing to listen to an opposing point of view then we can move forward. But if you act like someone from the fox news channel then you will forever have problems and your dog will die!.


It seems that the other side is busy building "straw men" and not dealing with the contents of what was said. You see its easier to quote the bible and talk around the issue as opposed to dealing with the issue. Also it helps to throw in some liberal jabs and how you are being, censored although the comments you made is still on the blog.
And then you hope someone buys this line of crap. So the rules are never admit when you are wrong. Never deal with the facts of the situation. Always name call when ever you feel that you get away with it. Blame Clinton. No matter how much Bush screws up,blame liberals and everyone else. Bring up religion in some kind of capacity. Make fun of the other side(again just do not deal with facts). In fake mockery call Anthony and Dennis names, make fun of them. Again do not deal with facts. Cry about how Anthony is censoring you and he is bad for radio. Blame Clinton. Talk about how Anthony is on public radio and not commercial radio(that way people may forget that neo-cons are full of doo doo). Play the victim of a liberal conspiracy and again, how you are being censored. And if you do it that way you never have to take responsiblity for anything and you do not have to answer to any facts or hard questions. You can stay in the arena of blissful ignorance. Oh yeah and watch fox news alot because that way your provincial views are constantly confirmed.

Monday, September 26, 2005


I really liked the response the blog has been generating.
I have been watching the footage of Hurricane Rita and the George Galloway/Christopher Hitchens debate.The media has went back to their whorish ways with the oversensationalizing of the airbus A330 landing at lax airport(twisted nosegear).

Anyway I will be adding the topics of tonights show and more of my observationss.
The federal government really responded to the victims of Hurricane Rita rather quickly. Hmmm........interesting?

Monday, September 19, 2005


Okay folks I am preparing for the show. Tonight :Bill Clintons critique of Bush.
Kate Moss,Black water,plus more my friend Adrienne in New York City will be posting views on this blog so we welcome her input. Now the rant for today.
I am so tired of neo-cons talking about the liberal media for once and for all here is your proof that the media is not liberal. Prove me wrong I dare you!

What if a show like Dateline did a "hatchet job" on George W. Bush?
It wouldn't have to really be a hatchet job, but any honest appraisal of that idiot's
qualifications would prove he's a non-thinking rich man's boy - and that's all.
But what would happen if Dateline did an unflattering portrait of Bush?
I'll tell you what would happen:
The Rush(drug addict) would spend at least three hours saying it wasn't true
and he'd offer hours of rebuttal as to why Dateline was lying.
Bill O'Reilly would spend at least an hour on his show saying
it wasn't true and offer rebuttal as to why Dateline was lying.
Sean Hannity would walk all over Alan Colmes for an hour that night,
saying it wasn't true and offer rebuttal as to why Dateline was lying.
Eva Von Zahn would spend at least an hour that night saying it wasn't true
and she'd offer rebuttal as to why Dateline was lying.
The Beltway Boys would spend at least an hour that night saying it
wasn't true and offer rebuttal as to why Dateline was lying.
Brit Hume and Tony Snow would spend at least an hour on Sunday
saying it wasn't true and offer rebuttal as to why Dateline was lying.
Juan Williams and Mara Liason would spend their entire allotted time
saying it wasn't true and offer rebuttal as to why Dateline was lying.
John McLaughlin would spend at least an hour on his syndicated show
saying it wasn't true and offer rebuttal as to why Dateline was lying.
Chris the Screamer would spend at least an hour on his show
saying it wasn't true and offer rebuttal as to why Dateline was lying.
G. Gordon Liddy would spend at least three hours on his radio show
saying it wasn't true and offer rebuttal as to why Dateline was lying.
Laura the Whore would spend at least an hour on her radio show
saying it wasn't true and offer rebuttal as to why Dateline was lying.
Michael Medved would spend at least an hour on his radio show
saying it wasn't true and offer rebuttal as to why Dateline was lying.
Sam and Cokie would spend at least an hour on This Whore
saying it wasn't true and offer rebuttal as to why Dateline was lying.
George (Judas Maximus) Steffi and George (dumb as a chimp) Will
would spend their entire allotted time swearing that it wasn't true.
Bob Scheiffer would spend at least an hour on Face the Whore
saying it wasn't true and offer rebuttal as to why Dateline was lying.
Tim the Catholic would spend at least an hour on Meet the Whore
saying it wasn't true and offer rebuttal as to why Dateline was lying.
John Hockenberry would spend at least an hour on his show
saying it wasn't true and offer rebuttal as to why Dateline was lying.
Ollie North would spend at least an hour on his radio show
saying it wasn't true and offer rebuttal as to why Dateline was lying.
Robert Novak would spend at least an hour on his cable TV show
saying it wasn't true and offer rebuttal as to why Dateline was lying.
Paul Weyrich would spend at least an hour on his cable TV show
saying it wasn't true and offer rebuttal as to why Dateline was lying.
Still with me? We're close to the end...
MSNBC's Brian Williams would spend at least an hour on his show
saying it wasn't true and offer rebuttal as to why Dateline was lying.
Wolf the Whore would spend at least an hour on his show saying
it wasn't true and offer rebuttal as to why Dateline was lying.
Bill Schneider and Candy Crowley would do an hour special on CCN
(Clinton Cock Network) saying it wasn't true, and offering rebuttal.
John Stossel would have a special on ABC: Is lying OK for liberals?
Then Howie Kurtz would spend 30 minutes on Reliable Sources asking
if the media wasn't being too hard on a developmently-disabled child.
Ann Coulter would write a book condemning Dateline.
Laura Ingraham would write a book condemning Dateline.
Peggy Noonan would write a book condemning Dateline.
Andrew Sullivan would write a book condemning Dateline.
William Safire would write a book condemning Dateline.
OK, we're going to call the above "Exhibit A."
Now, everyone on that list has done at least a dozen hit pieces on Clinton.
My question is, Where is "Exhibit B?"
When those 38 people attack Clinton and his penis, who does the rebuttal?
Even you ditto-sheep have to admit that nobody on that list
has EVER defended a fabricated lie against the president.
There is no "Exhibit B," because there are so few liberal voices on television.
The closest you can get is Eleanor on McLaughlin or Geraldo, but there is barely
a liberal whisper on television, even though there are DOZENS of right-wing,
Smirk-apologist shows whose livelyhood is lying about liberals.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


This entry is from my partner in crime and Co host Dennis(The RED Menace)I liked it and its well thought out and here is; it happens, i'm a really big fan of irony. In these trying times, if it were not for my sense of humor and the likes of an intelligent few who appeal to it (Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, and the like), I would have put the working end of a shotgun in my mouth a long time ago.

So there's George, my nemesis, a man I have grown to loathe so deeply that its almost maddening, and he's standing in Jackson Square, originally slave square, where the afro-caribbean people were sold like chattle and where the rhythms and soul of gospel, jazz, the blues and eventually rock and roll and rap were born from the pain and toil of American slaves, and what's ole George talking about but the failures of the federal goverment and how the vestiges of the evil enterprise conspired with the soul destroying diseases of poverty and racism to leave thousands of our fellow citizens stranded for days in a swirling river of feces and death and industrial rot. And, though he smirks through the whole speech, I know that sadly my president would not get the irony of the situation.

I don't mean to imply that I find this situation humorous in the traditional sense, becuase I don't. The effects and the cost of Hurricane Katrina, like those of 9/11, will be reverberating for years and decades to come, and i'm talking in purely the human cost: the orphaned children, the unneccessary dead, the fractured homes and arms and minds that experienced for a few days what would become of these fine United States if the republic ever crumbled. Perhaps, even, not of what may be but of what will be.

This is more the laugh to keep yourself from crying kind of humor. The kind that leaves you a little queasy and maybe even a little disoriented. The kind of humor that reminds you that evolution isn't a theory, its a fact, that the forces of natural selection conspire against us all and that, as the poet said, none of us get out of this life alive. My buddhist side reminds me that to laugh in the face of death is the greatest of human achivements, and we face death, both as individuals and as a nation, every day.

God, if there is such a beast, mocks us in our political and philosophical constructions, our laws and our culture and our laughter. In the grand scale of time humanity is scarecly a flicker and even our most enduring institutions and traditions are little more than a quantum fluctuation in the ever expanding void. I suppose the true believers still think the old man is gonna come back to us in a cloud, catch us up, and take us home to glory, but somehow the irony of a national day of prayer that contained a lot of requests and not a lot of penance leaves me howling uncontrolably with laughter on the floor. Please fix our broken highways and reconnect our oil pipelines and rebuild our mansions and our slums, but please ignore the blatant and revolting and enduring racial bigotry that turned this manageable tragedy into a human catastrophe. If that doesn't make you laugh then you should start Prozac treatment immediately.

If there is a God maybe we should see this, much the same way we should regard 9/11, which is to see it as a simple tatse of come-upance offered to us by a creator angry that the blessings of liberty he bore to the world through the American revolution have been sold at the altar of commodification and corporate capitalism and are now held in a not very public trust by an elite few who wield total power without regard to human dignity, soverignty, or worth. Are you laughing yet?

All that happened on 9/11 and in the aftermath of Katrina was the realization that America has joined the rest of the world. The bubble of passive isolation that once surrounded us is gone and we face the same threats and dangers, plagues and famines, wars and disasters as the rest of the world. In this I agree that God did truly ordain George W. Bush as president with a specific mandate, namely, to inflict on America what America itself has inflicted on the rest of the world. The storms come and we do nothing. The levees break and we do nothing. The people begin and we do nothing. The petroleum industry rapes billions of dollars of profit per quarter from all of us and we do nothing. Unions are busted before our eyes and we do nothing. Schools turn out anti-scientific and anti-intellectual students ill-equipped to life in the information age and we do nothing. The bills of our extravagant and wasteful lifestyles begin to come do and we do nothing. For no other sin than our own complacency is George Bush truly the right man for his times. I think I heard a chuckle out there. Can I get an Amen?

It is long past cliche to say that we are at a pivotal point in our history, and in the greater history of that of the human race, though the cynic in me says the pivotal moment was years ago and we've already passed the point of no return. President Bush, reading from his large-print speech at the United Nations security council, his personal madman shitzu Bolten at his side, trying to look the other major leaders of the free world in the eye and preach to them about our responsibilities and obligations to one another as fellow citizens of the world might have been the most laughable howler of the week, rivaled only by a triple threat of less mentioned stories: first, that someone at the Pentagon was ordered to destroy all the documents realting to Army intelligence operation Able Danger which identified Mahammad Atta as a terrorist two years before 9/11, second, the escape from a New Jersey laboratory of two mice infected with the plague, and third, that none other than Karl "Turd Blossom" Rove will lead the administration's post Katrina effort. Funny, ain't it?

There, I knew I could get a laugh out of ya.


I am so tired of hearing the reports that John Roberts is gay or might not be gay based on the following;

1. He didn't get married until he was 40. That's really late. Now, he's a devout Catholic, so you know he didn't have sex before he got married (at least not heterosexual sex).

2. He married a (female) partner at a major law firm. My wife is on the cusp of partnerhood and I never see her. I don't think that my parents had sex after my dad made partner (don't try to tell me otherwise). You think that they have sex?

3. He has kids, therefore he must have had sex with a woman? Nope. They're adopted.

4. Possibly most damning: He played Peppermint Patty in his school play. That's totally gay. And cross-dressing. Or this photo check it out!
(scroll down and left click on photo on right)

Now outside of being evasive and that we still do not know where he stands.
I think John Roberts is slick like Clinton and thats a good thing.
I do not care whether if he is gay or straight. I want a justice who can be fair
regardless of their political leanings. Now am I wrong? The blogs are so sickening
because the left is buying in to this, he might be gay and Bush appointed him, heh,thing.
Lets be above that shall we. We know that neo-cons although some are gay, they espouse intolerance of gays and womens issues. So I do understand the irony of appointing the first gay chief justice(that we know of)its funny as hell! My friend Darcy( an interesting view on this whole evasive plot(Darcy's the best)For myself,I just revel in the fact that he makes Ann Coulter nervous! And thats why I love America.


I must admit that my earlier postings about Bush taking reponsibilty for his feckless repsonse was done after I heard it on the radio. I finally saw the tv version and ,wow did he appear insincere. I mean he was jumpy never looked anyone in the eye. He behaved like he was not used to admitting guilt. He appeared uncomfortable,not sure of himself.
I think comedienne Joy Behar said it best that he looked like a man that beat his wife
and comes back with flowers and then says honey I will not do it again.(HUH! Whats that Ike? "C"mon eat the cake Anna mae") That was a very accurate depiction (although some insincere people men/women have that trait! But her point is right and well taken. This President is a joke and should just stay on vacation where he can not cause anymore trouble. But I heard is kool aid suporters(Hannity,Limbaugh) said that his speech was great! Puhleeze! Great my ass!

Friday, September 16, 2005


Hey all you Justice Files listeners. My friend Michael Justice has a new blog check it out. I will be commenting on the blackwater situation and
Davis Bacon soon.


Megan, baby you really want me. Because you keep commenting and you can not turn the station. What is an agiest Megan? You jump the gun and you take my words out of context. Well you need a good man you addled minded bigot, so you can break his spirit also. You deserve a nice pat on the back of your ass for that one. OOPS! Someone might mistake that one for a sexist comment. Wake up and smell yourself Megan! Get a life and please keep listening to my show. I like a charity listener! Signed Anthony the Pig(Onik Oink)!
Take Care


Hey folks Megan responded back with this comment maybe you guys can make sense of it
because I have no idea whats wrong with this woman or whats she is talking about. It seems she gets off on insulting me and not listening to reason. And where does she get the idea that I like Phelps from?? This was in response to my scratch a misandrist liar and find a racist bitch entry. Check out her response!

"Sir; or should I call you a penile, infantile toe sucker, since your rant obviously shows your disdain for women and I dare say a certain liking for people like Fred Phelps. I can only hope that your wife, heaven forbid that you are married; poor women or perhaps your girlfriend, your blow up doll doesn’t count bites your shriveled manhood off next time you force any of them to give you a blowjob."


Gosh! Megan either grow up and get a life and respond intelligently or just find someone else to harass! You are not funny and your boring and you make a mockery of the womens movement and if you are part of the womans movment(which I respect by the way). Then it needs a LAXATIVE to rid itself of fake misandrists feminists like yourself. And if this is some crypto-sociopsychological ploy to try to date me then I am to good for you sister. Try the tree hugger next to you or the pentup neo-con male they are more your speed. I know that you can not get me out of your head thats why you listen to the show and check my blog regularly, Hell I can't blame you Megan I am a hell of a guy! In psychology we call that "misplaced sexual aggression" there is always a lot of suggestive sex talk in your insults towards me. Keep in mind I don't want you. Good day!


What the hell is wrong with Fred Phelps. I had him on the show once in 1997 and he was of course bashing gays and I wondered and asked him, does he have tendencies to be homosexual? This man could find gay people on Mars. Now this ugly "troglodyte"(see Megan I can use ten dollars words too)must need his gaydar fixed because in his latest case of being a human train wreck he accused Swedens Carl Gustaf of being GAY! Oh my God, say its not true brother Anthony. I say my brothers and sisters, brother Phelps has spotted us another homeesexall. He is doing the work of Jeeesus, I mean we do not want him to say anything or do anything about the victims of hurricane Katrina and actually help build tolerance like Jesus actually said. Naw Naw! Oh, I feel a force in my spirit
brothers and sister. I feel a message from up high coming on, Oh Christ its from the great Evil Genius himself he's telling me that brother Phelps is a wicked one,give me a amen! He says that brother Phelps needs a damn life,hallefalujah! He says......that brother Phelps has a closeted need to get a hard one of his own! He says.......that brother Phelps has the need to be a subservient cocksocket and a sperm dump as he always wanted to be. Ecoli,Ecoli, buy me a hyundai,buy me a hyundai,sha na na na na!
that is from the book of Anthony 1st chapter 2nd Heineken and a Carona with an eight ball!

Fred Phelps needs a damn life. Where are the christians to tell him to shut the F**k up. Mr. Phelps you are a national embarassment, Your wife whom I found so engaging and nice should take you in the house and never let you out. Leave gay people alone and please Mr.Phelps stop hating. It is not a family value. We live in the greatest country in the world, and that means that this society is pluralistic Sir! Get used to it!

I just heard Bishop T.D Jakes on tv with this hurricane Katrina church service.
He was relating the good Samaritan story. I never understood why they always use that story as an analogy for people who perform good deeds. Because if you remember to study the bible you would know that the Samaritans were looked down upon and demonized by the towns people. They did not like Samaritans. (Kind of like how neo-cons demonize liberals or the Nazi's and the Jews) But it is interesting how through time and selective memory we forget that. So when they use the term "good samaritan" you start to realize what they really meant. Its tantamount to "good liberal" "good nigger". Now I know someone is saying quite frantically, Okay now
Anthony you have taken it out of context and misinterpreted the bible. Okay all I ask is, do not believe me, just read the bible! Talk at you guys later!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Boy, that John Roberts is good and will probably get confirmed. But is it just me or did we learn anything about him? He was so evasive. How can you trust the guy. But the democrats have no guts and he will be confirmed.
But people, do not get carried away with this supreme court distraction.
Pay attention to the federal judiciary thats where they will try to stack the deck.
There was a case won today with Michael Newdow concerning the Pledge Of Allegiance.
Students in a California town do not have to say it in school. I think thats great. But why this brouhaha about the pledge. The original pledge was written by a baptist minister and he never mentioned god in it. Go figure! "Under God" was not put in until 1954 because we wanted to differentiate ourselves from the communists and this was done by a cabal of two to three groups and without a national referendum like a vote of the people. It was forced on America. Hell, read about it here, then tell me that it is against god to not say the pledge of allegiance.

We need to wake up America and remember that liberty is what we should cherish.
Remember what happened to Hypatia of Alexandria A.D 370 to 415. Because after that
it marked the end of Greek intellectualism and ushered in the dark ages.
We are starting to see that now, with attacks on science and progressive views.
Get back at you later.


Okay folks, here is another stupid attack from a person that does not have a sense of humor and is probably racist, liar and hates men. Just read what she wrote and I will respond afterwards.

"You sir, are obviously a female hater. I have listened to your show over the past few months and have found you to be a misogynistic women hater and that you hate white women in particular. Your crude and unintelligent remarks about wanting to see certain white women killed was sickening and degrading for women off all colors to have to hear over the public airwaves. I know you have said many times on your show that white women are easy and that you have had sex with many of them; no doubt you were trying to live out some fantasy that you are a white man. I also found your condescending remarks about being a lesbian trapped in a man’s body to be highly offensive. You are not a lesbian! You are a female hating, troglodyte; palm dragging banana eater."


I think that palm dragging remark may have been a neanderthal reference. Plus how did she know that I like bananas?

I get this all the time, someone hears the show(notice I did not use the word "listen") and then formulates a half-assed opinion and then insults me. It never fails. Dearest Megan, I will not stoop to the low level that you have resorted to.To get my point across, I will intelligently respond to you and give you the respect that you are due. Although I was not afforded such a luxury.
I have never in my life espoused any racial or sexist views. I have said things that are true, but unflattering about groups of people both women and men, whites,blacks etc. But that in itself is not racist or misogynistic! The manner in which you wrote that comment you sound like you might be a young woman so let me tell it to you like this. Grow up and mature a little bit.

I am not going to sit here and give you a litany of my pro-woman beliefs and views or that my friends are women from all colors. Because I should not have to do that.

My show is "Irreverent" as it states in the above box with the rest of those words
I put in there(feel free to take another look at them if you need to).I'm sure you know what that word means, so I will not insult your intelligence by defining it.

I am not a woman hater! I think you are so full of angst against some person that has really hurt you in your past. That you decided to focus your racist anti-male hatred on me. I will explain why. In order for you to focus your dementia properly
it was necessary for you to "lie" and take out of context my words for instance when you said;

"Your crude and unintelligent remarks about wanting to see certain white women killed was sickening and degrading for women off all colors to have to hear over the public airwaves." You see I never said that at all! You pulled that one right out of your ASS!I have the tapes to prove it.
This was a comedy bit based on a segment of the news, that broadcast the fact that all of these white women were coming up missing like in Aruba and other places. But they never mentioned any black or latino or asian women who have come up missing(I guess in your racist fervor to attack me you have conviently forgotten that one huh)never got air time on the national news, until some minorities rightfully complained.
Is the life of a white woman worth more than any other woman of color, huh MEGAN?

Also I have never said white women were easy(I do not know where you picked that one up from). What I have said was that in high school I found it easy to date Catholic school girls because I did not have to try hard(but Catholic girls come in all colors last time I checked) So you got that one wrong too!

So I based a comedy bit around that, and the women on the list were Britney Spears,Ann Coulter etc(its funny everyone knew it was a joke except you) and there were three black women on that list also. I guess you forgot that too, huh Megan. Remember I said "missing" not "killed"!
Also I have no fantasies of being a white man(thats just plain stupid) but maybe you do( a little "penis envy" huh Megan!
And remarks about being a male lesbian is not condescending.......its down right FUNNY as hell and true. Again you are totally devoid of any sense of humor clouded by racial bigotry and a feeling of insecurity. You obviously look for things to get offended over! You need help and maybe a life and hey feel free to turn the station.

Your comments reveal more about you than anything else Megan. You are a racist and a misandrist and I really feel sorry for you! Oh by the way "woman-hater" and "misogynist" mean the same thing so, just write one or the other next time okay! I would be remiss in my duties if I let you get away with that redundancy.


Well folks I was stunned that Bush actually took responsibility for something.
I have criticized the president for never taking any responsiblity for anything after 9/11. But I must say that I was flabbergasted at this. Now his supporters will say,see folks the president does take responsibility for his administration actions.

I will give Bush this one (even though it seems shady). But I wish the next time he takes responsibility for something. He does it when his poll numbers are not low and that his appointee's are worthy of the job they are appointed to. I mean 9/11 would have been a perfect time to do that. Also with the Karl Rove incident, no reponsibility. Hmmmm what gives? Ie just seems so staged and faked

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Well here we go down this path again. Thuudd does not grasp anything I have written.
He continues to drop insult after insult and glosses over my responses.
You are welcome to read his post. Thuudd one last time. You see everything through the neo-con prism. Your so called proof (the only one you offered) about the cheap gas was so off the mark. If the fact that cheap gas was cheap under Clinton because you said it was fifteen years ago (thats the proof) that was very super powerful stupid. Now I guess you did not like my critique of your use of grammar. Well I guess only people like Ann Coulter,Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity can offer critiques. My only point I was trying to make Thuuddy was that under Clinton everything he did was also under a neo-con magnifying glass and they heaped insult after insult on him. So the fact you can not take any critique of Bush or the right wing well I guess you really need some growing up. The fact you said you were a marine I honor that because I support the military(even though I do not agree with all of the missions(my brother was a marine).

Please my dear Thuudd, you can critize me all you want I am a big boy.
But I implore you to get out of this right wing/left wing hate mobius strip and look at the evidence for yourself(you do not have to believe me just check it out for yourself). Everything I wrote is the truth. Again just by you saying the opposite doesn't make your view a reality. If it makes you feel secure that you think I am a democrat then go right ahead and build your "strawman". But we in the real world both conservative and liberal and libertarian know that political dissent whether funny or serious does not make you one or the other. When you hear my views on capital punish ment or funding for the N.E.A or guns would you also think that I got my views from the r.n.c? I mean if you want to be fair and consistent you would have to deduce that. I mean given the rules you have espoused in your comments. Or will you sweep it under the rug.
I do not hate Bush. I do not think he and his administration have been honest with the american people thats all! I did not like everything Clinton did either but this
would be lost on you. So as far as my wonderful sense of humor...well get used to it .Its my CHARM.(I told you I'm pompous) Anyway may the good lord bless you and may the good lord keep you from sending me more vacous comments. Raise your game and RESEARCH!!!!!! By the way your grammar is still lacking and Big Dog, my side is public, you just have to research it thats all! Love ya Buh bye!


Hey folks this is a posting from one of my admirers named Thuudd!
Please read this posting and I will respond afterwards. Here is his rant as he wrote it. I normally would have just let this go. But this man needs help and plus he did not leave a return addy so I could respond to him. Oh yeah folks please forgive him for using "same" and "redundant" in the same sentence maybe he does not know the meaning. This man has my deepest sympathy.

"you seriously have to be the largest of all pompous idiots i have seen as of late. most people that would give themselves the monkier of 'evil genius' should be smart enough to find proof over just verbally puking up the same redundant DNC talking points. there is not one shred of evidence in your claims. not even the slightest iota. yet you feel the need to flex your 'genius' wings and attemp to make us all believe your bullshit. get a clue, kid. read the entire article for once. instead you do on this blog the same as you do on your show. you never seem to have the facts to bring to the table. only thing you seem to bring is merely the opinions that your fellow DNC kool-aid drinkers say. this in no way shows the vast intelligence one would expect from a 'genius'."


Okay first of all, I am "pompous"! But that was the only thing he was right about.
You see, this was a response to my Sept 11th posting. Now I will not nitpick about his grammar because even I, make typo's! Okay, I changed my mind. First of all before I begin. Thuudd after each period you are supposed to capitalize the next letter much like I did just now. Also "I" should be capitalized and please always remember my dear Thuudd that apostrophe's ('')are not quotations ("") you did this three times in your above rant and there is never a need to be that vacous. Just watch how the big boys like myself do it and you can follow suit "Slappy" (notice my use of quotations again). Now, see you can do it. Also "attempt" ends with a "t" and also I want to believe that you meant to type the word "moniker"(damn there goes those quotes again) but instead you wrote "monkier" well even that is kind of revealing about yourself don't you think? Please note my proper use of the apostrophe. Okay now to deconstruct Thuudd's really stupid rant.

First of all I am not a democrat! If you have listened to the show for any length of time say ....a few minutes, this should be apparent to you! You made the mistake a lot of people make. Just because I have a different point of view Thuudd, does not make me a democrat or using dnc talking points. You see thats the fallacy in your reasoning. I said something you did not like or it intimidated you. So instead of refuting my evidence point by point, much like I did with your very piss poor writing ability. You decided to engage in what we in logic call, "fallacious reasoning" and "gratuitous assertion". You see, you have such a one track mind that you are not capable of actual critical thinking. Because if you were,then you would not have wrote this illogical comment like this example here:

"should be smart enough to find proof over just verbally puking up the same redundant DNC talking points. there is not one shred of evidence in your claims. not even the slightest iota."

Well, that is where you are wrong. Because all you would have to do is look it up and research it your self (wow what a concept). You see Thuudd just saying something does not make it true, hence a "gratuitous assertion", Listen to this. George Bush is not the president of the US. See, just by me uttering those words does not change the fact that Bush is the president. See how that works!

Thuudd: Wow! Anthony I wish I would have done my research
before I went up against someone smart like you.

Anthony: Do not worry, You probably can't help it.
I hope this helps your vacuity problem.

You made a blanket statement about my views, but did not offer any evidence of your own, about what you were raving about. My views can be researched and proven.
But again you offered nothing but wild accusations and insults. Just because you have a closed mind and will not accept any evidence you disagree with. Does not mean that the other person is wrong. It just means you need to grow up! You used the word "proof" in your rantings. But it is funny that in all of your great wisdom, you offered none! Zip! Your argument has failed and dropped to the ground with a resounding "Thuudd".
I have a clue Thuudd.......Now you get one!!!!!
Love and kisses Anthony

Monday, September 12, 2005


Well, I am prepping tonights show and I just learned that the Fema-fraud Brown had to step down. Wow to bad for the Bushies. I mean wow who would have thought that when you put your friends in power positions when their only experience was running a horsey show. Who would have thunk it! I did not get to see all of the confirmation
on John Roberts so if any one out there did, please leave a comment. I like John Roberts he is kick ass smooth!

Ok here are some quick Wavestation X tidbits that I like to call "Flashes Of Thought In The Darkness Of The Mind".

Kanye West: I liked what you said. But next time please articulate better
and Bush does like Black people(I hope).

FEMA fraud Michael Brown is being relieved of his command of Bush's Katrina onsite efforts,
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff announced on Friday.

Remember how loud they bitched and screamed when Clinton allowed friends and contributors to sleep over
in the Lincoln Bedroom? Bush put an unqualified (but intensely loyal) friend in charge of
protecting America from disasters and who knows how many thousands will die as a result?

With Bush, we always have to wait until hundreds or thousands of people die
before the press or the balless Democrats dare to question the Bushies.

When they said "Bush doesn't need to be the smartest person in the room?"
they also said, "Because he'll surround himself with experts."

"Brownie" is an expert at registering Arabian horses and as a result,
thousands of poor, black and white people are dead on the Gulf Coast..

Back when we had a leader elected by the people, Republican bitches like Rush and Hannity reported every
verbal assault on Clinton inspired by them, and back then they claimed it was proof that Clinton
was "hated by the people." The drug addicted host even said the Independence Day audience
cheered when the White House blew up because, "Clinton acts like a dictator," remember?

So the next time someone says, "How dare you call Bush & Cheney fascist, Nazi bastards?"
just remind them that speaking, wearing a shirt and holding signs are all illegal under the regime
of the never-elected, Bush Family Evil Empire. Does that not make you mad folks?

Listen to the show tonight. 1am to 6am with myself and Dennis (The Red Menace) 90.1 FM KKFI.

Before I leave here is a great quote from Bill Maher.....

"Come on, Mr. President, this can’t be fun for you anymore.
You can’t spend any of our money because you used it all up. And you can’t
start another war because you’ve used up the troops. The cupboard’s bare,
the credit card’s maxed out and no one’s speaking to you — mission accomplished!
Now it’s time to do what you do best: lose interest and walk away, like you did with
your military service and the oil company and the baseball team. Time to move on
and try the next fantasy job. How about cowboy or spaceman? You’ve performed
so poorly you should give yourself a medal.”