Monday, November 28, 2005

Never trust a politician!

Okay folks elections are coming up and watch how these democrats and republicans start to lie to you. Remember politicians only seem to care about you during election time.
The democrats voted for invasion because it was an election year and they did not want to seem soft on terror(never forget that). It was a pragmatic vote. So take care and listen to the show tonight.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

To Catch a Thief !

Halliburton Co. repaid $8.6 million to pension holders in 2003 and 2004 for failing to properly fund the plans
and for a bookkeeping error, according to a letter from the Labor Department. The Labor Department closed
its investigation into the pension violations after the payments were made.

"Because you have taken the corrective actions ... the Department will take no further action," Roger Hilburn,
regional director for the Labor Department said in the letter, which cited several potential legal violations by the company.
The Houston-based company said once the errors were discovered, it moved to cover the payments.

When the crooked president and VP are your partners, when you get caught stealing millions,
you just have to say, "My bad" and return some of the money and everything is cool as hell.
But if you're poor, and you get caught stealing a turkey for your family to eat, you do hard time. Goddamn Bastards!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Targets My Ass!!

This entry is from John Tackett.

We live in a free society that has a free press,free speech and the right
to have a exchange of ideas including ideas that can be disturbing.

That statement is lost on E.Dean Gall who think the Abu Ghraib photo's
shouldn't be release because it would make targets of american
soldiers like thier loved one.

I have some news for the Gall's. Your son is a target because he was sent by
the President of the United States to a country that had nothing
to do with 9/11. What happen in Abu Ghraib is already news!!!!! in the
world. Your son is a target because he wears the uniform of a U.S.
Soldier who is part of a occupation force in another country that borders
weren't closed so more insurgents have come into Iraq to add to
Iraq's who don't want your son there. (that makes him a target).

Your son is defending also the right to disagree with the goverment when
the citizens feel that a policy is wrong. ( I thank him and all soldiers
for that right.)

The ACLU isn't to blame if a soldier dies in Iraq or Afganistan. Our
responsibility as citizens is to hold the goverment accountable for
what it does and to make sure that our politicans are accountable to the
truth. When we don't do that we get people like George Bush
leading us...

The World Needs To Hold A Big Cocktail Party!!

Random Thoughts From Sidekick Extraodinare
Episode Three: From John Tackett

Hi Gang,

1) The Senate voted 90-9 to ban the use of torture in trying to interogate
non combatants. One of the sponsors of this vote was John MCcain a POW and torture victim during the Vietnam War. Our VP (The Real
President) was lobbying senators a last week to vote against the measure.
Gee he even talked to Sen. MCcain about the pluses of torture. (Well he
found 9 idiots to go with him) Gee I would have loved to been in the room
when the VP made his pitch to John MCCain... ("WHAT A REAL MOMENT OF ZEN")

2) Senator Maria Cantwell (D) from Washington want to have the big oil
executives sworn in for the hearings on the price fixing on the oil prices.
Well Senator Ted Stevens (R) from Alaska had a real "hissy fit"
about this. Question: WHY?????? What is the big oil boys trying to hide
from us??? If you are one of the morons (and there are a bunch,examples:
Jerry Agar on 980 KMBZ and any "AYN RAND dumb*&^) then you are a real KOOLAID DRINKING MORON!!!!!!!

3) Can someone please explain to me why Pat "Marion" Robertson is a
important figure???? (Marion is Robertson's real name and he isn't
licensed as a minister) This guy makes more over the top statements
then Ann Coulter .This moron said that the folks of Dover Pa.should not be surprised if God rejects them because of the vote they made rejecting the morons who want (ID) taught in a science setting.(Gee those voices that Marion hears in
his head well if they are God maybe one of these days God will want Marion
to come home by using his own means..)

4) To the Vets out in the Blog Thanks guys and girls for what you did
for this country and go and join the rest of us in having one big cocktail
cause the stupid people are running the country and I got my U.S.
flag turned upside down cause we are under seige not by the terrorist

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sean Hannity Is A Trick Bitch!!

Sean Hannity(R-Insane Lying Whore)always likes to repeat this lie over and over again you know the lie...... "If the democrats were in power mass graves would still be filled and the rape and tortures rooms would still go on"....really dumbass let me count the ways. In 1988 Saddam gassed the Kurds and America sold him even more weapons of mass destruction Oh yeah by the way he threw the bodies in "MASS GRAVES" the same mass graves that he used has a lie Oops! I mean reason to go into the country to invade! America helped Saddam cover it up. Which could go to explain why Saddam is being charged with pre 1983-88 crimes and not anything having to do with 9-11(interesting). In 1983 he killed Iranians and Reagan sent Donald Rumsfeld to ensure Iraqi/American relations and of course we sold him more weapons(Anthony say it ain't so). Its so! So basically I am am refuting Sean Hannity's ASSertions to prove that under two Republican adminstrations that rape and torture rooms went on and mass graves were filled(Damn I am good) and they did not bat and eye. Now all of a sudden they care about the goings on 17 years later.What! And do not give me this Clinton thought so to crap. The next time some crippled bitch neo-monkey slithers up to you and says that. You respond by saying... Well here is the TRUTH on that one.

This claim, while accurate, is completely irrelevant to the question of whether Bush lied us to war. What follows are a few of the things Clinton and Democrats didn’t say in the run-up to war. Yet these are claims—starting in the fall of 02—which took us to war in Iraq:

1) President Clinton didn’t say: That Saddam could have a nuke within six months. That was the statement of Vice President Cheney—and it contradicted the state of the intelligence.

2) President Clinton didn’t say: That there was only one use for those aluminum tubes—that the tubes could only be used in nukes. That statement was made by Condoleezza Rice. It contradicted the state of the intelligence.

3) President Clinton didn’t say: That Iraq had unmanned aerial vehicles which it “could deliver biological weapons to its neighbors or, if transported, to other countries including the United States.” That clownish claim was made by Colin Powell in his presentation before the UN—the presentation which ended debate about the war. (In Plan of Attack, Bob Woodward drew a devastating picture of the way Powell assembled this report. Liberal elites ignored it, though. Reading books is just too gosh-darn hard.)

4) President Clinton didn’t say: That Iraq could fire up its chemical and biological weapons within 45 minutes. That was President Bush, in September 2002—making the statement which George Tenet derided as “the 45-minute shit.” President Clinton wasn’t talking this “shit;” it was Bush who was talking it. (In Plan of Attack, Bob Woodward describes Tenet ridiculing Bush’s statement this way. Liberal elites ignored it.)

5) President Clinton didn’t say: That Saddam was seeking uranium from Africa. Whatever you’ve decided about this claim—we’d say it played an extremely small role in the run-up to war—it wasn’t Bill Clinton who made it.

6) And, of course, President Clinton didn’t say: That Iraq was involved in September 11. That was the Bush team, over and over. The claim was made to build the impression that Saddam was inclined to attack us. With those UAVs, for example. In as little as forty-five minutes.

The concept here isn’t all that tough. Yes, most people did believe that Iraq would have chemical or biological weapons. We’d assume that the Bush Admin actually thought this too.
But chemical and biological weapons weren’t a threat to the United States—so the Bush Admin began to pimp the idea that Saddam might also have nukes. The heavy pimping of the nukes began in August 2002—driven by blatant misstatements by Cheney, Rice and Bush, not by Clinton. At the same time, we heard that Saddam’s UAVs could deliver chem and bio to this country—and we heard that Saddam would surely do so if he could. (Just look at his role in September 11!) Bill Clinton didn’t say these things—these things were said by Bush/Cheney/Rice. And these were the claims, in the fall of 02, which actually took the nation to war. The claim that Saddam had WMD was not the claim which took us to war. It was the claims we’ve listed above—claims which were not made by Clinton.

Psuedo-Con Monkeys!

I am so tired of these liars in the "coporate media" but the good thing about it is that these media monkeys are starting to see the Bushies for the incompetent f**ks they are. The decision to invade Iraq has made the world less safe. Look at the wreckage left behind by the bombing of those hotels in Jordan last week. The perpetrators were not hardened al Qaeda veterans who learned to fight
in the Hindu Kush by killing Russians on behalf of the Reagan administration. The perpetrators were all Iraqis.
Mr. Bush's misbegotten adventure in Iraq has left the nest, and is spreading out into the wider world. The decision by Bush to use wildly questionable sources in order to scare the American people into supporting
the war has been a great aid and comfort to those who now kill American soldiers so far from home.
In other words, did Bush do exactly, precisely what Osama bin Laden wanted him to?

There's no doubt that Bush handled all of this in exactly the wrong way.
After 9-11, love for America poured in from around the globe and Osama was universally hated.
Three years later, Osama and Al Qaeda are stronger than ever and America is universally despised.
Only one man had the power to make Osama a world player and Bush played his part perfectly,
this is if you're Osama trying to prove that America is a sex-obsessed land of Arab-hating torturers.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Kick'em In The Dick!

Hey this is what happens when stupid people collectively get together and screw up!

In March, 2003, Bush, in perhaps the greatest strategic blunder in U.S. history, invaded an Arab nation that had not
attacked us, did not want war with us, and did not threaten us—to strip it of weapons we now know it did not have.
Result: Shia and Kurds have been liberated from Saddam, but Iran has a new ally in southern Iraq, Osama has a
new base camp in the Sunni Triangle, the Arab and Islamic world have been radicalized against the United States,
and copy-cat killers of Al Qaida have been targeting our remaining allies in Europe and the Middle East: Spain, Britain,
Egypt and Jordan.
And, lest we forget, 2055 Americans are dead and Walter Reed is filling up.

Thanks Mr. Bush and President Cheney.

Suffer No Fools Gladly!

Recently I engaged in a debate with someone who I thought at the time knew what they were talking about. Well, that was not the case. This guy was so dense and stupid that I should have disengaged at the sight of the red flag but I did not. This dumbf**k actually said that "scientific theory" and "theory" (used in common parlance) are one and the same. Oh why did his mom not go to the local abortion doctor for a session.

Well he is also a neo-con..... surprised? Here is some interesting reading I think you will like.

It is increasingly apparent that there is an important ideological conflict going on in the modern
conservative movement between supporters of increased state power and supporters of limited government.

The conflict pits the Bush Republicans against traditional conservatives. While both groups give lip service
to the term limited government and use the same “conservative” label, they are very different creatures.
The Bush Republicans advocate a “neo-con” approach to state power that critics fear is a potential creeping
fascist ideology disguised as conservatism. Secret prisons, torture and unlimited detention in prisons without trial
are all examples of policies supported by the Bush Republican that outrage both traditional conservatives and civil libertarians.
Traditional conservatives rely on the rule of law instead of personal rule by a strong leader or leadership group.
The Bush Republicans seem to believe that anything the Bush Administration wants to do should be permitted
because they claim that they should be trusted not to abuse the power of their offices.
Traditional conservatives believe that the system of checks and balances should be strong enough to survive good
or bad White House or Congressional leaders. The Bush Republicans seem to view the checks and balances system
devised by our Founding Fathers as obstacles to imposing their views on our government and nation.

Most Americams - 57 percent - said they think Bush is a dishonest bastard.
Just over four in 10 say Bush is honest. Whites, Southerners, evangelicals, racial bigots,
the uneducated and the religiously-insane, were most likely to believe Bush is honest.
Bush, who promised "honor and integrity," has ordered his entire staff to attend ethics classes in an
attempt to fool the blind and the stupid into thinking he's clean, but his staff is full of treasonous traitors.
The president gets credit from a majority for being strong and decisive, but he's also known for
getting everything completely f-ing wrong, so his stubbornness is dragging the country down with him.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Whose been smoking Crack?

Well it seems that the Kansas Board adopted those new scientific standards guaranteeing
that we in Colonial Kansas are moving backwards. Wow how I long to have gutsey people like in Dover Delaware that told their little bible thumpers to fuck off and ran their stupid asses off the board on a rail! And then Pat Roberston(R-Lying Crazy Fucker) responded by telling these people that god basically does not like them so do not call on him. This idiots should be ran out of town on a rail we need to be more aggressive when it comes to these bottom feeders. I like these quotes. In a nutshell
fellow freethinkers remember this.

"All we are is dust in the wind."
- Kansas

"Gravity isn't real and dinosaurs are dragons from Hell."
- The Other Kansas

If Katrina and Iraq woke-up a politically sleepy nation to the horrors of neocon rule,
let us hope what Kansas has done to their children exposes the extreme danger of the Rapture Right.

In a 6-4 ruling on Tuesday, the Kansas School Board has paved the way for Creationism to be taught,
not in a comparative religion class, but as hard science.

Science is the study of the Natural World. Creationism is the study of the Supernatural World.

The US is chronically embarrassed by our pathetic math and science ranking in the world.
More and more of our postgraduate research slots are being awarded to foreign students for lack of
qualified or interested Americans. And as we enter the "century of biology," we are condemning
ourselves to myth and magic while other nations simply pass us by.

Although, there are some signs of hope. Also on Tuesday, the people of Pennsylvania
sent all the Flat-Earth freaks on their school board packing.

Get involved, stay informed and do the right thing even when no one is looking.
We get but one chance to raise our kids.

"Sixty four percent of Americans think Dumb Bush is doing a bad job,
The other 34 percent think Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs to Church."

That's as funny as it is scary.

The only people who still trust Bush are the religiously insane.
Even the greedy oil billionaires probably wish Bush was smart enough to help those poor people
who died in New Orleans, but then again, it was only about 1,000 - and they were poor and black
- so who cares, right?

Saturday, November 05, 2005


My sister Kim lives in Colorado. She is a wonderful human being and I would say that even if she was not related to me(Big Daddy). So why am I talking about my sister Kim you may ask? Let me put it to you this way,we have political conversations and the more we talk the more I come to really believe she is a closet republican. Now keep in mind there is nothing wrong in my mind with being a republican closeted or otherwise. Here is what I find fascinating about her. She hates Limbaugh(rightfully so) and Hannity(no brainer)but LOVES Bill O'Reilly. What???? Plus she voted for Bush. I mean although she voted for the talking coke monkey I can forgive her for that. But O'Reilly I mean come on. But she is steadfast in her support for O'Reilly and here is the worse part when she is defending her man O'reilly she does it in an intelligent,direct, lucid, almost ireverent way and we she talks about the liberal media reminds me of someone else I know............Me! I always thought I was one of kind but I be damned there is another voice out there who is just as stubborn,irreverent,verbose, and sounds just like me.

Lets pray that my sister does not get her own radio show I would hate the competition.

Friday, November 04, 2005


Hey guys I just talked with Professor W just a few minutes ago.
He will return to the show on mon for a few weeks until the Christmas holidays then he leaves for Costa Rica for 6 months to help his family.We will cover everything that happened politically in the last few months. Believe me you do not want to miss this weeks Wavestation X.

Things that make you go, Hmmmm?

I will add this regularly to the blog. These are just thinkoids that will enrich your world knowledge. Its also a promise I made to the late Steve Allen when I last met with him in New York circa 1995. Get his Book "Dumbth and 81 Ways To Make Americans Smarter".

"Did you know that intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair."

(No Bush jokes here lol)

To All Republicans.....(Bitch Better Have My Money!)

Hey Folks although I have never been a Democrat. I must say that Harry Reid has been kicking Republican ass(which is always a good thing). So I want all you WSX listeners to call Harry Reid's DC office and tell him or his staff that he is doing a great job! Also tell them their boss's pimp hand is strong.
It's about damn time a Democrat showed some balls and bitch slaps those Neo-Con Republican bitches.
The Republicans are going to try to destroy Reid over this.
- Reid's phone number: (202) 224-3542.

Bill Maher made a good point on his last show when he said the following.

"The Party of Fascists investigated Clinton to see if he got Monica a job.
Horrors! The President tried to get a girl a job at Revlon?
So what does Bush do?
He tries to give his secretary a lifetime job on the Supreme Court - and that's

These Ballsy Politcians!

Wow these Democrats have the Republicans crying like bitches with the nomination delay with the Supreme Court and the closed door Senate meetings. I am loving every minute of this. I expected for these Republicans to name call and lie their way outta this and they are. Michelle Malkin(R- Lying Bitch)wrote a new book. This woman needs to crawl up somewhere and take her medicine. Hey back to the crybabies here is a quote from Bill Frist concerning this closed session. Check out the link read it and enjoy it. And believe me President Katrina and Roves problems are not over yet. Oh by the way Bush's polls numbers are at 37% the lowest of his fake presidency. Now do not let lying Rush tell you any different. Talk at cha later!

"The Senate has been hijacked by the Democratic leadership! Never, have I been slapped in the face with such an affront to the leadership of this grand institution. They have no conviction. They have no principles. They have no ideas. This is a pure stunt. This is an affront to me personally. It's an affront to our leadership. It's an affront to the United States! Harrump, harrump, harrump[, harrump ...for the next year and a half, I can't trust Senator Reid."

-- Crybaby Billy Frist, throwing a tantrum because Harry Reid grew a pair of balls.

"Random Thoughts From A Sidekick"

1) Rosa Parks passed away last week(10/24 to 10/28) "God Bless You
Ms. Parks and Thank You."


(Warning: If you are a neo/conservative or just a
blind BUSH loving moron you just won't like this part)

Valarie Flame who is the wife of Joe Wilson was
outed by someone in the Bush administration. That damage put her life,her
family and various contacts that she made in danger. She
was working on gathering info on WMD's so that (Mushroom Cloud don't happen
in a american city..) Ms. Flame hadn't told anyone
either in her family,friends that she was a spy. (check out Patrick
Fitzgerald's press confrence on Fri 10/28/2005..) Robert Novak

also ran a story that leaked the dummy CIA created company that Flame was using to use as cover for her work. Other agents was using that same company to provide another layer of cover for them so that is out there too. Oh Ms. Flame was working on

gathering intel for WMD's and Nuclear purchases from other countries and
the bad guys
MORAL OF THE STORY: We have heard a lot of things
about Joe Wilson's claims and the fact that he was lying and pumping
his own self up. But lets keep our focus on what is going on that someone
outed a CIA agent because
they didn't like what her husband said about this governments plans to
sending troops to Iraq. Sorry I
take TREASON a little bit SERIOUSLY.......................

3) I Love Jon Stewart and Steve Colbert work on the fake
news shows (THE DAILY SHOW and THE COLBERT REPORT). They are keeping me sane and is putting the news media on notice by making fun of them. Steve Colbert makes fun of Bill O'Reilly trife he does on Fox News and his radio show.

4) Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram,Mike Savage, Rush
Limbaugh,Ann Coulter ( 5 reasons why abortion should be legal....)