Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ok Just A Thought.

We have all seen this particular magazine cover of the Obama's dressed as terrorists. I think the New Yorker was looking for a bit of controversy. But this reprint says exactly what I think........

We've already scratched thrift, candor and brevity off the list, so why not eliminate humor too?

That seems to be the fondest wish of a few commentators and legions of Internet blatherers,
who spent Monday vilifying New Yorker magazine for this week's Obama-terrorist cover.

It seemed fairly obvious to me, my 8-year-old and, likely, the majority of readers of one of
America's finest magazines that the cover drawing by Barry Blitt was a parody.

He's lying.

Maybe he saw irony, and maybe the majority of New Yorker Magazine readers saw irony,
but his eight year old and the majority of the super-stupid voters, saw "Obama, the terrorist."

Who thinks the majority of Americans are smart?
Who thinks the majority of Americans are not prejudiced?
Who thinks the majority of Americans understand irony?
Who thinks the majority of Americans take their vote seriously?

I say millions of Americans will see that cover and say,
"They couldn't print it if it wasn't true."

How can I be the only one who knows how stupid most Americans are?
If Americans have brains, how did this asshole become president - twice?

The writer of this piece lives in LA.
The writer of the first pro-irony column lives in New York.

When will the Democrats understand that we already won Cali and New York?
It's the 48 other stupid states that prevent the smart people from running the planet.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Travesty In The Making.

This is a video of a poor young Kurdish girl being stoned to death according to the Quran. This is an "honor killing",very common in that region of the country. These are Bush's friends. So you watch this video in its entirety and please tell me where the honor is. The sad part is that her parents are present in the front and initiated this barbaric attack on their little girl(religion makes you stupid). This is what goes on predominately in Saudi Arabia. This is sick and disgusting and feeds into anti Islamic hate bigotry. This little girl only crime was talking to a boy.