Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sensitive Culture????????? Man Up !!!!

I am so sick and tired of all of this over sensitivity playing out in this country concerning some comments said from Bob Greise and Chief's player Larry Johnson. First of all nothing should happen to these guys at all. Don't let these special interests groups tell you how to talk or what to say...I am so tired of the flack you get when someone says something unpc, the thought police comes in and wants to whip a little punishment out on them. Here is what I think of the thought and pc police......F**K YOU! I am glad that our president signed into law the Matthew Shepard hate crime bill. I do not want any homosexuals harassed at all. But this is a far cry from what Larry Johnson did,using the word fag in some tweets are not tantamount to maligning gays. I will agree it was a poor choice of words to use, but to want him severely punished for it is not right at all. I know Johnson and he is a nice guy and the only thing he should apologize for is the fact that the Chiefs suck and was duped into paying that flash in the pan Matt Cassel 57 million dollars and not purchasing a decent offensive line.(Btw the next Matt Cassel football card should be a picture of him lying on his back because that's how he usually ends up after the sack...OOPs! I meant snap. Now to Bob Greise he used a poor choice of words and should not have been suspended at all and shame on ESPN for suspending him.
Big deal he made a joke and made the taco quip(again bad choice of words) but it's hardly a Nazi comment. It was a bad joke. I mean come on basically all he did was suggest that Colombians like Mexican food. Montoya is Colombian ya know. But I digress. We need to relax a little bit in this country and not be so sensitive in this country over this crap. I mean,I know people who love to trash Nascar and say its a hillbilly sport(which might be true) but is that fair to judge nascar and make jokes about the redneck Nature of the sport just saying.......

Friday, October 16, 2009

Truth Hurts Huh !!!

Good For Her.

I am sick of this idiot. Why does anyone still gives this crazy lady the time of day.
I am glad the judge did what he did.

Libertarian No More!!

An archeological team, digging in Washington DC,
has uncovered 10,000 year old fossil remains
of what is believed to be the first Republican.

That's right! I refuse to identify as a libertarian anymore. It seems that the libertarian party has received an infestation of trashy neocon republicans. You know these people, the kind of vermin that can't be accountable for anything they do and just love to spew their racist views on talk radio and tv. Plus now they are so ashamed of being republicans that they are reduced to hiding out in other parties and calling themselves "Independents".Well I will not be part of this farce.

Readers Comment!

"To my way of thinking this case points out one camp call it individual rights and the other camp group rights. As a conservative I believe in personal rights not group rights but we seem to now be living in a society filled with collectivism. I should have every right to hire whom I want, to rent to whom I want, and to hang out with whom I want but under the current paradigm I am to be punished for acting on what I consider just, to me. The couple in question could always go somewhere else to be married though from reading of the female involved in this issue getting a degree in minority studies, whatever that means; I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy refusing them his services wasn’t being targeted much like say Rosa Parks who targeted the bus line and worked for the NAACP."

-WSX reader saying its ok to racially discriminate against people and also taking public dollars at the same time.
I have always thought that,this was the point of the whole Rosa Parks thing,that you can't take public dollars and use them to discriminate against other groups of people, which inturn overturned a bad bad law. Usually that's called democracy but the right wing calls it socialism. Hmmmm they never seem to mind it when they, the collective group are rich guys who come in and take peoples land(eminent domain or manifest destiny-texas)

I wrote back...
Well, I would usually agree with you except for some points of contention;
For one he is a public official. Two, he is paid by tax dollars.
As far as I know there is no Jim Crow law in effect down there that prevents this couple from getting married. Now your leap in logic about him being targeted was interesting,because you offer no other evidence other than her soon to be degree in minorities studies. I would have entertained that idea if she was pursuing a degree in sociology. But even if he was being targeted then he should have followed the law and married them and not discriminated against them. It's his own fault! No one cares about his narrow minded views,his job is to shut up and marry idiots who want to get married so they can lose half their shit later in court. Or he should have quit and gotten a job in the private sector. Your opinion works great if it is a private business. But imagine a cop or firefighter or doctor not helping or saving someone because they are that fair? Or can they hold public positions and still enforce their personal beliefs that discriminate against the public at large? That's bull if you agree with that last question.I think if it's a private business in a perfect world you do as you please. But he is a public official and a stupid bigot being paid by the taxpayers.There are plenty of places a bigot of his caliber can hang out at.I work in the private sector for a reason...because there are at least three groups of people I would love to discriminate against...So I do not want to hold a public position because I respect the public trust and he should have too. Stupid F**KING bigot!

Too Bad????

No need to be shocked. This is how I see it. To hell with who does not like it.Btw I think he should have been able to buy the team what's fair is fair. But his stupid mouth fixed it for him. Which is interesting considering that some of the owners are a little red in the neck and bigoted. Remember the good old days when bigots let you know who they were? Now they hide behind being birthers,deathers and tea baggers and fox news watchers and Limbaugh listeners and limousine liberals.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Its good to know that racism still exists in this world. A southern judge won't marry a interracial couple because of his stupid view of what it would do to the kids. But he says I have black people at my house and they use my toilet...oh great! Bull shit! Whether your black white or red keep your small minded opinions to yourself. I get tired of hearing these stupid comments from these bigots as if they make logical sense.
Marry who you want regardless of color and if any bigot comes to you with idiot comments like this, just know that they are insecure and this is not a valid point. It only makes sense to other bigots and racists(limbaugh listeners).

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I do not know what this had to do with that posting about black holes but maybe you guys can figure this one out for me.You can read the rest of this at the posting below in the comments section.
"I believe the issue here Anthony, isnt rather or not a black hole is described in the Bible as a black hole but what exactly is a black hole. In the bible it is mentined several times over that there is an eternal bottomless pit of wich the destroyer will reign. So let me set this up using scripture.

Rev :9:11 "They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon." note: Abaddon and Apollyon mean Destroyer.

HELL is also refered to as "sheol" and is translated "lowest pit." (Deuteronomy 32:22; Psalms 86:13) HELL is translated "pit" in (Psalms 55:15)

Abyss defined as a bottomless pit."
- -Big Dog going off the deep end and pretending to answer a scientific question but failing miserably by using useless scripture and a whole lot of imagination thinking he is being scientific.

Don't you hate it when believers pull that religion dressed up as science bullsh*t?

WHAT EVER DUDE! Your kidding me can't be serious?

Its great that people have a chance to misrepresent what I say.That was a clever twist on words on your part. And the scripture is bullcrap because its very non specific. Which I have always found interesting. I love how you Jesus people love to give this vague scripture and attribute it to god. If god is all knowing and powerful then he or she does not need to impart very vague wording in "scripture" to get his point across. In other words, I think god would have used the term "black holes" and other specifics if that was truly what he was trying to say. Why would he use vague passages to later be interpreted or misinterpreted by his followers when he could have simply have just said "black holes are out there" and used terms like "heat death"? Now I know some people may say..well that word was not invented yet. But he is god and he would have invented it if he wanted to. Bigdog please in the future please actually bring me facts and not insult me with silly useless scripture from a book of fiction such as the bible. You need the bible and accept it on faith, I on the other hand not,please do not try to compare science with the bible again.I have the feeling that when you were writing this.You really thought for a second that you were proving a point...well you didn't. What you have done is lead me to think that you are not capable of having a serious adult conversation without bringing this mystical crap up and making me think that people like you have some sort of mental disorder and very very gullible. I hardly ever criticize religion on this blog. The reason is because I respect different belief systems. But I must draw the line when someone insults my intelligence or my readers intelligence with this pointless scripture and misrepresentation.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Proud Of You Mr. President.

Why does anyone care what a bunch of neo cons or liberals and other idiots have to say about Obama's Nobel Peace Prize?. It's too soon he has not done anything yet or he is a rookie president wah wah wah.Its all crap. First of all how special could it be if De Klerk and Kissinger have won it? I mean,hell, the guy who created the peace prize also created dynamite! Obama did not seek nor ask for the award. I understand the right wing being upset.,.I mean they're stupid and I expected the liberals to say something because most of them are wimpish and are only tough to each other. The media of course are doing the only thing no know how,which is to blow it all out of proportion. Reality check! No one cares what you guys think...ok! The Nobel board made up its mind and using their own criterion(that's plural for all of you shitkicking neo cons out there)picked Obama. What we think does not matter. I just love how all these people just love tearing this guy down. Say what you want no one cares(even those hate america first neo cons). Be proud he is not Bush and be happy for him and America.Let the actual folks involved, break it down to you.

God Do I love Science. God Who?

We bombed the moon and now we find out the universe will be ending sooner than we thought. Earth will die a painful death and life will be snuffed out as we know it. I really love science. Turns out there is a massive black hole that is eating everything in the universe at a fast rate. I guess the bible forgot to mention that one huh? Hell, the universe is almost half gone. I am so glad I am a secularist,no amount of prayer or church or savior is going to help you here...Sleep Tight :)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Last Chance To Bell Curve Lover,Prove Your Point! What Do You Think This Is Fox News?

"Well, Sir, as you already know most scientists that might privately agree with some points in stated in the Bell Curve are too chicken to come out and defend such points do to the PC backlash that would be sure to come their way much like what happened to Crick. This guy got creamed by the system here. Lastly your reading skills seem lacking. I stated quite clearly that I am not a Neocon.You setup a straw man. You need to account for the dearth of blacks in the hard sciences and the dismal failure of black culture here in the states and around the world. People are beginning not to believe the old, tired excuses."
-Bell curve lover who claims he is not a neocon who obviously can't follow simple directions worth a damn and who thought this was a suitable response.

This is the response I received from the bell curve lover. As you can see,it was a pathetic response,plus he has a spelling problem and does not understand that the context in which he spelled the word "do" it should have been spelled "due".Sorry for the corrections, but it seems to me if you're advocating a form of white supremacy then you should ...umm well.... should be supreme on your sentence usage. But I will give him one more chance, please read below my response to his pathetic one.(note)There were some detractors for Watson(who is American btw) when he made that statement.Because the other scientists knew better then to just accept such a gratuitous statement with no evidence. Btw Crick was from Great Britain, you know that country which is filled with those evil capitalist hating socialists who we can't trust a word they say):)

More on the bell curve lie, go to these links:

My Response:
It is you who cannot read. I asked you very pointedly to NOT give me some rightwing rag(parapundit). It seems you can not follow simple instructions.Let me be clear on this.Your red herring went nowhere. The original question still stands.
I will not let you sneak out of it.Because you know what I know about the bell curve that the science is unconvincing. You need that book to feel superior. But to hear you talk its some great "conspiracy" of the scientific world.....Riiiight! I do not have to account for the dearth of anything or anyone. You're making these claims,the burden of proof is on the you understand me! I am familiar with Crick's statement backing up Watson(whom you did not mention)Although as a man of science I do respect their work in their respective fields of DNA and what they have accomplished,lets us remember they were not the real pioneers of DNA. Look up the name of "Rosalind Franklin". But I digress,Also it is important to note that both Crick and Watson although great scientists in their own right were not versed in the disciplines of psychology,sociology,evolutionary biology. Watson has also made interesting comments about women and aborting homosexual fetuses.He regularly made heated statements as such. So I am not shocked that you brought up Cricks statements(which you did not go into detail about)supporting Watson's comments about the African nation that shocked the the world and scientific community. I do not think these men were racist.Unlike other bell curve supporters and people who try to spin it that way. But he later explained it here:::Watson told the Associated Press:
"I cannot understand how I could have said what I am quoted as having said. To all those who have drawn the inference from my words that Africa, as a continent, is somehow genetically inferior, I can only apologize unreservedly. That is not what I meant. More importantly from my point of view, there is no scientific basis for such a belief." So my challenge still stands..either pony up or shut up and quit wasting my time with stupid racist postings.So I will ask you one last time show me proof or NOT!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Challenge To the Bell Curve Fans.

Its funny how people like you make great assumptions about me. As far as IQ, I will ignore that illogical statement. You give me five reputable scientific journals that the bell curve has been favorably reviewed in, as an exact real science. No neocon rags either and I will listen to your point of view. If you can't ,then your are just another neocon fire bomber throwing lies and platitude around. I welcome the challenge, I dare you

Monday, October 05, 2009

Dumb Quotes!

"I was talking to an Obongo supporter recently about religion and this person mentioned people living for hundreds of years, reported from the Bible. I retorted that there was no proof that people lived for hundreds of years. My antagonist then stated that Dinosaurs were fakes and created by intelligent people. I looked at this person not believing what they had just said but then I realized that I was speaking to an ignorant Obongo voter. I asked this person if they had ever went fossil hunting since I had done so in HS when this person said, “I went to a black school.”

It is amusing to me that a super majority of black people who voted for Obongo are religious nuts.
-Fascist dog neo con totally unaware he is full of shit and pretending that the right wing are rational and Palin is a Genius.

Get A Life.

Hey neo cons, when you respond to me, please do so by actually refuting what Grayson is saying and not sending me stupid links of bell curve sites that is not backed up in any world reputable scientific journals? This is why your side is seen as a bunch of idiots. Now you guys will not believe the comment I just read,a neo con actually sent me a comment that actually read that religious nut cases backed Obama.I guess Palin and McCain's nutcase witchcraft priests don't matter huh?. Plus also all of a sudden they care about troop deaths. These fascist dogs are a joke and change their opinions whenever the wind blows. Read the stupid comments at your leisure. I find this so funny.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Sign Says It All.


HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA This is soooo funny. Guess what, who is really shocked?

Friday, October 02, 2009

Watch Carefully!


I am loving this guy, what balls. He is saying everything I have ever said about he dummy right knuckle draggers.. I am glad he is not apologizing to anyone. It's ok for repubs to lie, but when this guy tells the truth the repubs throw a hissy fit. They sure do not like a fair fight or someone who fights back do they. Keep up the fight Grayson, to hell with this bi partisen crap. I am going to send a nice check to his office in support. Keep up the bitch slapping.

Thank You Thank You, I Am So Damn Happy !!



This how you do it folks. Just list the facts and the republicans heads explode.
They hate the truth because they are so used to lying so much. I nearly had to go to the hospital and get oxygen when I saw this, I almost passed out.. A democrat fighting back..unheard of. But here it was Alan Grayson told the truth. Of course the hypocrites want an apology. Isn't it interesting how they always want an apology but they never apologize for anything? Hell Wilson has still not apologized to the house yet. Grayson told them to go to hell.Good for him. Now this, I hope is a trend. Click on the link in title. I want republicans upset and confused(its not difficult at all).

"It’s my duty and pride tonight to be able to announce exactly what the Republicans plan to do for health care in America… It’s a very simple plan. Here it is. The Republican health care plan for America: “don’t get sick.” If you have insurance don’t get sick, if you don’t have insurance, don’t get sick; if you’re sick, don’t get sick. Just don’t get sick. … If you do get sick America, the Republican health care plan is this: “die quickly.”
-Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Big Ass balls-FL) telling the GOP to go get fucked.