Saturday, November 30, 2013


It is about time someone told the truth about that walking idiot Sarah Palin from the great Margaret and Helen.


Who can turn the world on with her smile? Who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile? Well it’s NOT you girl… 

 Look. I am going to say what everyone at CNN, CBS, ABC and NBC is thinking but is afraid to say. Governor Palin is a stupid, conniving bitch. And it’s not because she is a strong woman – I like strong women… worship them… It’s actually the opposite. She is a weak, pathetic woman who thinks big hair, winking, baby talk and self deprecation is somehow becoming of a woman who wants to lead the free world. My god, where is Margaret Thatcher when you need her! But what really makes me mad is the hypocrisy. She claims to be a Washington outsider and yet is the worst kind of politician. She will say anything and avoid answering any question instead choosing to spout whatever line or soundbite some adviser put into her mouth a few hours earlier. And exactly when did sounding like a hick make someone “more like us”. Last time I checked we were a country striving to educate our children to be intelligent and honest. I think I would die if my daughter came home from school and said something like “I gotta tell ya. Change is a comin’.” At the very least I would remove the Beverly Hillbillies from her approved TV viewing list. And then there is Alaska. Have any of you been to Alaska recently? Although the largest State geographically, it has less than a million people – about 700,000. (The city I live in now is bigger. )Fewer population issues exist for lawmakers to address. And because they make so much money from the oil companies, the Alaskan government actually gives it citizens an annual dividend check (this year $3,200). Exactly what Governor wouldn’t be popular under those circumstances? 

No wonder they can afford to elect a governor who only has an undergraduate degree in journalism and a few beauty pageant awards. By the way, when you got that journalism degree did they teach you that some journalists actually ask hard questions like what newpapers do you read? Fact: Sarah Palin is stupid. Maybe not stupid by Alabama standards but stupid enough that she managed to get herself elected Governor while never bothering to educate herself on little things like the Constitution, foriegn affairs or appropriate debating practices. She is stupid enough to have accepted a VP nomination for which she is completely unqualified and stupid enough not to admit it – even though the future of our great nation could be irreversibly damaged by the decision. When exactly do we all get to call “bullshit”? She loves to talk about being a mother but the last time I checked, having your newborn on national TV at 11PM instead of in bed wasn’t considered “good muthering“. Neither was making your child’s unexpected teen pregnancy the talk of the nation because you desperately wanted to be a politician in Washington DC – or isn’t that exactly what you said you didn’t want. From where I sit, it appears you would sell your soul for the position. Kind of the way that Elisabeth girl on The View sold her soul for fame. Please god get her off the airwaves – she became famous because she ate a rat… but I digress… Oh and my favorite – my husband Todd (the first dude) and I sit around the kitchen table wondering about the cost of college like many of you… oh really. Your oldest son went from high school into the military. Your next oldest is pregnant with plans to be married to some hockey jock at age 17. Seems to me you’ve got lots of time before you have to worry about college tuition especially being college doesn’t seem to be a priority in your family. You refuse to give live interviews and then whine when your taped interviews get edited. Then you have a chance to be live in front of the nation during a debate and you respond by not answering the questions (proudly not answering the questions I might add) but rather by reading the cue cards given to you by a group of white old men who sold their souls to the political system when you were in…. I don’t know – 2nd grade maybe. Your insulting to a United States Senator who is so respected that his home state has elected him to office 6 times. And while I am on the subject of the debate - shame on Gwen Ifell for not making her answer the questions.

 Damn I miss Tim Russert. Sarah Palin is an ignorant, ranting, whining bitch. There I said it. But lots more are thinking it. Please take your ridiculous hair, your over lipstick-smacking mouth, your Lenscrafter look smarter glasses and your poorly fitted designer jackets back to Alaska. And when you get there, shove a piece of the pipeline up your considerable ass. I’ll be damned if we’ll put our children’s future in your hands. And the same thing goes for McCain – the ass wipe who gave her this national platform effectively pushing the woman’s movement back into the dark ages – knowing McCain that might have been his plan all along.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


And they say the tea party are not racist. See for yourself. The so called liberal media does not want you to see the Yeah Right! As you can see the real reason some people do not like has nothing to do with his politics. No matter what he does it will not be good enough. It has to do with the color of his skin. Roll that beautiful bean footage..

Friday, November 22, 2013


I ask you to listen and laugh at the people who deny climate change and science and facts. This is really sad. You thought what Hank said was stupid..brace yourself for the stupidity.



I pick on dumb repubs alot and I get accused of picking on dems. The truth is I do,it is just that dems do not say a lot of dumb things like repubs. But this is one dem that I thought this was funny. Keep in mind that this is only dem vs the many repubs I listed below a few postings ago.


Now look,we all know I love to poke fun at idiot teabagging repubs. That is why they are there for.:)
So here is my favorite list of  things to say to piss them off. Plus, since I am feeling good, I decided to put in some facts(they hate facts) about Embassy bombings that they did not hold not one hearing over under Bush. But they have their panties in a bunch over Benghazi. Because of president Blackenstein..:) God bless you all !

Conservatives are so easy to anger these days. Even the most insignificant statement can set off their tempers. If you want to enrage a conservative, I suggest saying the following:
1. A Socialist wrote the Pledge of Allegiance.
2. Jesus healed the sick and helped the poor, for free.
3. Joseph McCarthy was an un-American, witch hunting sissy.
4. Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee were traitors.
5. The South lost the Civil War, get over it.
6. The Founding Fathers were liberals.
7. Fascism is a right-wing trait.
8. Sarah Palin is an idiot.
9. The Earth is round.
10. Reagan raised taxes eleven times as President.
11. Reagan legalized abortion as Governor of California.
12. Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency.
13. Ronald Reagan supported gun control.
14. Global warming is real.
15. Republicans hate illegal immigrants, unless they need their lawns mowed or their houses cleaned.

Saturday, November 02, 2013


Ok look ,it is not hard to do . But I really liked this article and I urge you all to read it and use it the advice contained within it. Enjoy!


The problem with this type of Republican’s views:
They have no idea what they are talking about. Usually they’re just repeating things they’ve heard from Fox News or Rush Limbaugh. They think that liberals want to take away their freedoms and they clearly don’t know what the word “liberal” means, or what liberals have contributed to our country and our freedoms. They think President Obama is comparable to Hitler for passing healthcare reform. They accuse you of watching MSNBC if you don’t agree with them. They call you a sheep but expect you to blindly believe everything they tell you, without question.


Look well know that racist Teapublicans are not that smart. But this give insight on who they really are.


I just love Alan Grayson"s new fund raising tactic. He is telling the truth about the racist Tea Party.