Friday, March 14, 2008

Stigall is a Gop TOOL and a race baiting FOOL.

I listened to Stigall this morning and he had this "woody" about Obama's Pastor. Now first of all, I am calling on all white guys to be honest about not wanting a so called colored boy as president. I know you are not comfortable with it and you just can't stand to not have white guys in charge. I know its in your nature to be divisive so please feel free to be open about it. I mean really I expect it from you. Now this is not meant for any progressive white guys. Now, why do I say this? Because I have heard this tape over and over again and I hear the same things...oh its racist and Obama must support it because thats his pastor and etc.... you know "guilt by association".

Its funny because Francis Semler went through almost the same thing. But Stigall has forgotten this. Now I listened to the complete tape of this preacher and I fully understood his context( Stigall did not bother to do this)Now for all of you, who has never been to a black church, this will be lost on you. He never engaged in any racial slurs. He simply in a black preacher fashion criticized American foreign policy that lead to 9/11( I can hear the blame american first crowd now just fuming) and I bet you a dollar to a doughnut that Hillary has never been called the N-word So I defy anyone to point out specifically a racial slur or anything against white people he said. He just pointed out th truth about race in this country. Now concerning Farrakhan the nut case. There is nothing wrong with religious nuts hanging out together or traveling together. They are free men and hey Ole Louie might have wanted some company.

I mean Rumsfeldt traveled and shook hands with Hussein. So hey Stigall there is some work for you to do. You have to stop this half truth attacks and actually deal with facts. I have known you for a while and you are a great guy but you have to quell the hack persona. Oh btw these same hosts said nothing when Bush campaigned at that southern college that banned race mixing. Now the only thing this accomplishes is that fearful white people now have subterfuge to talk against Obama and not sound racist. C'mon Stigall stop propagating lies your true colors are showing.