Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thanks Republicans!

Thanks GOP! I knew with your hatred and religious-nut views and racist and homophobia, that you would run that party into the ground. Hey folks, I am loving how the republican party is dwindling itself out of any real importance.With the announcement of Arlen Specter going over to the dems..I just loved it. These idiots have no idea that they are so out of step with society and science. And now they only ones left are a bunch of racist homophobes.dumbass robots who are relgious nuts. I am so happy to see this happen. Now we don't have to listen to them and they do not matter. We can now over look these nobodies now. They are irrelevant. Now with that said please do as I do and listen to the stupid right wing shows now and after every sentence imagine a laugh track. They have no leader no voice no platform.
Here is the funny part. A lot of them are hauling ass away from the party and claiming to be just conservative or libertarian in reality they are ashamed to be who they really are so they hide behind the titles. Please I want everyone to join me in kicking these guys when they are down.

Friday, April 10, 2009

To Teabag Or Not To Teabag!

Okay folks here is something interesting.I love this tea party thing going on April 15th. Neo cons are actually using the term "teabagging". This is so funny. I like a good teabagging myself especially when I saw Michelle Malkin at the protest in those tight jeans(baby's body is hella bangin).The funny thing is that the original tea party was about taxation without representation from government. This teabagging party is about going back to the level of taxation that we saw for rich people during the Clinton era. I called up on a local hack(more on these local hacks later) show called 980 live with Darla J. On this particular show was a guy named Tony and they were discussing this tea party shindig that right wingers dreamed up. I love how these people say that the are against government spending and it has gotten out of hand. Well I find it interesting that these groups are holding a tea party now. But if its just government spending that has their strait jackets in a bunch,then how come they never had a tea party in the last eight years? Yep! you guessed it, its all about Obama. They hate him so much they are criticizing his alleged bowing or his prompters. Its really great seeing the GOP party of no, to be dying a nice slow painful death. It...(choke)brings a tear to your eye.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Don't Do This Mr.President!!!...Please.

(Click on for bigger picture)Okay Obama your going overseas...please make us look good. I only say this because..well..your predecessor was ..well lets just say he was not on the ball.
Now your are a smart guy and I know you will win them over. Just do what it is you do so well and please don't pay any mind to those detractors who bitch about your use of a prompter. Just remember every president has one and unlike the guy you replaced at least you can read the damn thing and understand the big words.These guys are just "Haters". They know that the better you do the worst they look. Important just remember America thinks your doing fine.

More than 80% of Americans think Obama will do a good job representing their country to the world."
-- CNN poll,

Okay in all honesty Obama all you have to do is not sexually molest the Chancellor of Germany(as pictured)and you will seem like a real gentleman compared to the idiot.

(Notice how uncomfortable she looks and upset too). I mean if you did this at work it would be a sexual harassment problem.Remember these neo cons never follow the law!

Dirty Dirty Congress and Cheney.

Okay first a few things. Obama bad move on those bonuses and I give you low marks for that. Plus, what in the hell were the dems thinking about that last minute taxation on that money. Leave that money alone. You can not at the last minute decide to levy taxes against a bonus . Shame on you Obama and that crooked congress. I did not like it when republicans created that special law for Teri Schiavo and I don't like it what you guys did now. Rescind that law now! Now Cheney you really need to shut the hell up. I know that you fear being found out on all the illegal policies that you gave the green light to. Your time is coming you criminal.

Libertarians Beware!!!

Okay listen up my fellow libertarians. Mark my words,the republican party is defunct and worthless. Now what you are going to see is the neo cons and their ilk now gravitating to the party and now claiming that they were libertarians all along. Please do not let this crime happen. These abject failures and their narrow ideas are not welcome to the party. Since they ran their party into the grounds now all of sudden they have our view. Let them stay with the party of Palin,Limbaugh,Jindal(who I used to like btw until I found out that this nutcase held a damn "exorcism" in a college dorm). I am so sorry but if you believe in exorcism and can state it with a straight face then you might as well have said that you are from Hogwarts and you like to fight hobbits all day with your dad Gandolf.