Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Ok newest fake outrage from the right.  Donald Trump(R- Idiot birther) said something true ,but unflattering about John Mc Cain(R-Traitor).( I call him traitor for signing that traitorous letter to Iran, to undermine the president. They since have been owned and reprimanded by the Iranian govt. The GOP reacted in the expected way. Now, anyone who served, should not be disparaged in anyway. My problem is, where were the GOP when Max Cleland and John Kerry records were attacked? You heard crickets. I am so glad that Trump is ahead in GOP polls and that he is ruining it for other GOP presidential hopefuls. You see, Trump is the GOP Frankenstein. He is uttering every vile thing I have ever heard on Fox News and right wing talk radio. So the GOP hates their own poison. Keep up the good work Trump. They are united in hate(because that's all they have left)...look at how high his he is in the pools.