Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Want To Commit A Crime In Arkansas And You Should Too!

Ok I think this woman is lying and she knew about the ethics policy. I also believe she told her superiors about the shoot. She is a deputy sheriff working in a jail and she must conduct herself as a deputy and with a modicum of respect.By doing this she has compromised her authority in the jail. With that said I think she still keep posing nude and quit her job...Keep up the good work :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Stewart explained this better than I could. The headlines should read..Lying BP ruins Gulf of Mexico and thousands of American lives with it and Republicans APOLOGIZE to them! But watch the Dems miss this opportunity also.

Sarah Palin's America!

I am sorry but just look at these people in the eyes and tell me that they are not misguided and vacant in their stares. The is what Palin gives us folks....Wingnuttery and ignorance. Look how they they think they are spewing facts and then watch their response when they hear facts. I feel sorry for these people. Remember this is the same woman who cannot name a book or newspaper she read.....NOT ONE! Then later claimed she was ambushed with that question.Hard to answer when you don't read!

Gosh This Is Soo Very Funny!

I thought this was hilarious... And if any of you sensitive people do not like this posting wellll F**k You!I know some of you anti-choice zealots and some of you liberal ribbon wearers won't like this. But people do not have a sense of humor but come on you have to admit this is creative and funny. Nothing like some good healthy abortion jokes. I mean whats a little scrape between friends? :) I used to joke on the show about picking up dates at abortion clinics because you know they are having sex. Or go to abortion clinics with a pool table in it that way you can play the doctor or a patron and make your money back.Lol..Now this video takes the cake I love it:)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Love This Game!

Click on Link

This is my kind of soccer game. Hot chicks painted up and bouncing :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thank You Jon.


I am so sick of the whore media picking on this guy Alvin Greene. Yeah I think he seems not too bright. But the way the whore media and the dems are reacting to this is so laughable. I mean they claim he is a republican plant....could be... I don't know, anything is possible. Now I love to beat up on repubs anytime I can but I so far just do not see any of their handiwork present. But thanks you Jon Stewart for summing this up for me.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Just Some Thoughts???

Look I have never been a 9-11 buff. I do not believe that Bush planned it or knew about it in advance. But I do have some genuine questions about Alqaida and building 7. Now there are witnesses who claimed they heard explosions..ok maybe they did or maybe they did not. But I must admit the collapse of building 7 looks like it could be a controlled demolition....just saying. Just look at the videos of other controlled implosions vs a building collapse and decide for yourself. Because if it was structural damage then why did it fall like that? It was never hit by anything and how how come no other buildings near it collapsed also? Can someone find me footage of collapses that mimic building 7. Then if it was a controlled demolition then that means that the explosives were placed there in advance which gives the 9-11 people conspiracy ammo. Check out the videos below. Also if Alqaida was blamed for 9-11 how come Osama and Al-qaida are not charged by the justice dept for the 9-11 crime.It's been nine years. They claim indictments for 9-11 may come down. check out the FBI website yourself.(Click on the title link) They are charged with everything else under the sun....except 9-11.

Other Collapses.

Why Am I Not Shocked!

Well this link explains why in the hell we stayed in Afghanistan for so long. Despite the criticism. So now I see why Bush and Obama stayed in this stupid country..because of rich mineral deposits.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

How To Handle A Palinista!!!

Okay folks this is how you properly handle a idiot who is just begging to made an example of. This is our beloved bigdog. He is not necessarily the smartest when it comes to politics but we love him anyway. The following are postings that bigdog sent to me and the afterwards you will see my proper responses to such a dumbass. He actually thinks I care what a local talk show host cares about what I say on my site. There are at least six years of blogging on this site and for anyone to think I am a liberal or conservative is inaccurate. Please after this posting please I beg you don't be a "bigdog". Be smarter than that.

"Pussy i did challenge your Bullshit. How come you didnt post my rebutal?
Coward!!! Yeh i know you read what i posted in rebutal.
Read this!! Maybe i should link your racist posts to Darla Jay and expose you for who you are. She wouldnt recognise her favorite cousin Tony. Dont think i wont do it either."
-bigdog(yep bad spelling and punctuation,syntax and all)threatening me and pretending that I care what a local talk show hosts thinks.

"Big dog I have one word for you.SO WHAT! KNOCK YOURSELF OUT FATBOY. Do what ever you need to do. I will not let some twobit psuedo intellectual like you black mail me ...FUCK OFF!"- My proper response to such an idiotic message.

"Its not blackmail and your still a coward. You not posting my rebutal proves you are a coward. You made the challenge and i delivered one and you didnt do your part and post it. You say SO WHAT!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! typical dumbass lib. Guess the truth hurt your highjacked opinion from someone else. FATBOY?? pot calling the kettle chubs!! Read this!!! Consider it done and believe me its all about timing."-bigdog pretending he does not suffer from a disorder"head up his ass syndrome" or "rectus cranium inversion" and thinks that everyone who disagrees with him is a liberal.

"First of all..I have lost I am a trim 260lbs....How much have you lost? (its just like you to go off halfcocked on bad information huh) Also that opinion was not high jacked I placed the link as you saw. Also I have no problem putting the opposition on this site and the truth is I have a lot of things to post and I just have not got to yours yet. But your response calling me names I will not tolerate that. You are impatient. So call Darla, link it to Darla...Hell go recreate the site live in her studio. I like Darla but she does not run me or my opinions or my site and your just idiotic if you think your little threat means anything to me....I DONT CARE! Knock your self out. Telling Darla means nothing in the big picture for me at all..except make you content so since I am a nice guy I give you permission to do it. I can use the publicity.........Btw you think everyone who disagrees with you is a liberal so go FUCK OFF and thanks for reading :)"
- Anthony's brilliant response again. :)

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Oh Hell This Is Funny!

I did not write this, but I loved it so much that this is the third time I reposted it.

The Tattlesnake — You Might Be a Neocon If… Edition By RS Janes
With a hat tip to Jeff Foxworthy, it’s time to play:You Might Be a Neocon
If…… you believe Bush and Cheney are moral men with your best interests at heart…. you believe Bush’s press secretary Dana Perino (or any Bush press secretary in the past) is actually telling you the unvarnished truth…. you don’t want to pay a dime for national health care, yet expect a taxpayer-funded emergency room to treat you immediately after you’ve had an accident… you think Bush is right even when he’s proven wrong, again and again.… you think Karl Rove is a great historian…. you think there actually is a War on Christmas outside of Bill O’Reilly’s head…. you think Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 911″ is a pack of lies from start to finish, yet you’ve never seen it and have vowed you never will…. you’ve ever rendered a strong opinion on ANY book, magazine article, website, film, TV show or play you’ve never actually read or seen…. you think waterboarding is a new sport for teenagers…. you think any government program that helps ordinary people is horrible socialism, but when our tax money is spent to pay contractors for shoddy work and overcharges, that’s free market capitalism at work…. you think questions surrounding the events of 9/11 are ridiculous, but firmly believe that the Clintons had something to do with the death of Vince Foster…. you think Bush ignoring the August 6, 2001 CIA brief entitled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in United States” was understandable, since he was on vacation…. you think Rudy Giuliani is a hero for making a few speeches and posing for some photo-ops after the 9/11 attack…. you think Osama bin Laden is a lying terrorist sack of crap, yet he was telling the truth when said he wanted John Kerry as president in 2004, right before Election Day…. you think every problem America has can be traced to liberals and/or Democrats…. you’ve ever called anyone a ‘pinko’ or ‘commie,’ especially someone who demonstrably isn’t either….you don’t know the difference between socialism and communism and you don’t really care either…. you think a) Saddam Hussein had WMD and hid them somewhere outside of the country right before the US invaded, or b) you think we found WMD in Iraq…. you think the torturing of prisoners at Abu Ghraib was no worse than a fraternity initiation…. you think former CIA covert agent Valerie Plame ‘deserved’ to be outed because her husband is a ‘traitor’ who revealed the truth about Bush’s phony claims that Iraq tried to buy Niger uranium…. you think junkies should spend long sentences in jail but Rush Limbaugh should be forgiven for his human frailty…. you think Ann Coulter is hilariously funny…. you think talk show blabber Dennis Praeger is either a religious expert, conservative intellectual, political philosopher, entirely sane, or all four.– you are a Christian who experiences temporary blindness whenever you read the Sermon on the Mount…. you think every word in the Bible was written by God in English, even the letters to the Greeks by Paul…. you are waiting for Armageddon and believe you will be taken up into heaven during ‘The Rapture,’ even though you lie to your customers, sell products that are made by slave labor overseas, or own a private mercenary company that murders people in other countries…. you think individual people need strong laws and strict enforcement to keep them in line, but corporations should be able to make their own rules without government interference…. you think no-bid contracts are a smart way for the government to do business…. you think Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney are ‘good Christian men.’… you think Richard Nixon was brought down by the ‘liberal media.’… you think ‘habeas corpus’ has something to do with hamsters, so what’s the big deal?… you hate the theory of evolution even though you’ve never read it…. you’ve ever read a rant by Michelle Malkin without laughing out loud at its sheer rancorous stupidity…. you think Charles Krauthammer is sane…. you think Norman Podhoretz should be the Secretary of Defense…. you can’t find anything that Don Rumsfeld did wrong as Secretary of Defense… you watch “24″ and believe if we only had a guy like the fictional Jack Bauer in charge of our intelligence operations, we could lick the terrorists in a month or two…. you are a self-hating closeted gay male politician.

Friday, June 04, 2010


The Real Truth About The Republicans..

I dare any of you knuckledragging Palinista's or teabaggers or rightwingers out there to refute this one..Click on title for article.

Don't You just love these Palinista's when they go out and handle snakes then go to their teabagging events.

Baggers Are Stupid..Come To The Church Of Reality!!

Ok look we all know how worthless these teabaggers and Palinista's are. But even I think some of these dolts are worth saving. I love how these baggers are now screaming for government help. These guys do not have the courage of their convictions. Check out this letter concerning if the government should be involved in the cleanup.

"It's interesting to see Republicans and Tea Baggers changing their tune when they want the government to bail them out after the capitalists have failed. After all, isn't the oil spill "Free Enterprise"? They didn't like the government bailing out the banks, but they want the government to bail out the oil companies and help clean up the spill? I thought they believed that wasn't the government's role. They shouldn't interfere with the "free market system".

Now the conservatives want the government to "take over". They want government run beach protection? Are they asking for socialized government run environmental protection? Isn't this just more "government regulation". Just another "big government takeover"? Why do we care about the environment? That's what those liberal progressive tree hugging global warming socialist hippies want.
Not the conservatives are calling out to the "federal bureaucracy" for a "bailout". What about BP's God given right to make a profit?

When things are good it's easy for Tea Baggers to run their mouth. But when the disasters come and we have to deal with reality all of a sudden they change their tune and come crying to Uncle Sam wanting the liberals to clean up their mistakes.
I think the news media is giving these people intellectual welfare to even listen to them anymore."

Marc Perkel

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Truth Hurts!

Oh This Is Just Great!

Take a wild guess who convinced George W. Bush that starting wars in the Middle East would be “good for the economy”?

Oliver Stone interviews former Argentina president NĂ©stor Kirchner :