Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Be a good Ho!

Hey folks it was a great show last night. I noticed when I awoke this morning they happened to be talking about illegal immigration. My shock became apparent,when someone on tv said the government does not seem to be taking this seriously. Hmmm, one more time for the idiots out there. We are capitalists,ok! That means we are essentially whores we will do anything for a buck(good whoring does not necessarily mean sex).
Illegal aliens bring in about 9 billion dollars to our economy...Nuff said. Now back to reality I will repost Anthony's truths of life again and please read and remember these well(you will understand things better). Now remember if you are going to be a ho, be a honest and good ho. You see a good ho knows who and what they are, there is nothing like good whoring and a good ho starts to ho(go into business for themselves and sell services) for themselves. Now above you will see pictures of ho's. Picture two; a good honest whore Jessica Cutler(who slept with a lot of powerful men in DC,politicians executives,google her and learn the truth). Picture one;Congress real dishonest no good whores....any questions?

Here are some truth of life rules I live by(well some of them)please feel free to peruse them.

Anthony's Law #1

Don't EVER tell the truth in a political campaign.
People want to be lied to. They don't care if you're the best, most qualified candidate in history, they're going to vote for a candidate who stars in a fuzzy video of him playing with the family dog while his pearl necklaced wife and your 2.3 small children watch in awe while the voice-over dude explains that this guy has whatever-state-you-live-in family values. If you doubt me, ask President Walter Mondale about telling the truth. Now I know you say but Mondale was never president(exactly my point)honesty kicked him in the ass!!

Anthony's Law #2

Any time a person or entity makes a "mistake" that puts extra money (or power) in their pocket, expect them to make that "mistake" again and again and again. That's why refineries have fires now and then, because a fire allows them to scream "unexpected shortage" so they can gouge us on the price of gas.

Anthony's Law #3

Do not lay down in front of a bulldozer or a train or become a human shield.
The "president" of the United States will have you killed, rather than call off his bloody and profitable attack. Apparently, the Israeli government feels the same way about protestors in front of tanks.

That's one difference between our president and a Chinese tank commander.
In China, when that man stood in front of the tank in Tienneman Square, the tank stopped. In America and apparently, Israel, the "tank" keeps coming and crushes you.

Anthony's Law #4

Too much religion makes you stupid.
(Any questions about this one...just look around you.Just listen to their far
out views whether its exorcism,space aliens,Tom Cruise, Pat Robertson,George W.
I had a Mason tell me that the war was really about secret tablets in Saddams
home because it used to be called Babylon but he could not prove it to me
because its hidden in a secret Masonic Temple..Hmmm Any questions?)
Please do not take this as an attack on conventional religion I am talking about the nutcases not your average decent church goer.

Anthony's Law #5 -

Never get married(Americans only)
(I mean this one, just shack up and throw'em out when you are
done or get him/her to agree to some kind of term marriage)
Plus if you are on a date and they answer their cellphone, end the date right then
and there. This country has a 70% marriage failure rate and a 30% success rate if you are under the age of 45years old. Let me paint the sobering picture, would you ride in a car that had a 70% brake failure rate or fly a plane that had a 30% success rate of landing...well of course you would'nt, neither would I. But in spite of facts
we have a very high divorce rate and marriage rate...Damn evil marriage cartel.
(note some may take issue with Law#5 and will say thay I have commitment issues
nothing can be further from the truth, The commitment does not have anything to do with it(only truly desperate people pathetic people use that excuse).I am just against the way its practiced in America, it does not work. And if you are married and you disagree with this maxim.....see you in divorce court in a few years.)

Anthony's Law # 6

When having an affair,lie to your wife/husband never to the person on the side. Note: ladies if you are having a affair make sure the guy has money(money is the guy equivalent to good looks).
note: If you are a guy and having a torrid affair(just sex)remember if she has a nice body preferably a nice firm tush and legs,then that goes a long way to putting you in good standing with the LORD.

Anthony's Law #7

Never trust a politician. Politicians are big time whores. If politicians were halfway honest they would take a cue from NASCAR and on their suits they would wear the logo patches of their corporate sponsors. That way we know which company bought them and the lies that they tell us.(for example when Dan Quayle said that there are studies that show the global warming is good for us. Now that is a lie bought by oil and gas industry types and we would know that if they used the Anthony system.

Anthony's Law #8

Very very very damn few news outlet in America can be trusted

I have to admit it - they're all sell out media whores.
I can't name not one network, one cable channel, one TV show, one newspaper or one news magazine that can always be trusted. They're crooked and they're lazy and they'll print any lie they choose to.The most honest news on all of TV is the "fake news" from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - everybody else is lying.

If you want integrity, you have to turn to the internet where certain news and opinion can be stated without a corporate sponsor looking over your shoulder while you write, telling you, "Put this in your news and take that out."
Yeah also listen to my show Wavestation X.

Anthony's Law #9

Power isn't something that's given to you.
Power is something you f-ing take!

Anthony's Law #10

Lying to yourself is an unforgiveable crime.
You can lie to others, but lying to yourself makes no sense at all.
Like Shakespeare said, "to thine own self be true"

Anthony's Law #11
When having a true relationship(not an affair)
Only date people that you actually have something in common with. Do not date someone just because they are good looking and hot, believe me some hot women(male perspective) are shallow and stupid. For example: if your into god then they have to be into god.If you are a crackhead then they have to be a crackhead. Let Whitney and Bobby and Charlie and Denise be your guide.Don't forget Will and Jada. Be true to them or you might end up on # 6

Anthony's Law #12
Learn Science:
Believe me science is under attack in this country so get familiar with it.

Anthony's Law #13

Jimmy Carter was right - Life is not Fair.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman is 100 times the actor Tom Cruise is, but Cruise has
already made 100 times more money than Phillip Seymour Hoffman ever will.

The Beatles never won a Grammy,
Scorsese never won an Best Director Oscar
and Clinton was paid $200K to give us peace and prosperity while Bush
got paid $400K to Judas us into a never-ending spiral of terrorism, war and recession.

If Life was fair, JFK and RFK and MLK would've made speeches at DemoCon 2004,
but no, ..they were f-ing murdered by the other team, and we belong to the "plays fair" team.

Anthony's Law #14

Evolution is FACT! The jury is not out. The fact is most people are just stuck on stupid.(see Law #16)

Anthony's Law # 15

Help those less fortunate. I really mean this one, also help your fellow man when
ever possible.This country has seem to forgotten these people.For example look at Angelina Jolie she has not only walked the walk(adoption) but she has also helped focus attention on issues that this government would soon forget like Darfur.

Anthony's Law #16

Alot of people do not like FACTS. You see this everywhere on Fox News and on the right and left. people are generally insecure and think that they are always right. Thats why the word "Cognitive Dissonance" was coined. Just look at the reaction I will get from Law # 5. Plus be flexible in your beliefs, Always reevaluate your beliefs in the way of good and credible evidence.

Anthony's Law #17

Always stand your ground when you feel you are in the right and never let anyone disrespect you. Ever! Get in touch with your Alpha nature. This country is a nation of wimps.

Anthony's Law # 18

Never hit a woman( I mean this one also) I do not care what she did or say
unless she is coming after you with a gun or meat cleaver you should never hit a woman. Real men do not hit women. Remember that!

Anthony's Law #19
Do not hate unwarrantedly! If you mistreat and hate someone because of their skin color,gender,sexual orientation or because your religion dictates it, then you have a problem and should check out # 16. Life is too short for that. I mean if you really want to hate someone then do what I do. You will find that if you just take the time to get to know people, you will discover that there are very valid reasons to hate them(regardless of color or orientation) see how that works.

Anthony's Law # 20
Love yourself. Live your life the way you see fit do not worry what people think of you. To hell with them. Do not let other people define you. there will always be haters let them hate. The best revenge is to live well.

Anthony's Laws# 21

Illegal immigration will never be solved. (See Anthony's Law # 2

Sunday, January 21, 2007

BrokeBack McCain!

This is a Damn shame!

Gotta love TV.


Did you see the premier of 24 Sunday?
In Jack Bauer's world, the bad guys are actually attacking America.

In the TV world, the terrorists are acting like they don't take orders from the US president.In the TV world, they are blowing up malls and theaters and churches in America each day. But in Bush's fake war, the enemy has chosen NOT to blow up Radio City Music Hall or a grade school in Palo Alto or a Nieman Marcus in Dallas or a mall in Minneapolis. The TV terrorists are more real than Bush's fake terrorists.

No, in Bush's fake war, the terrorists would rather blow up 30 Iraqis looking for work when that same suicide bomber could make worldwide headlines with paralyzing strikes that cause real terror right here in America - but they've decided not to - I wonder why?
If Americans were being attacked with three suicide bombers a day, like they do on TV, we'd barracade ourselves in our homes and demand that the Little Dictator do something but that isn't happening. If you're a suicidal idiot and are willing to kill yourself for the cause, why kill 30 of your fellow countrymen (who are Muslims) when you could kill 30 pig-eating Americans and actually strike back against the enemy that invaded your country?

Check This Out!

Please try hard not to laugh at this one I found it in a right wing mag.
Look,it's a right-wing, lying hand job cartoon,
suggesting Bush has the "courage" to kill our soldiers
while the Demo congress is "afraid" to kill our soldiers.
Isn't the thought of Bush in combat hysterical?

But where is Lieberman?
He has "courage," too...

Don't Fall For The Okay Doke!

Hey guys listen to this crap Bush has decided not to renew a program of domestic spying on Americans, Tortureboy Gonzales said on Wednesday, ending a program criticized for infringing on civil liberties.
The illegal program allowed Bush to eavesdrop on phone calls and e-mails of political foes without a warrant, even after saying, "In America, you need a warrant before you eavesdrop on people." Tortureboy, still claiming the crimes were legal, said the government will now have the ability to act with sufficient "speed and agility."
Bush has been spying on Americans because the Democrats were too afraid to stop him.
Now that they have some clout, Bush is cutting back on his crime spree.
There was never any valid reason to spy on people without a warrant, because the judges were green-lighting every request made, but Bush didn't want records kept because he was abusing his alleged "right to protect America."

And punk ass Gonzales wants us to buy the excuse that, with the Democrats in power, suddenly the government will now have the ability to act with sufficient "speed and agility?"
Oh Hell Naw!
The big question is, will the Democrats punish Bush for his crimes?
Or will they say, "That's old news" like they did after the Iran-Contra pardons?

Have You Thanked A Republican Today.

I want you all to put your hands together and thank every Republican you see for those really nice tax cuts they gave big business. Also you and God should thank the Republicans for givng oil companies those really nice tax breaks at about the tune of
80 billion dollars,especially when they made record profits of about 92 billion dollars in a quarter. Also we should tell people like me that I should go to hell when I have the nerve to use logic and reason and say really far out crazy things like; that due to the price hike of oil and tax breaks that we are being priced gouged at the pump. That was so not american of me to do that. I mean it is just a coincidence when I said years ago that prices are artificially inflated and when I said that when the dems get in power they will investigate this oil scam and the prices will magically drop.(like they are right now)Total coincidence! I should have believed it when a Bush clone Oops!I mean supporter told us it was inflation.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Saddam's Execution.

Okay all you sick people here is the Saddam video
Sit back with some popcorn and enjoy the feature.
I will get a better version soon.

Monday, January 15, 2007


Okay this guy calls off the hunt for Osama ,blunders Katrina,causes the world to hate us and bungles Iraq. Now this man whats to check our mail.....What the hell is going on with this country. Can somebody tell me why this is important? I mean please lets not do anything that may actually help the war on fake terror.

How it should be said.

Tax increase, yes, but only on the top one percent.

That's the secret to making the GOP eat it.

Democrats always have some 700-word explanation about a tax increase and when some windbag like Biden finally gets done bloviating, all the Republican has to do is say, "They're raising your taxes, I think you know what to do with your money better than some bereaucrat in Washington."
But if all the democrats has to say is, "Only on the top one percent," and then stop talking.
People will understand that they aren't in the top one percent and they'll likely agree with the Democrat.

This Seems important!

This is from CBS news folks.

U.S. drivers could start seeing lower prices at the pump as early as this weekend, thanks to the cascading price of crude oil and a seasonal dip in gasoline, analysts say. the fact that the oil monopoly lost the congressional power to coddle the crooked oil bastards six weeks ago.
Gasoline prices typically fall in January amid weaker demand...

Total horseshit.

If the crooked Republicans stayed in power, oil would be $120 a barrel and climning, and they'd say, "All you have to do is look at Iraq and see why the prices continue to rise,"
and they'd also cite some mysterious fire at some refinery nobody ever heard of.

In the early nineties, health care costs were strangling America, but not as much as they're
strangling us now. So Hillary started working on her ill-fated HC plan and guess what?
Health care costs dropped dramatically. Why, ...maybe there's no need to reform anything?

But the GOP knows the old saying, "If you have your health, you have everything,"
and they couldn't afford to let the Clintons get the credit for giving us "everything," meaning universal health care which would drop prices for everybody.

So the GOP circled the wagons (like they did in 2000 for BIG OIL) and yelled "Boo!" at the
scared-bunny Democrats, causing them to denouncing the Clintons - so we lost congress. Remember - once the Republicans took over, they made it ILLEGAL to negotiate a cheaper price for drugs - Christ what a rip-off!

That's what BIG PHARM got for backing the Party of Crooks - a monopoly on drugs.

And the Democrats let them do it.

"We were only following orders from Mr. Rove."

Bottom line:
Big American corporations will rape the consumers to death with the help of the GOP.
But of the Democrats are in power, suddenly the prices fall and the GOP and their
whore friends on Wall Street will start spinning the "real" reasons that happened.

This man is touched.

Here is a quote from the President.

"I'm anything but a 'lamebrain.'
You know that I am qualified for Mensa."
- Bush lying again.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I love this

I like this video. You guys really got to see it.
She has a nice box.