Tuesday, March 10, 2009



Sweet Bitch!

Michael Steele shame on you for bending over for Limbaugh. You had it right the first time when you called him an entertainer. He calls himself that. Now you turn bitch when he criticizes you on radio. What kind of Steppin Fetchit shit is that? Look sweet bitch you need to stand up and be a man and have the courage of your convictions. You are the head of the party not Limbaugh! I just lost a lot of respect for you. Now go back and earn your respect from that idiot. I am telling you, that if all Obama has to deal with is your bitch ass and Palin and Jindal and Limbaugh then he will skate into 2012. Keep up the good work.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Slum Dog Governor!!!!!

Did anyone catch Bobby Jindal(R-Slumdog governor). Boy he really sucked. Now keep in mind I actually like Jindal, but when you suck you suck. Plus, Bobby, the Katrina reference.....bad move buddy bad move. Now the funny part is how the GOP responded. These people claim that they believe in personal responsibility and all that other crap. But when the chips are down they never demonstrate or really mean those values. They have no credibility. Well, they all claim that since Obama is a master speaker that Jindal's speech paled in comparison....oh please you mean to tell me that if Obama had not spoken that Jindal would have came off great? These people love to make remarks about how Obama reads off prompter(who does not read off a prompter).
But meanwhile Bush mangled the language(you see they know they are full of shit and are liars but they are so dumb they do not know the rest of us are on to them yet.
All I know is that I would love to see Jindal/Palin.....The Slumdog governors 2012.


Okay so much has been going on lately...the repubs are being who they have always been
(pretty much worthless).Mucho props to Obama for not having federal agents busting marijuana clinics anymore. I am glad that some grown ups realized that this practice was unnecessary and has stopped letting religious nuts dictating our public policy. Some white conservatives are still not comfortable with a darkie as president..so now they are resorting to passive racist name calling. For instance they love to call Obama..."arrogant". They even stress it all the time. But Bush and Cheney were arrogant. The way their administration was ran was arrogant. But nooo only Barack is arrogant. Translation "Arrogant" is the new "Uppity" So when you hear a republican say that Obama's arrogant..what they are really mean is "uppity nigger"! Don't be fooled by Limbaugh and his ilk, this is what they mean. Because if it was just a matter of arrogance then they would have said the dame thing about Bush.....but they did not did they?