Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Thank you Samantha Bee. Man. I  wish the lying Trump loving media whores would listen to this brilliant woman. She lays it out exactly as it should be told. Thank you Samantha. I so agree with Samantha,facts without context can be just as bad as lies.


If these people cannot see that Trump is the dimwitted and unwittingly helpful agent of Russian's KGB,then what is he? Putin wants him in office. What is wrong with America? Are we that stupid??? Don't answer that .
What does this say about us as a country that this racist bigoted idiot even has a shot?


This man attacked this grieving family.


Look, this one is easy, just know that you can turn on the tv or talk to some of your friends or family or hell strike up a conversation with the right stranger or turn on your social media to discover how true this one is.



 Sometimes I marvel at the stupidity of people sometimes. Normally, I find it in political circles. This time I find it in the entertainment circles. This poorly guided idiot young man called Lil Wayne( who is a pretty good rapper)made the statement that there is no more racism.....why you may ask? Because whites attends his concerts. I will just let that sink in for awhile. I have always said about tunnel vision.......when you are a hammer, all of your problems look like nails.

Sunday, September 11, 2016


Look, Let me first say that I am a political independent. I am also a former Republican who got smart years ago. Now with that said, I always seem to end up hurting a lot of Repubs feelings with this blog( I don't really care, Fuck'em) all the time(very sensitive people). I get asked ,why do you always attack repubs on this site? The answer is very easy....because they do and say so many stupid ,dumb and crazy things that they make it so easy. I don't hate all repubs, I just criticize the crazy dumb ones. I criticize the Obama and the Dems all the time(when they say or do something crazy,which is not very often). I can honestly say after years of covering these,the Neo Cons and Alt- Right jerks that they have proven themselves to be racist and stupid and crazy and also throw in some regular Repubs(like Ryan) who has sold his soul and whored himself out to Trump( Putin's butt boy). No matter what Trump does or says, Ryan and the gang backs him up 100 percent,no matter what!. If Obama had said a tenth of what Trump does or says, the lying flymonkey right would be on his ass quick. But silent when it comes to Trump or other repubs( no prompter jokes either btw). So now that we know that these guys are stupid and have no integrity, you can understand why now how come they cannot be trusted to govern. Today we remember the horror of  911. That terrible dark day when George Bush dropped the ball and kept us unsafe(despite the Hart Rudman brief findings given to his security team) and in addition never bothered reading( I strongly suspect) his PDB's(Presidential Daily Briefings) prepared each morning by the CIA. Gosh Anthony how could you say such a thing about Bush? How dare you? How do you know this? Well let me tell you. Bush's exact words to the 911committee whom he lied to testified( not under oath btw) to the committee that they tried to defund(google it). That when the first plane hit he thought it was an accident. I thought that same thing too. Bill O'reilly(R-ass grabber bigot) confirmed that same thing too. Here is the problem..George Tenet (former  CIA director) the man that prepares the briefing stated that he was eating at a local hotel and knew from the first hit that it was a terror attack . Now its ok for us(even O'reilly) to assume that also,because we do not have access to the PDB. But Bush did and came to the same conclusion that I did. How is that possible if he is reading the security briefings? The guy who wrote it came to the right conclusion and the man who should have read it came to the same exact conclusion as a civilian...interesting. Now they are trying to foist an imbecelic idiot racist bigot( who hates to read just like Bush) upon America,who has no idea of anything and is a serial liar and sociopath and fellates Putin any chance he gets. Btw the way Putin never called him brilliant in the sense that Trump thinks he did. Just like the bible it got lost in translation(what a fucking dumbass). When will America wake the fuck up ?

Putin never complimented Trump.

See my point?

Of course Fox News has to lie about it again