Saturday, January 29, 2011

Say What, Ole Batshit Bachmann?

Ok can anyone tell me what in the hell is Bachmann about? Is she serious about what she said about the founding fathers? What is going on is that the right wingers are trying to spew the same lies and revisionist history to the general public as they do to Fox News viewers and its not working because people are smarter than that. Look guys if this is not proof positive that the some of these teabaggers are stupid ignorant asses. BTW what in the hell is she looking at? I used to work in tv and there is no excuse for her to be looking off to the side like that. Maybe she realizes she is lying and can't look us in the eye. Please run for president Ms. Bachmann please!

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Thursday, January 06, 2011


"Health Care reform is causing folks(present tense)not to be able to get health care...There are a lot of insurance companies that are just saying 'We’re not going to
be in this business any longer, because we know that we can’t survive..."
- TN GOP Rep Diane Black, (R-Lying Ass)

OH OH Ms Black, I'm calling your bluff. I got $150 that says you're lying.
Please list the insurance companies that have gone out of business since January 3, 2011.Please list some people who have been denied health care since January 3, 2011 because of Obamacare.When you insist they put their money where their mouth is the liars always back down.

The Birds The Birds??


Don't believe any of these crazy explanations for these events happening around the world. First the birds in Arkansas fall dead out of the sky. Then it starts happening worldwide. Fish showing up dead all of the world. Something is going on around here. I have a theory but I do not think it is biblical or any of that 2012 related.


"Preliminary autopsies on 17 of the up to 5,000 blackbirds that fell on this town indicate they died of blunt trauma to their organs, the state's top veterinarian said Monday.Their stomachs were empty, which rules out poison, Dr. George Badley said, and they died in midair, not on impact with the ground.
That evidence, and the fact that the red-winged blackbirds fly in close flocks, suggests they suffered some massive midair collision, he added. That lends weight to theories that they were startled by something.Residents of the small town of Beebe, Arkansas awoke Saturday to find thousands of dead blackbirds littering a 1.5-square-mile area. The birds inexplicably dropped dead,landing on homes, cars and lawns. The director of Cornell University's ornithology lab in Ithaca, N.Y., said the most likely suspect is violent weather. It's probable that thousands of birds were asleep, roosting in a single tree, when a "washing machine-type thunderstorm" sucked them up into the air, disoriented them, and even fatally soaked and chilled them."

I'm not accusing anyone of foul play but I don't believe them.

In our part of the country we have violent thunderstorms all the time and we've never lost 5,000 birds in one night.Someone else suggested fireworks scared then (New Years Eve,)like every state doesn't shoot fireworks at New Years?
How many dead birds show up after that? The only thing like this I ever saw was when BP put poison in the Gulf to break up their spilled oil and southern Louisiana towns started losing birds and crops.But that doesn't necessarily explain the world wide phenomenon.

Creepy - like a Hitchcock movie come to life.

Issa WTF You Say?


It's important to note that just simply saying something does not make it true. Case in point Daryl Issa(R- Lying Ass) says Obama's administration is THE most corrupt in history .Hmmm it what way sir? Obviously Issa is full of crap and I think he may be smart enough to know it. I think he is pandering to the nutjobs who listen to talk radio and watch Fox News. Because a quick check of the facts lets you discover how inaccurate that statements is. The next time (their will be one believe me) you hear a rooty poot Fox news watcher repeat this just simply say...Has anyone from the Obama administration been indicted, no less convicted of corruption related charges?The most corrupt president of modern time...s was not W, it was not W's father. It was not Clinton and it was not Nixon.

It was Ronald Reagan. There were at least 225 indictments and there were at least over 20 people convicted of corruption charges, and many of them of multiple counts. I'm not counting anyone who's case was overturned on appeal, like Ollie North. I am counting those that HW pardoned before he left office, though.


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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

NOOOO.... Not Crazy Ass Lying Laura?


Who did not know that besides everybody.

Who would have thought that Laura and her staff likes to lie..Wow I am so shocked)

I mean I thought the repubs were honest and forthwith. This is so funny please read this article and have a good laugh.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Tucker Is A Damn Idiot !

You are kidding right? I mean execute Michael Vick because of dogfighting? He served his all of you Mike Vick haters get a damn life and leave him alone?! People are doing awful things to each other and we are worried about dog fighting? Tucker please its a damn shame that your mother medical plans did not include a trip to the abortion doctor..because what you just said was so DUMB. Kill Vick but not punish people who torture. We don't even kill child molesters(who deserve to die btw). Tucker your bulb is dim and you belong on Fox News.