Friday, August 19, 2016


 This is what "white privilege looks like. America we will not get better until we admit this. Its funny the right claims Obama will not say Islamic fundamentalism and the right will not admit the term "white privilege". If what Gabby did was wrong( not putting her hand at her heart) then these guys were just as wrong or even more so(breaking and entering and vandalism and on video) and it was embarrassing to this country Why is there a different in treatment? maybe someone can tell me why Gabby is treated differently? CLINK ON LINK


Ok,if you want to see how stupid and ignorant and dumb and devoid of irony some Trump supporters are. Please take a look at this link from the Daily Show and watch this video. Look I know spome Trump supporters will be offended at this post. But I did say "some" supporters. Now to the others that will get pissed off at me for exposing your stupdity..from the bottom of my heart,  please go fuck yourselves, in Jesus's name Amen !

Tuesday, August 16, 2016




 Great article about Snowden.

Excerpts :

 1. It sets a bad precedent. Snowden is one of four million people who have top-secret clearance. If they give Snowden a pass, it says that if you don’t like your job, leak American secrets to the media and we’ll let you off the hook.

2. The Snowden revelations are no longer shocking. His ongoing trickle of secrets amounts to a whimper. His latest leaks - that the NSA is collecting metadata on American cell phone calls - is hardly a surprise.Minus an absolute bombshell from Snowden, the worst of the damage he caused is already done.

3. Snowden peddled American secrets in exchange for asylum. It’s one thing to be a whistleblower, it’s another to offer American secrets to a rival in exchange for safety. That makes Snowden no different than other spies who have left the United States and then gave information to a rival.  It's no accident that Snowden has ended up in Russia, a police state far worse than here. Let him stay there.




 However, if legit evidence exists, I'd have to agree with the science.
But no amount of evidence will change the mind of a fool.


Ok after talking to a few stupid people out there(not all Trump or Bernie supporters either ) about subjects like world affairs and the like......It was apparent that I had to come up with this new rule....
..."NEVER HAVE A STRONG OPINION ABOUT A SUBJECT THAT YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND OR KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT!." Thank you. If you can't defend yourself, maybe say "Oh, I don't know" when asked about it. That's one reason I don't write or talk about Trigonometry or why Keith Richards is still alive or the caring of and feeding of horses.It's because, I could care less and I don't have the time to hear all fifty sides of never-ending bickering. Also, if you can't explain yourself, don't criticize anyone's else's position on something.either. Rant Over !:)


 Ok the Snowden movie is coming out soon. From the trailer it actually looks good. I wonder if it will make Snowden look like the thief that he is? I still get into it with some of his rabid supporters( my experience). I just have two questions for Snowden supporters that they just duck and never ever answer

1) What does spying on other governments have anything to do with your 4th Amendment rights?

2) What does continued leaks and offering to work for other governments *against* your own government have anything to do with your 4th Amendment rights?

3) If we get rid of the current system that we use to find terrorists...what do we replace it with? How do we keep the country safe? They never answer those questions, they just hee and haw and start acting like Fox News viewers and Teatards. I should reference them Anthony's Law #30.  These guys are like religious fundamentalists: they keep moving the goalposts because they don't like the questions.


Wednesday, June 08, 2016


Man, Trump is like manna from heaven. He is an abortion. I mean his inane views and his senseless attacks makes me so happy. the reason is why is, that the repubs have to back him up at the same time being disgusted with him. Trump's latest screwup (in addition to not knowing a fucking thing about anything,but hey,why let that stop him). He is trying to ruin the life of a federal judge. Trump spewed out that the judge is against him because he is..wait for it..wait for it..........MEXICAN! That's right. Trump stated that the judge(due to his mexicanness)is incapable of rendering a verdict against him, due to this. Now the judge is American(born in Indiana and is of mexican descent)but why let facts get in the way of racist stupidity. You see, if Trump was actually serious about this he would have filed a motion  with the court to recuse the judge. But in doing that they would have to give a reason and if you say that it was because the judge is mexican...they will laugh his dumb ass out of court but not before giving them sanctions. The great part is that when Trump farts out his mouth something stupid..The repubs who endorse him have to tap dance and rebuke him and at the same time say..But I still endorse him as president..Funny shit.  But I must say in closing that Trump is the result of letting ignorance and stupidity run rampant in a political party  and the country. Is Trump the best America can do?


Congrats to Hillary Clinton for an historic night. I mean it only took America fifty years to advance a woman as a presidential nominee .. Now, first of all, I like Bernie Sanders and I actually like some of his supporters. The rest I just cannot stand those close minded zombies.  They are just like Fox News viewers(just as closeminded as the Berniebots). But to be honest,Bernie is not dealing with reality. He wants to win so bad. He has no path to victory and he is like that guy or girl,who stalks you when they know that they cannot be with you, Ever ! Bernie is a party of one and he does not care about this election. He did not even acknowledge Hillary's historic night. I am really am getting tired of Bernie and his delusion that he can win. The math is just not there. He is misleading those poor followers of his. I will say that Bernie makes sense with some of his policies( the fact that he woefully lacks in  foreign policy is apparent). I once famously said to some Berniebots,that if Bernie won,I would vote for him and if Hillary wins, I will vote for her. But this crotchety old fuck is not giving up. He is souring the well and he is a man standing in a woman's way of victory.  Bernie needs to drop out and fast and help Hillary. If not,then Fuck Bernie Sanders.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


ANTHONY'S NOTE: Looks like  Denny Hastert (R- Sweaty molesting wrestler) is going to jail. He is going from being a sexual predator to being old man pussy in prison..Good for him.#prayerchangesthings

You know I love what Bernie Sanders talks about and I agree with about everything he is saying. But if he wins on day one nothing will change. You have a congress that will remain repubs and even if the senate changed you will still need a 60 seat super majority to fight of a filibuster..that wont happen. Even if it have dems that come from conservative districts and will not give President Sanders what he wants. Clinton is correct when she says "campaign in poetry but govern in prose". It has to be done incrementally. After the 13th Amendment was ratified, slaves didn't just drop cotton and go free, it took awhile.  Now some of  his rabid followers..."Berniebots" want to burn down the whole barn,if their guy doesn't get elected. Plus, Bernie pissed me off when he said in the last debate that Hillary would have to win over his followers(which is fine)but this old fucker gave the impression that he is not going to help her). I hope that I am wrong and have misjudged Bernie and for that I will say that I am sorry.. If  I am correct though however and he doesn't help, then FUCK HIM sideways! I understand their reticence about Hillary,but this election is too important. Whoever wins, I will side with the dems and support them. I would happily vote for Hillary or Bernie..ya know why? Because I am an adult and not a child. Bernie is a lot like Jesus in the sense that I like the guy but can't stand some of their rabid followers(its like Fox News watchers on the left). Anybody is better than Trump and that idiot Cruz and that crippled bitch lying lady he chose for VP. Plus, keep in mind that Trump is killing the repub party(Thank God) The GOP's party approval rating was lower than Charlie's Sheen's T cell count. They deserve to die out,.so let these bigots and sexists and homophobes go peacefully..ok Bull. Let's kick  them in their lard asses and stomp their nuts on the way out the door. #chucksaysgiftfromlilbabyjesus

Monday, February 22, 2016


It seems that we live in a society where Rudy Guiliani(Hip Hop expert lol) and some right wing hacks whores and a few cops are harassing Beyonce,because their feelings got hurt. Why? Because she was performing while black. You see the song lyrics or video or Superbowl performance does not contain any anti cop or advocates violence against cops nowhere ! But they still got offended anyway. Here is why they were offened. They are racist and saw a bunch of black people dressed in black and looking like an army. It scared them shitless and their worst racial fears.That is the real reason..Well some really cool pics have surfaced from an artist and its pissed off white bigots  society. You see its ok when it is done to a particular person. But it will not be tolerated when its done back to them even in art. I love these pics. Enjoy. I have always felt that art should shock and educate.

Monday, February 08, 2016


  "I think it was outrageous," Giuliani said on Fox News Monday. "The halftime show I thought was ridiculous anyway. I don't know what the heck it was. A bunch of people bouncing around and all strange things. It was terrible."

Look lets face it. There are some whites who are afraid of blacks. No matter if whites to the same thing...they will always focus on what the non whites do. Case in point, former  lying whore mayor Rudy Giuliani(R- jerk face,cross dresser white privilege supporter) is upset that Beyonce and her dancers dare don black costumes and raised the black fist in a Super Bowl performance. He claims that this was anti cop(its not). In reality the song Formation is about police violence against blacks. Now, anytime blacks get together  it scares racist whites. 



                          These pics are offensive to Guiliani

But this video of white armed militia men who illegally took over a federal building and who advocates killing cops,are no problem at all. Watch video. Click link.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


This is Stacey Dash who is a Z list actress in Hollywood. She was caught lying making inaccurate statements on Fox News( I know I know I am being redundant). Well it seems that Meredith Vieria set her dumb ass straight with..what are those things called??????Facts! As you can see that Stacey is very sexy and beautiful(Mitt Romney Supporter btw)but obviously is very light in the scholastic dept.