Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Are We Really Shocked At This?

First of all let me say that although I disagree with these people. I think that these are good decent Americans. Who are very misguided...Now I know some of you sensitive lib do gooders and right wingers might be a little sensitive about me calling these nice people dumb asses.. well.......TOUGH and to hell with you. I listen to fox news and conservative talk radio and they have no problem at all insulting people they disagree with and neither do I(no one ever complains when they do it only when I do it).
Although I believe these are good people. I have never heard such blatant ignorance and misinformation in my life. See folks! This is what happens when you have a steady diet of Fox news and conservative talk radio. You get stupid stuff like this. Notice when faced with facts they just crumble. Remember all you need to defeat these people are facts. Now they keep saying we need to take our country back. Ok...lets say I agree. Then I just wished they'd say exactly who we're taking it back from. And it would also be interested for these great American thinkers to elaborate on just why and how our country was so quickly lost after 8 years of Bush and Cheney. Unless of course we were lost then too, but if we were where was the tea party then? they don't seem to be too curious about learning the facts do they?

Remember folks this is amazing and hilarious he talks to dozens of Teabaggers
and not one of them can say why they're there or what needs changing.
This sets records for absolute ignorance.
You can't out argue a person without a point of view.
They just keep saying they want to "take America back" which,
as we all know, is code for "No niggers in the White House."


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crazed GOP Quotes!

Remember folks the GOP loves to have double standards. The shit does not fall far from the bat...LOL!

"Pampered on our tax dollars with a staff whose salaries exceed $1.6 million annually,
Michelle Obama has not been unwilling to take maximum advantage of the perks of
an unlimited expense account as first lady. It's clear that Barack and Michelle are living very large at the taxpayer's expense without so much as a second thought. If either of them would settle down and actually do something productive for our nation they might have less time to spend blowing our money."

-- Ralph Alter, lying racist whore,

Here are some question I need answered from the bat shit GOP.

Now remember folks whenever an attack from them starts like that...., "Fuck you, liar" is always the proper response.

Now let's look at the facts:
1. Michelle's staff's salary is ONLY an issue if it greatly exceeds Laura's staff.
I got money that says Michelle spends less than Laura's, so fuck you Ralph!
2. Michelle is "not unwilling" to accept the perks offered her?
Why should she be? Because she's Black? Fuck you, Ralph, you racist prick.
3. The Obama's are "living large at taxpayer's expense?" Compared to whom?
Is Obama setting records for vacation days the way Bush did?
Fuck you, Ralph, you racist prick.
4. "Blowing our money?" Bush spent more of our money than every president
from Washington through Clinton - combined. And he killed 5,000 soldiers doing it,so fuck you Ralph, you racist, lying prick.
5. Too bad Democrats never learned to list the facts. When you do that,
even some low-IQ talk radio listeners can win arguments without trying.

Damn Those Obama's!!!!!

The right wing is at it again. They must really hate the Obama's. I mean they are just throwing everything at them..Click on article in title.

"Material girl Michelle Obama is a modern-day Marie Antoinette on a glitzy Spanish vacation."
-- Andrea Tantaros, racist asshole.

GOP TRANSLATION:(Here is what they really want to say)
Nigger bitch got her a welfare Cadillac, just like Reagan predicted.

How dare she act like a White First Lady?
Doesn't Michelle know her proper place?

I want my America back - where the First lady was White!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Really Liked This One!

I really just loved the interview that Darla gave Steve Glorioso. You saw how she had only talking points and Steve was able to expose that fact. Good job Steve and I still love you Darla :)

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Stop The Insanity!!

This is one of my favorite comedic pieces on religion by the great Bill Hicks. You see you get a lot of the bible thumpers trying to inflict the schools curriculum with this religious dogma. I am sure that these people mean well.But they want to try to weaken science by using religion. Also when they say that want creationism taught in school believe me when I tell you they only want their version. You do not teach creation with evolution no more than you would chemistry and Alchemy or Astrology with Astronomy. My favorite is the African god called Ta and he masturbated and ejaculated the universe.(real creation story)