Friday, July 31, 2009

I Am Done With This Subject!

Big dog this is getting old. You do not understand police procedure. Fans are welcomed to read his comments in the comment section. First of all there is no such thing as you say a "flawed police report"..Ok! Crowley knowingly inserted those words in the report. A report with flaws get corrected before turning in, ask any cop? This "flawed report" nonsense is your euphemism for LYING! He lied that's all there is to it. You know it and I know it and the DA knew it! Any police report gets a proof read and checked and double checked for flaws.(its a legal document)before its submitted as record of fact.You do not make such an impotant"flaw" such as inserting a ethnic description in a report after interviewing the witness who said no such thing! Its just not possible.Unless you do it intentionally. All he had to do was to do what we call a "brief back" and confirmed it. Now the obstruction..If you can't understand that you are seeing this through a political prism and I am looking at it through a legal one. The campus is a red herring Big dog. You missed so much of my response. You are so fixated on this campus's moot! Gates is entitled to privacy in is dwelling. The cops had no right to breach that. Because if what you say is true then those charges would still be pending. They had no legal leg to stand on. So you can keep talking all that stuff your saying like campuses,obstruction,etc. Get past the politics! The fact of the matter is charges were dropped and you can guess why? Good day Dog!

I Expected Better.

Thanks Dog for writing me back. I appreciate the guts you have.
I have no idea why you glossed over some facts and highlighted other items that you wanted to view as fact. I think that you started off with a belief then found items to try to support your contentions(you are a lot like Darla J and Glenn Beck and Hannity and Rush in that respect and that's not a compliment)as opposed to how the "empirical method" actually works.So I am going line by line to respond to your baseless assertions.

WOW!!! bigDaddy just got a small tidbit of the case you wanted me to look up. This case and the one you posted are so different Bigdaddy, that you should read it for yourself.However i like being thorough and so far it seems to be a matter of discretion.

Not true BigDog! I can tell you have read a small tidbit of the case and not the whole finding by your response with that addled statement. In Commonwealth Vs Lopiano the courts found it was not unlawful to mouth off to a cop. Now the events took place in two different settings but that does not change the dynamic of the courts findings.(you do understand what precedent means and how it applies don't you?

Oh and im so glad you are not screaming racial profiling like all the other fools.

Ummmm......Thanks I guess! Well that's because unlike you. I am fairminded

The mere fact that this was on campus and where a substantial group of people had access and they began to congragate and given his racial tones towards a cop and plus the fact two warnings were given about his disorderly behaviour. All this didnt stop his charging tyrate wich got his ass arrested.So he assentially disobeyed an officers warning while trying to keep the peace. Is this considered obstruction?

Obstruction is interfering with a cops lawfully discharging his duties. You may or may not have a point there. But the rest of your comment you're totally leaving out the fact that Crowley lied in his report about what the witness said. So if he lied about that,what else did he lie about? That calls everything else into question.This
is the area you should also be concerned with but intentionally left out. Why?

Now getting arrested and getting charged are two different things. Im glad he didnt get charged because it would have easily been dropped due to his First Amendment right.However it doesnt mean a cop cant detain you to stop any further display or in fact riotous behavior on campus(penal code: deemed public area).

Ok, this is a strange one. I don't know why you even brought this one up. You are so right Dog, arrests and charges are different(WTF?)In the second statement you just made my point for me. Here are the facts; he was not "detained" ok got it, learn the difference! He was arrested and booked, fingerprinted and thrown in jail. Police can only bring initial charges. Its up to the DA to bring formal charges. The DA probably read the reports and decided how stupid this case was and decided to drop it.I never questioned detainment. His home was not considered a public area. You are so hung up about his house being on campus. That has nothing to do with it(WTF?) Why did not the campus police get dispatched or handle the call? Do you even know anything about the law? How come officer Figueroa wrote what the witness actually said and Crowley didn't? Can you answer that one for me I am waiting?

Heres what i know about you Bigdaddy. You said, on your show many times, how you have a healthy respect for the badge. You never had any problems with cops. One asked you why. I remember you saying because you are a yes sir no sir type of guy...i.e. very cooperative. Gates unhealthy respect lead him to get hauled off and later released.He gets hauled off for his actions and you defend him by saying its the cop acting stupidly. You appeared to be unbias at first blaming both parties so i dug into your psychi, but i knew deep down you didnt believe the shit you preached about respecting the badge and now this comes up it shows your racial bias and your lack of conviction in your own belief about respecting a badge.

Lol you have got to be kidding me, racial bias? Wow! I think its so telling about you in this statement. You see what you want to see. Only racists are quick to call other people racist or say that have a bias.You just glossed over the lie in Crowleys report and I have a racial bias? lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol,lol.
I have two words for you...SPELL CHECK!!!!!!!!!Lol

The real issue here is Gates and his lack of respect for authority and also underlining his actions is racism.Notice how Barracks friends have huge racial issues. Now Glenn Beck assertions.

Riiiiight? No its not the issue. The issue is you can not be objective! You glossed over what you really did not want to deal with. You already gotten so many things wrong Big Dog. After lying in a report. It sure can call other things into question wouldn't you agree? You are just so sure of yourself...Shit did you just bring up looney tunes Becks name...okay ok now I see how your mind works.

I am putting together more info on this disorderly behaviour thing(reading more penal codes for that area...etc) and quite frankly he should have been arrested and guess what he was.

WRONG!!!!!Look whatever..don't put it together I want you to actually read and study and dissect it and learn it. Okay? I already understand disorderly behavior.

On a personal note. Gates would have had his cane shoved up his ass talking to me in that tone. That Bigdaddy is why im not a cop. Because by law i couldnt be as thick skinned as a cop is told to be.

Wow, very macho.I'm glad your not a cop. Prone to violent outbursts and sado-masochistic or more correctly stated "sadistic" tendencies.Temper Temper. Wow' like a petulant child.Can't control yourself. Well that explains a lot about you now and I understand why you gloss over facts.If you have not gotten help please get help somewhere. and take your damn medicine!

Heres the kicker dont accuse a white man of racism, call him out using MOMMA slams and ignore verbal commands while a peace officer is trying to do his job. This will surelly get you arrested, may not get your charged, but is sure defuses the situation and potential riotous behaviour.

I noticed your using language from the case. Here is the kicker. Don't accuse the black man who may have behaved not so nicely when you have a white cop who lies in reports. That calls into question his whole integrity as a cop. Maybe Gates did not say those things maybe he was just loud. Because Doggy remember that Crowley said in his report(that you did not obviously read very well)he determined Gates was in his home lawfully. It should have ended there and he should have left,, riotous behavior or not! Dude you let me down again. I thought you really had something for me.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Buh Bye Sarah(You Quitter)!

Sarah Palin(R-Quitter)could'nt hack it and quit the other day.I love it.

A Follow Up! Anthony was just soooo Damn Right!

This is a great article and this is why Big Dog will always play in the pee wee leagues while Big Daddy Anthony plays on the dream team. Big Dog and other "mentally ill" people please learn the law(look up Commonwealth v. Lopiano)because you really made yourselves look really dumb. Your actions may work on stupid talk radio but in the real world you guys fall flat. This is a really good article and it cites that case. This article is by Adam Winkler. Btw don't write me unless you know the facts,give me a challenge.

Full article:
"On Thursday, President Obama weighed in on the arrest of African-American Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, saying a Cambridge police officer "acted stupidly" when he arrested Gates for disorderly conduct. The next day, Obama backed down from his harsh comment.

Obama was right the first time.

I don't know if the police officer arrested Gates because of the Harvard professor's race. A lot of white people would say that if they mouthed off to a cop, they too would be arrested. But one thing is clear: Gates did not violate any law. Under Massachusetts law, which the police officer was supposedly enforcing, yelling at a police officer is not illegal. There are clear decisions of the Massachusetts courts holding that a person who berates an officer, even during an arrest, is not guilty of disorderly conduct. And yet that is exactly what Gates was arrested for.

The Massachusetts statute defining "disorderly conduct" used to have a provision that made it illegal to make "unreasonable noise or offensively coarse utterance, gesture or display," or to address "abusive language to any person present." Yet the courts have interpreted that provision to violate the Massachusetts Constitution's guarantee of freedom of speech. So police cannot lawfully arrest a person for hurling abusive language at an officer.

In several cases, the courts in Massachusetts have considered whether a person is guilty of disorderly conduct for verbally abusing a police officer. In Commonwealth v. Lopiano, a 2004 decision, an appeals court held it was not disorderly conduct for a person who angrily yelled at an officer that his civil rights were being violated. In Commonwealth v. Mallahan, a decision rendered last year, an appeals court held that a person who launched into an angry, profanity-laced tirade against a police officer in front of spectators could not be convicted of disorderly conduct.

So Massachusetts law clearly provides that Gates did not commit disorderly conduct.

The Cambridge Police should be training their officers to know the difference between legal and illegal conduct. What Gates did was probably not so smart -- in general, be nice to people carrying guns -- but it wasn't disorderly conduct. At least not in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

That explains why the charges against Gates were dropped. It wasn't because the police were trying to defuse the situation. It was because Gates had done nothing illegal.

Arresting someone for doing something that isn't illegal is pretty stupid.

Then again, perhaps Obama was wrong. Maybe the police officer wasn't acting stupidly. He was just acting abusively. That is even worse."

Are You Guys F%$#king Kidding Me!

Some people are so stupid.

This guy sounds like he also says I don't believe we went to the moon and I see leprechuans and fairy's around me woohoo.

Monday, July 27, 2009

No Dog, Have "You" Read The Report?

Ok this is a response from a reader. You will notice that he almost seems arrogant, as if he is getting over on me. What he does not realize that he just goofed up.

"Ummmm...have you read the police report anthony??? I dont think you have, you may have read a few quotes posted by someone else, but i have read both officers reports. I havent found any witness reports written.

Gates report



I suggest you read it before you pop off about someone not being arrested for disorderly conduct on their private property.

What if, said property, wasnt thiers? Say they rented it? Was it on campus?

First off that home is owned by Harvard U. and rented by Gates. This wasnt mentioned in the report but can easily be found with a lil search on your part.

Secondly the campus police were there and witnessed Gates outbursts at wich you said you believe the report and his "stupidly" outbursts. They also have audio of this and it is clear Gates was the provoker and did follow the officer outside,with the officer content on leaving at this point, Gates continued blasting him with racial charged tirade and being disorderly (?on campus?) and was warned 2-3 times to stop acting disorderally according to the report. Did you know this? you would have atleast recognised sufficient warning was given...right??"

My Response!
As you read this you will see that I never covered for Gate's behavior. Bigdog(you could've also capitalized my name you know).I have read that report and dissected it. But you Bigdog, you did not read that report at least not closely.Because you just made so many mistakes(let me point them out to you). Plus I bet you that you do not understand police procedure. Because if you did, you would notice what's missing from those reports. First of all Lucia Whalen claimed she saw "some gentleman" not a black male. The 911 tapes backs her up on that claim. Which was reflected in Officer's Figueroa's report. But not Crowleys report..Why? He mentioned race by putting words in Whalen's mouth(see report). You don't lie in reports or make mistakes like that.Those are legal documents. Something else in Figueroa's report that was not in Crowley's report one was "de escalation". You see in police work if it's not in your report then it did not happen. Every street cop knows this. Crowley never exercised any level of tactical communications. It's part of the force continuum.

This is why I question that part of his account plus he lied in his report. How come you did not catch any of this Bigdog? How come when Crowley knew who Gates was he still called more cops and the campus police? He could have just left despite Gate's stupidity. How come he changed Whalen's words in the report? You see Bigdog your knowledge only goes so far, but don't feel bad. How could you have known that Crowley was the contact officer and his account would be paramount. Also I don't care that he is a profile expert appointed by a black cop. Because all that expertise did not translate into something positive that night did it? Plus whether you rent a house or own your home you can't be arrested in it unless what I layed out in that posting takes place. Its still your property. You see Bigdog does not realize how many times cops have been dispatched to rental units and have that person mouth off to them and that person does not go off to jail. So again if it was a slam dunk they would not have dropped charges. So Big dog your wrong again! You see doggy if you understood he concept of "verbal judo" or "interpersonal communication skills" then you would know that the cop is trained to be professional so the criminal is expected to be and asshole but not the cop.According to Crowley's report he did not de escalate the situation. If he did then where in the report does he say that or at least indicate it, can you answer that bigdog? And don't give me that audio recording because it has not been released yet. So who knows what's really on it. Have you heard it big dog? I bet you have not. Why have they not released it yet? Hopefully they will. Because if whats on there is truly on there it would be out there now. Got an answer for me litte dog?

Also please give me an answer to the rest of the posting of how the GOP hates cops.You were so silent on that issue. Cat got your tongue? Tell me your extent on Law Enforcement knowledge? And lets hope they release that tape you never heard.PS: I will not give you crap about your spelling. Plus please answer all these questions for me I dare you? Also readers check out that link for yourself

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From time to time I speak in Anthonese and I want my fans to learn it also so. Now when you see these words now you will know the meaning behind it.

WIMPS: Democrats-excluding Paul Begala,Carville,Obama,Clintons,Al Franken,Maddow,Olbermann and Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews.

CHUBBLE-Trouble that fat republicans cause.(eg That Limbaugh always seems to cause alot of chubble).

MENTALLY ILL: Neo Cons or anyone who watches Fox News.

REFUND GAP: Women that have a large gap between their fake breasts(Kelly Conway..etc)

JACK BAUER: Any NeoCon man with a large forehead or twentyfour head(NeoCons have this strange gay love for fictional character Jack Bauer).

SHIM:Woman who looks like a man(eg Ann Coulter)

HELMET SPECIAL: A retard(Sarah Palin or W.Bush or anyone who believes in this Obama birth certificate conspiracy)

BISSUE:Bitch with issues.

BLAST: holding someone accountable.

BUCKET SEATS: Woman with a very nice butt(also see Duffle and Backpack)

Cadirack: A really ugly person.Also see "FUGLY" Fucking ugly!

CRYTO-CAKEBOY: A secretly heterosexually identified homosexual male who hates his own kind(usually republican).

VIOLENT DRUNK: Drunk violent women(created after conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham got drunk and went over to her boyfriends house and broke out all of his windows and threatened him on the answering machine).Also see bissues.

LIQUID PANTY REMOVER(LPR):Booze! Anything that gets the panties off quickly and the party started right just ask Argentinian booty tapper and Republican Governor Mark Sanford.

More to come!

Obama Foot In Mouth Disease!

Ok, we all put our foot in our mouths all the time, just ask Bush or any neocon? Now Obama has given the lunatic fringe something to talk about with his slip of the tongue. Now the "mentally ill" will take this and run with it and its Obama's fault.
You see everything was going great until he was asked to opine about the Henry Gates issue and he started off good until he got to the "stupidly arrested" part. I knew that was going to be a problem when he said it. Ok here is my opinion on that matter.
Obama should have kept quiet about the issue. When I heard about the incident immediately I knew this was NOT! a racial issue but the "mentally ill" and the "wimps" and the media would make it one. You see, I feel both the cop and Gates over reacted that morning. Let's employ some sense of "cog"(for you racists reading this,look it up)...Gates just returned from a 16 hour flight from China(just that alone would make some people cranky. The cop was dispatched to a burglary in progress call. So he was in a intense state of mind as would any cop going on such a call. Meanwhile Gates is on the phone with the realty association letting them know of the door and that's when the cop shows up. He properly executes police procedure in requesting identification. But when he realized that Gates checked clean he should have left. Now Gates meanwhile was within his rights to ask for the officer's information. I also believe that written police reports every word about Gates reaction. But I also believe Gates when he said the cop would not give his information. And then Gates get arrested. They drop the case according to the chief because of good will. Now see obviously the chief thinks that we are all stupid or at least much watch Fox News. Because the reality of it is that the DA knew that the case would not stick in court. You can not arrest someone in their house for "disorderly conduct" because they are in their private home(you have to be on public property). Now conversely if there is a serious crime going on..drugs abuse, assaults or you believe they are a danger to themselves or others then you can arrest them.Cops go on house calls all the time and get into arguments and no one goes to jail.

See police report:

That's what "verbal judo classes is all about". Now Obama you made a "Bush error" by running your mouth and not knowing all the facts. I feel you said what you felt and as a lawyer you knew that the cops move legally was "stupid" but you should have said it in a different way. Now the right wing will jump all over this because they are racists. But I think Chris Matthews said it best when he postulated that what if the situation was reversed but with the same circumstances but the cop was black and the guy was white? What would the reaction be? I think we have the answer to this already. The Republicans love to attack law enforcement when it suits their purposes,remember Elian Gonzales and Waco and the freaky gay senator caught with his dick out in a stall in Minnesota? Hell even "convicted Watergate felon" and nutjob G Gordon Liddy called a law enforcement cops "jack booted thugs" which prompted a response from George H W Bush. So that's how the Evil one saw it. Now I turn it over to the racists so they can cull some anti-white lies out of it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Love Maddow !

This is what I am talking about. This is what happens folks when you give the facts. The racists can't respond and they are shown to be very stupid. Check out how Maddow handles that little Nazi Pat Buchanan when he went on a racial tirade on MSNBC. Remember facts are kryptonite to these fascists.

Banned Commercial!

Now this Sprite commercial was banned in Europe. I can understand why. It would be inappropiate to have shown this on tv. What was Sprite thinking? Now I have spent time in Europe and nudity is a natural part of their culture which is interesting. Now on the other hand I love this commercial and I am posting it here for your enjoyment. I mean you have this man and woman and she gets a facial of Sprite(Hell yeah)! This commercial would never run in America. We would rather have our children watching violent images instead of two consenting adults engaging in an sexual activity. Btw I don't drink alot of soda but if I do I will be drinking Sprite!

Anthony's Note: She could brush up on her technique a little bit more.What a good girl.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rightwing Nuttery!!

Okay guys here is your big chance to prove me wrong. Please explain to me what is behind the Obama birth certificate controversy? Why are you right wingers pushing this story? So let me hold your feet to the fire. They claimed a relative of Obama's claims he thinks Obama was born in Kenya(he thinks). Incidentally they also claimed that Obama's brother lived in a rundown shack and was poor (but that turned out to be a lie) Fox News still has not corrected that one. But I digress. Let us lay out the facts here. The Obama campaign a while back has produced his birth certificate proving he was born in Hawaii.

Now some may say its a reproduction(which it is)but so is mine and a lot of other peoples when you do not have an original copy. You get a official reproduction complete with the state seal. Now despite the facts that government officials,reporters(even those people from seen felt and handled and photographed the original. Now some right wingers still say its a fake and the doctor lied(see where this is going). Let me spell it out. You have to to be born in the state to get a certificate that claims you were born in that particular state. Now conversely you can get a birth certificate in any state that says you were born out of state or country. So if you were born in Kenya or China you can get a certificate from Hawaii or Kansas or California or any other state stating that you were born in Kenya or China(military families do it all the time). But you cannot be born anywhere else and get a certificate from the state you were not born in stating that you were born there. That is impossible! So you guys want us to believe that you found something that Hillary failed to find. Brangelina's kids were born in Africa but are still considered Americans btw. So here are my questions.

What credible evidence do you guys have that proves he was not born in Hawaii?

What credible evidence can you produce that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was born in Kenya?

Has there been any other cases where this has happened?

Do you want us to believe(according to your logic) that his hippy mother gave birth to him in Kenya then somehow knew he was going to run for president so secretly brought him back to Hawaii past customs without a passport or proper documentation or identification for the child(no record of the trip btw,also this is Hawaii its not like you could run across the border you know, either plane or boat)then somehow got an entire hospital staff to lie and got the government of Hawaii to lie also and produce a fake document which is a gross violation of federal law?

So whats your answer? I'm waiting!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Funny And Good Speech!

I am not a big fan of the NAACP but I love this speech. (better than Bush speech a while back see youtube)What an entrance. Oh for the racists go ahead and leave something stupid and racist for this posting. I expect it.

Chris Baker Dummy!

This Chris Baker. He is a sometime stand up comedian who used to do a talk show here in town then went to Texas. He is not that bright and he was not a right winger when he was at 710 KCMO sellout(whore) and all he does is talking points and insults as you can see here. He is also under the impression that he is funny and cool. This is him with Bernie Ward former talk show host from KGO in San francisco. Bernie kicked his ass in this interview because he did something that most people don't do stand up to these wingnuts using guts and what they fear most ...FACTS!!! Watch Chris bitch up and leave because he can't answer a question.

Anthony"s Note: Bernie Ward not long after this show. Was convicted of having and distributing child pornography in his possession and sentenced to federal prison. That piece of shit Fucker! He was studying to me a priest in seminary No Lie!

Glenn Beck..Ha Ha I Love It!

Glenn Beck you hack! I love this piece of tape folks. I beg you to listen.
I love it it this is so damn funny. This is who they really are folks.BTW he still did not answer the question.
Excerpt; from article
Nutlog Fox News Channel comedian Glenn Beck was apparently doing his radio show today, when he finally got so sick of what some caller was telling him about health care in the Netherlands that he went to his "death metal" place, angrily spitting envenomed barbs of invective back at the lady on the other line. It was crazy and growly and scary! But that was nothing! Mere seconds later, when the woman said something to the effect that Beck didn't care about people without health care, and yet he was cool with big bank bailouts, Beck somehow found a much higher level of TOTAL CRAZYSAUCE than ever before! Suddenly, Beck was emitting horrifying high-pitched shrieks, wailing, "GET OFF MY PHONE! GET OFF MY PHONE!" and a bunch of other terrifying stuff that only dogs can hear. Jeezy creezy the guy is just all messed up inside!


Of course, it's probably true that the woman had never tuned in to Beck's radio show before because, if she had, she would know that Beck really isn't a fan of the bank bailouts. She'd also know that his opinion on health care reform is basically limited to whining about that one time he went in for ass-surgery and barely survived to make a terrifying YouTube video in the style of the Blair Witch Project about how he had scary drugged-up visions that left him angry that the people who treated him at the hospital did not give him the rich-person compassion that he felt he deserved.

Anyway, Glenn Beck screaming like a cartoon mouse being stabbed in the scrotum with knitting needles is your new, terrifying ringtone. Warning: Once you listen to this clip, you can never un-listen to it.

No Difference In Bigotry!

Wow Michael Steele just when I can't believe you can't get any stupider you prove me wrong. You sure put the "fun" in dysfunctional.

For more Gop natural racist behavior click on this.

This is not right!

You know a great deal of students in school can't read or write. So you know what that means? That a majority of American kids can't even pronounce the name of the teachers they are having sex with.

excerpt: Heather Zeo, a 36-year-old married mother of three who teaches at North Penn High School in Pennsylvania, was arrested for allegedly having sex with one of her underage students. The student described how the relationship escalated from Facebook flirtations to sexual intercourse during a courtroom appearance.

Prosecutors say that Zeo engaged in a "calculated seduction" and that they "will be asking for jail time."

Zeo is also accused of having an inappropriate relationship with another underage student. She is currently out on bail. This Kid is 17 years old. In the state of Kansas 16 is the age of consent and Missouri its 17. I am so tired of these stupid laws. Lets make the age of consent one age and leave it at that. In some states its twelve years of age. I am not condoning what this women did(it's an abuse of power like when a Catholic priest does it) but please, come on, where were these ladies when I was in school? I promise them they would not have gotten in trouble. In the Vatican the age of consent is 13 years old. You know I would have gave her an apple(laced with a birth control pills from Walgreens)in my first period to ensure later they she got "her period"(know what I mean)! Lol. Btw everybody knows that in seduction everything is calculated(ask a priest) that's why its called seduction. Plus she is a math teacher, she calculates for a living. If not it would be called dating or marriage. At least give the kid a passing grade. Let the sex mean something.

This pisses me off below. They could have waited till he was older like the others.These teachers were tag teaming this thirteen year old. This is a travesty this is what I mean this is awful. Jail these women for indecent liberties with a child. But if they were at the Vatican this would be a non issue.

Fair is Fair!!

In all fairness these guys had it coming to them they were very stupid and mistreated these women.

I have seen this look in a womans eyes before!

Okay I thought these two below were funny!

The Label switcher

Psycho Chicks A Dramatzation(A Wavestation X Love Story)

Ok guys check some of these videos out. I may or may have not lived through these.BEWARE!!

I have had this happen before!

Dating Woes!


Okay Steve McNair shot to death in his sleep in his sex shack. With two bullet wounds to his head and abdomen. Girlfriend age 20 found dead with single bullet wound to the head. Boxer Arturo Gatti found dead in his sleep(see a pattern here) believed to be strangled by her purse strap. His wife aged 23 claims she was in the room with him for ten hours but never discovered he was dead(yeah right). Her purse strap had his blood on it. Official cause of death in both these cases according to police was TWO VERY PISSED OFF AND NUTTY WOMEN! See folks the moral of this story is stay the hell away from hot young crazy chicks.I know their butts were hot and it made for great pushing later but.. Now as a world reknowned relationship and marriage expert. I know that hot young psycho chicks put out the most best and interesting booty known to man. But is it really worth it once they get pissed off at ya and then do you in? Get you an older and maturer women(not Weezy Jefferson old)bang her all day and night chances are you will stay alive. Look, let Governor Sanford be your guide. His ass is still alive right? So be careful, good booty is never worth your life. Also if you have a complicated history and you fight a lot remember... never! ever ever ever ever ever ever go to sleep in her presence or if you know she could show up later. Now in McNairs case this crazy broad was actually upset that he was nailing another woman outside of her and his wife...Remember hot nice chicks(not all)can be sexy, dangerous and deadly what you thought was a nice night of intense "coochie crushing",could turn into you assuming room temperature with the quickness(don't trust a nice butt and a smile). And Gatti's wife really wanted us to believe she was in the room for ten hours and never noticed he was not breathing riiiiight!!!! As a training aid, please view the following wavestation x dramatized videos above in the next posting for your info purposes only. Also please watch the Anthony approved movies dealing with this touchy subject:

A thin line between love and hate.
Fatal Attraction(poor guy).
The Ex(Actress Yancy Butler).
Play Misty for me.
Pulp Fiction.(not a crazed chick movie,matter of fact it has nothing to do with this posting but I put it in here anyway because it was such a kick ass movie)

Anthony's Note: I bet there is some prescriptions drugs somewhere involved with these women.Damn Walgreens!!

GoodBye(Forgetting Sarah Palin)!!!

This is a pic of Palin abandoning her constituents Oops! I meant resigning.
Sarah I will so miss you how you talked so weird and you used so many run on sentences that caused you to miss so many periods, Hell I thought you were pregnant again. The fact that you support the Bush policies and your husband is a member of an organization that wants Alaska to separate from the rest of the country. Great! the recessionist and the secessionist together at last. But hey it's a woman's choice right?

ACLU. What the Right Does Not Want You To Know.

If you listen to right wing nutjob media then you would believe the ACLU hates America and god and the constitution and. but the truth is simple and that's why right wingers run in fear of the ACLU because they lie about it all the time. The only time you hear about the ACLU on right wing media is when they are moving the ten commandments off court house lawns. They know they are lying that's why they fear it. Did you know that the ACLU went to bat for christians,police officers,Sean Hannity,Oliver North,Rush Limbaugh and other organizations and people? Right wingers never believe it because they are never told the truth on their right wing statist media shows.

Despite the evidence above.Here is the simple reason why dumb right wingers hate the ACLU and lie about it all the time on talk radio the answer is simple just look below.

* Your First Amendment rights - freedom of speech, association and assembly; freedom of the press, and freedom of religion.
* Your right to equal protection under the law - protection against unlawful discrimination.
* Your right to due process - fair treatment by the government whenever the loss of your liberty or property is at stake.
* Your right to privacy - freedom from unwarranted government intrusion into your personal and private affairs.

Plus, "conservatives" (true conservatives don't seem to exist anymore) automatically hate anything branded "libral".


The Silly Reich(Right)!!

"If the court had turned down the case, and left it up to the Senate Gore would have cast the tie breaking vote. No doubt he would have voted for Bush.
You chimp now owns both wars. The new deaths on his head as well as the assbackwards tying to our troops hands."

Now please try not to laugh ok.. But the words above is an actual response from a Bush loving racist idiot who loves to post. It was in response to the I love Iran posting(see it for yourself). Can anyone make any sense of what this numbskull is talking about? Gore has not been in the Senate for years and now he refers to Obama as "Chimp" which I assume is a racial attack on his heritage. Then he criticizes the way Obama is prosecuting the war. But they never had anything to say about Bush. Folks this what I have been talking about. These guys have no leg to stand on and all they can respond with is silly racial attacks that's all they have left. You see racial bigots, your attacks on Obama and on myself is laughable. You have not once responding to any of these postings intelligently...why? Because you can't! You see, if your side actually had a message and really was smart then Bush would have left this country in better shape in which he found it. But that did not happen and the reason is simple. You guys are nutcases, you pine for a fictional character in the tv show 24. You bankrupted the country. There is no where in the world that any conservative policies or even Bush policies are working(if so name some)don't worry you can't and your time is up. Because you will not be able to. So what do you do?...Name call racially and politically and I understand that because that's the only card you stupid asses have left to play. I feel sorry for you losers. So please keep the racial stuff coming, so the smart people will have someone to talk about and laugh at..also don't bother responding intelligently to this because I already know that your not capable. So keep the chimp stuff coming its so funny. Oh btw don't forget to listen to Limabaugh that way your addled brain will know what you think and spew tomorrow..Luv ya:)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Farce Of A Hearing!

I am watching the Sotomayor hearings and I must say that I am convinced that the republicans are mentally ill. From ole cut and run Palin to Limbaugh stating the Supreme court case that over turned the Richie case in New Haven proves that Sotomayor is a racist and that it was a 9-0 decision. Now of course it was a 5-4 ruling(I won't pretend to understand right wing math)and Sotomayor was part of a three judge panel who upheld the ruling of the lower court(that's all they did). So I am watching the hearings and it dawns on me that the republicans or now known as the "mentally ill".
I mean I have looked over her record and it is impeccable. But the "mentally ill" questions only center around a statement she made in 2001 and even that was taken out of context. They are totally ignoring her record. Alito made the same kind of comment a few years back and nothing was said by the wimpy democrats. The interesting thing is that this whole thing is not news, because Sotomayor in the past was confirmed twice by some of the same people who are talking to her now. The first was by Clinton and the second when she got the federal bench gig and believe it or not this statement was never an issue.

How To Have An Affair.

Ok, Governor Sanford,you have to go away now. I am so sick and tired of hearing you wax poetically about your booty call in Argentina. Now unlike other people. I am not shocked that you right wingers are lying hypocrites and possibly mentally ill(to be explained in a later posting). But I have some rules for having a successful affair. First of all next time you leave the country do not do it on the taxpayers dime. Also tell the Lt Gov. that you have business out of town and to contact you if there are any problems. Tell your staff that your going to take some personal time. Also more importantly find out if there is a nude nature hike going on in the Appalachians before you use it as an excuse. Oh yeah don't condemn others for having an Clinton. Now if you get caught please do not admit to anything...ok! If you do admit it please do not embarrass your wife by saying your little whore in Argentina is your "soulmate" and the commence to bragging about how many other lovers you had.(Anthony's note: all booty outside marriage is perceived as good that's because as a married man all the sex and blow jobs stop(known fact). So my recommendation is to resign you ass and if you can't keep vows to your wife how do you expect to keep your word to us.

Friday, July 03, 2009

New Bitch On The Block!

This is Ron Christie. I don't like this greasy looking cockeyed little fuck. Shouldn't he be out there on a plantation somewhere,running into the house telling his master that the slaves are escaping and then tells him where they are at? I've always thought Ron Christie was a complete idiot not so much for lack of intelligence, but for the fact that he could spew GOP talking points without a care in the world as to their validity. Yes, I know that's his job, but people should beware of those who can so easily talk bullshit... but I suppose that guys like Christie have to believe what they say to a point, else not be convincing. I do have to admit however, that he has been pretty laid back over the last few weeks while waiting for the inevitable to happen on January 20th. Christie was eating crow and surprisingly taking it like a man.

And then back in January he couldn't take it anymore and just lost it. On Hardball with Chris Matthews, Christie was defending, or rather rewriting, the Bush legacy and took offense at Eric Alterman's true characterization of George W. Bush being a liar (6:35 mark).

And then incredibly, after Matthews asked him about the 2004 election and there was crosstalk asking why Bush didn't defend Kerry, a veteran who served with honor unlike Dubya himself, there Christie was in all his lazy-eyed glory defending Bush and separating him from the swiftboating of John Kerry in 2004, when he gave us this little gem:

"You name once instance where the Swift Boaters lied." (10:03 mark)

Alterman does a nice job of giving Christie an instance of a Bush lie, but by that time, Christie is on to the question of the Swift Boaters and refuses the answer, complete with grade schooler comments like "nice try" and "I'll give you an 'E' for Effort."

Ant's Guide To GOP Sex Scandals A Review.

This is a reprint of an article by Brad Reed. This is my gift to all my fans and Gop'ers. They listed Clarence "Slappy" Thomas, Bob Packwood, Gingrich, perv Mark Foley,diaper-boy David Vitter,Larry "Wide-stance" Craig, and Mark Sanford, but there were so many others.Do any of you remember Bob Livingston?
He was going to be Speaker(after Gingrich got caught)but Larry Flynt claimed he had a tape of Livingston getting whipped by his dominatrix and he promised to release the tape if Livingston didn't resign. Ha Ha, Flynt was bluffing, but Livingston didn't know that,and he resigned(freakboy)!
Plus, I remember some impeachment House Managers brought their hookers to the proceedings.

From Clarence Thomas to Mark Sanford, the definitive guide to randy Republicans

Give this to Republicans: They know how to conduct sex scandals in style.

Oh sure, Democrats have their sex scandals, but they're not nearly as interesting. For one thing, most Democrats busted in sex scandals aren't the same type of overbearing moral scolds as your average GOP politician. (The one recent exception was former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, whose work shutting down prostitution rings left him open to charges of bald hypocrisy when he was caught rendezvousing with a prostitute himself.)

Additionally, Democratic sex scandals tend to be of the more vanilla nature: affairs with campaign workers and interns are pretty standard fare as far as modern political culture goes, as are visits to high-priced call girls.

The GOP's deviants, on the other hand, have brought a wealth of oddball debaucheries to the table, from failed bathroom-stall hookups to slimy messages sent to underage congressional pages to rumored S&M diaper fantasies. So let's review the past 20 years of Republican sex scandals and rate each one on a scale of 1 to 10 based on factors such as hypocrisy, legal liability, the damage inflicted upon the perpetrators' careers and overall comedy.

1991: Clarence Thomas

To be fair, none of the allegations against Thomas could ever be proved, and most of the congressional hearings on the matter amounted to he-said-she-said testimony. Even so, Anita Hill's cringe-inducing charges that Thomas allegedly talked openly about pornographic films and pubic hair in the workplace captivated the nation. The hearings also marked the first -- and hopefully the last -- time that Orrin Hatch mentioned "Long Dong Silver" on the floor of the Senate.

Rating: 6. Thomas was confirmed as a Supreme Court justice despite the controversy, so it's not like the scandal had any lasting damage on his career. Also, there's nothing particularly funny about sexual harassment in the workplace, so this rating is only as high as it is due to Hatch's appreciation for Long Dong Silver.

1993: Sen. Bob Packwood

Interestingly, Packwood was a rare Republican who was supportive of abortion rights and was described by Boston Globe columnist Ellen Goodman as a "friend of feminism." That view changed for the worse, however, when 10 women accused him of sexual harassment or misconduct in the pages of the Washington Post. Packwood's friends tried to come to his defense, but for the most part, they ended up doing more harm than good. Ed Westerdahl, a member of the steering committee for Packwood's first Senate race in 1968, told the New York Times that we should be more forgiving of his old boss' behavior because "20 years ago, at parties, I'd see people doing much more than he's being accused of, and nobody gave it a second thought," and "the pinching, touching, feeling was considered to be friendly, not harassing." Even if we accept this preposterous premise, of course, it should be noted that the Oregon senator was also committing adultery, and I'm pretty sure there are some very old laws around describing that as a no-no as well.

Rating: 2. The lack of overt hypocrisy, and the creepiness of Packwood's advances leave this one without any innate comic value. Sex scandals are only funny if they involve consensual sex, after all.

1990s: Rep. Newt Gingrich

Now this is where things get fun.

Throughout his career, this Georgia lawmaker has been one of the biggest moral charlatans in American political discourse. While he was impeaching President Bill Clinton for lying under oath about his affair with Monica Lewinsky, Gingrich said that Clinton had shown "a level of disrespect and decadence that should appall every American" after he had reduced the office of the presidency to the "rough equivalent of the 'Jerry Springer' show." The whole time, of course, Newt was cheating on his second wife with a woman more than 20 years his younger (who would later become his third wife). And then there's the matter of his first wife, with whom Gingrich initiated a divorce while she was recovering from cancer surgery.

Rating: 7. Newt's untamed loins get high marks for their comic levels of hypocrisy. What's amazing about the guy is that he has absolutely no shame, even after being exposed as a fraud. Rather than taking a more, dare we say it, Christian approach, in not judging others lest he be judged, Newt is still going on television ranting about "a gay and secular fascism in this country" that is "a very dangerous threat to anybody who believes in traditional religion."

2006: Rep. Mark Foley

Just over one month before the 2006 midterm elections, ABC News reported that Florida Republican Foley had sent several sexually explicit e-mails to teenage congressional pages. He referred to one of the pages as "my favorite young stud" and told him that he was "never too busy" to "spank it." Foley abruptly resigned in disgrace.

Rating: 8. As I've said throughout, there's nothing funny about sexual harassment. However, this scandal rates highly because it not only doomed Foley's career, but it exposed him as an enormous hypocrite. Foley, you see, was fond of portraying himself as a defender of children. Indeed, the Washington Post reported after the scandal that Foley had "built his political career in large measure on legislative proposals meant to halt the sexual predation of children and others." Foley later explained to Time magazine that he wasn't at all hypocritical for hitting on underage pages because "There was never anywhere in those conversations where someone said, 'Stop,' or 'I'm not enjoying this,' or 'This is inappropriate.' "

2007: Sen. David Vitter

On the surface, Vitter's habit of frequenting the infamous "D.C. Madam's" alleged den of inequity doesn't seem so bad. After all, he's just another family-values-lovin' pol who cheated on his wife with prostitutes. However, the rumors flying around that Vitter liked to be dressed up in adult diapers while at the brothel are what catapult this into an "Oh-this-must-be-a-Republican" sex scandal. The fact that the Louisiana senator would later co-sponsor the so-called "Marriage Protection Amendment" with Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, (see next entry) makes this all the juicier.

Rating: 6. A solidly weird effort on Vitter's part, but the scandal so far hasn't forced him out of his Senate seat.

2007: Sen. Larry Craig

This scandal had everything: failed attempts at sex in the seediest location imaginable; fumbling mishaps with law-enforcement agents; and one of the all-time greatest coverup lies told by any politician. Admit it: When you heard that Craig had been arrested for allegedly playing footsy with a cop in an airport bathroom stall, you heard a muted trumpet in your head going, "Waaah, waaaah, waaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Craig's subsequent denial of the charges was classic as well, as he said he only rubbed the cop's foot for five minutes because he employed a "wide stance" while sitting on the toilet.

Rating: Like Spinal Tap's amplifiers, this one goes to 11.

2009: Gov. Mark Sanford

What makes this scandal so bizarre really has nothing to do with the sex itself, but rather that: (a) South Carolina Gov. Sanford flew all the way down to Argentina to see his mistress and planned to stay there for more than a week; (b) he didn't tell anyone on his staff, who proceeded to embarrass themselves by claiming that Sanford was "hiking the Appalachian trail"; and (c) he apparently didn't think anyone in the state would notice that their governor had disappeared. If he had just kept his affair closer to home, he might still be on the fast track to the 2012 GOP presidential nomination. Alas, now it seems the Republicans are going to have to go to their fallback plan of nominating Joe the Plumber.

Rating: 9. Plenty of politicians have out-of-control libidos. But few are willing to go AWOL at their jobs for over a week to satisfy them.

About Damn Time!

I love this guy. If Obama's win has pushed Fox news and their cult believers to the shaky edge then this man's victory has pushed those nutty as a fruit cake bastards over the edge and I am loving it.

With Friends Like That Who Needs Enemies!

This a pic of Donald Rumsfeld and his very good friend Saddam Husein shaking hands on a weapons deal.OK I admit it that Iran was mean to us in 1979-1980.

But Reagan/Bush partnered up with those radical terrorists and made them a secret illegal deal to hold the helpless American hostages longer than those radical terrorists wanted to hold them so
"I'll never deal with terrorists" Reagan could get the White House away from lawful Jimmy Carter. Once Reagan/Bush got in power, they gave or sold poison gas to Saddam to murder Iranians. Reagan/Bush backed Saddam the Aggressor when he invaded Iran.
Why was America in the business of helping the aggressor?

So Iraq and Iran fought to a million-dead-men draw during the eighties.
In the early nineties, Saddam asked Bush for permission to invade Kuwait then-president Bush said yes.
But as soon as Saddam invaded, Bush said, "This aggression will not stand."
Why did Daddy Bush give Saddam permission to invade Kuwait?
Because he was known as "Bush the Wimp" and he wanted to get rid of that label.

So Bush fabricated a reason to start a war in the Middle East,which angered Osama
to the point where he declared war on America,thanks to Bush the Smarter.
After militarily defeating his old partner in Gulf War 1,Bush gave Saddam permission to fly his helicopters North so he could machine-gun and gas the Kurds for their uprising which was also supported and encouraged by Bush the Smarter.

Then Bush the Dumber stole power and when in office, he told the Taliban that he wanted a pipeline through their country and when they refused, Bush told them they could have a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs.The Taliban said, "Fuck you,George," and they had Osama train his eye on a way to hurt America and the 9-11 attack was designed and financed. After 9-11, Bush the Dumber lied, claiming Saddam was involved. So Bush said, "Fuck him, we're taking him out" and sent our soldiers into the sand. Six years and 4,300 dead American soldiers later, Iraq is about to get a new government.Problem is, the government is Shia, the people Iraq fought and gassed in the eighties. Bush and America's whore media have veen crowing for years about "bringing down a dictator,"but from the Iraqis point of view, they traded a Sunni strongman of their own for a Shia strongman who gets his orders directly from the ayatollahs in Tehran.

Maybe if the Bush bastards had stayed out of the Iraq-Iran was in the eighties, Iran would've won and we'd have the same situation we have now - but those 4,300 soldiers would still be alive and the Twin Towers would still be standing and hundreds or thouasands of female American soldiers would never have been raped - but that scenario wouldn't work - and do you know why?

The Bush bastards made a profit when Iran illegally took our people hostage.
The Bush bastards made a profit when Iraq and Iran went to war.
The Bush bastards made a profit when they illegally sold weapons to both sides.
The Bush bastards made a profit when Saddam invaded Kuwait.
The Bush bastards made a profit when Saddam was defeated in 1991.
The Bush bastards made a profit when they convinced Arafat to turn down Clinton's deal.

The Bush bastards made very little profit when we had peace and prosperity under Clinton. The Bush bastards made a profit when Clinton was impeached for having a girlfriend. The Bush bastards made a profit when the press and the Whore Supreme Court installed Bush the Dumber against the will of the majority of the voters.
The Bush bastards made a profit when we were attacked on 9-11.
The Bush bastards made a profit when they blamed the attack on Saddam.
The Bush bastards made a profit when they illegally invaded the wrong country.
The Bush bastards made a profit when they sold weapons and tanks to the US military.
The Bush bastards made a profit when they refused to send enough troops to get the job done.
The Bush bastards made a profit when the Iraqi oil wells pumped for 6 years without meters. The Bush bastards made a profit when Iraqi assets were (legally) transferred to Bush.
The Bush bastards made a profit when they illegally discarded the U.S. Constitution.
The Bush bastards made a profit when Ohio's Sec of State illegally pulled a "Katherine Harris."
The Bush bastards made a profit when Bush illegally tapped everybody's phones.
The Bush bastards made a profit when Bush illegally tapped everybody's mail.
The Bush bastards made a profit when Bush illegally tapped everybody's bank accounts.
The Bush bastards made a profit when Bush illegally hired Blackwater and Halliburton with "no performance"(they get paid every when they don't deliever) contracts that nobody else had a chance to bid on..

Every major White House decision made from the day Reagan got shot in 1981 until
January 20th, 1993 was about the Bush bastards making a profit on the back of the taxpayers.


Great she is stepping down,hell even the sun shines on a dogs ass every now and then!
Palin just announced that she is stepping down from office. Kudos to her for controlling this news cycle. Now this is no shock to anyone because she was not running or going to win re-election anyway. But if your a Fox News watcher then this would warm your heart. But to a WaveXer we know better. Just listen to these lies..OOps! I mean her reasoning for stepping down. Now at first glance it seems that this is such a noble thing to do. But if you remember Palin came under fire recently because the whore media finally did their job and reported on this secessionist group that ole Todd belonged to and she gave a speech to.(let Obama had done that). Btw she never worried about what Alaskans thought of her before,so why now? Plus she is all over the place with this announcement.Its like nailing gelatin against the wall,so many different directions,very disjointed. Sounds like a beauty queen over explaining things. Now you see I in my great Evilness question ole Caribou Barbie's intentions of this quick step down. Why is she doing it so early? Don't buy into this I am doing it for Alaska crap. Something is afoot up there and Believe me we will be hearing about it real soon. Don't believe Palin,that job is for people who thinks Fox News is real journalism. She is letting a lot of conservatives down. Also I am sure this stepping down has nothing to do with that 7 million dollar book deal she has or a possible criminal investigation into Troopergate. I think this move could hurt her(lets hope so).We will watch and see.

ANTHONY'S NOTE: Governor please learn how to use prepositions and know what they mean and please work on the inflections in your voice because you sound a little awkward!Also remember this is good for Obama because the only people who like you, are extreme right wing crazies. The republicans hate you and do not want you out there being a loose cannon and screwing things up for the party. She is not mainstream and a embarrassment to them. So Sarah I believe your announcement is a mistake and please keep up the good work.I mean you have only been the Gov for 2 1/2 years so thanks for not finishing what you started. I am sure this path will help you get to the whitehouse much quickly.Bless you child!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Hi I Am Sarah And I Am Batshit!

Okay there is a new article out in Vanity Fair telling the truth about this little hypocrite over here. They claim she is mentally ill, which I can believe. I mean does she not look crazy in this pic. Does not this pic say, Hey I put the funk in dysfunctional.

The Bitch In You, You Had Me At Acquitted!

You know the other day I was listening to Rush Limbaugh and he did something that shocked me and I thought wow that was really a fair analysis. But then the next day he proved me wrong and went back to being the stupid ass I have always known him to be. It was near the end of his show and a caller called up to insult Michael Jackson and call him a pedophile. Rush responded by saying now wait a minute he beat the case he was acquitted. The woman and child were the worst people ever to make this claim. So lets remember he was found innocent. The very next day a caller called up to say(that I heard you defending Jackson and that it's not a conservative position to defend Jackson. Now of course I was not shocked at this given that it was a republican. But Rush responded by backtracking and making sure to call Jackson names like child molester All he had to do was just say ...what do you mean conservative position? This is a non partison issue. But you see these people do not care about facts it's about reveling in a sick ideology. Gosh Rush I can see the bitch in you. You see folks a neo-cons brain(translation anyone who likes Fox News and Palin)does not fire off like normal peoples. It misfires because they are seriously mentally ill.I mean come on listen to them just once and you can see the stupidity. I mean just listen to the things they say. You can't make this stuff up.