Friday, June 16, 2006

Hey I am all bout love.

Okay ladies and gentleman this is the month of marriages and this is when you love someone so much you never want to be apart. Then of course after the honeymoon phase you can't wait to get away from these people.I mean take a look in your spouse's eyes take their hand and tell them ever so sweetly that they were the best you could do and that they are what you settled for...or that hey I just looked at you and realized I could have done better(just kidding)So I have taken upon myself to help you along in your matrimonial lives with this quick shot of "Anthony truths of life" the pictures speaks volumes of american marriages enjoy!

Hard Head Makes A Soft Bottom.

Hey folks I found this picture to the right is worth a thousand of my evil words.There has been a stunning new development in the Ben (Duh!whats a helmet)Roethlisberger case, he now says he will now forever wear a helmet when he rides a motorcycle.
Yeah no sh**t sherlock, I mean you only almost killed yourself, what was your first clue? I mean someone having to tell you to wear a helmet while on a fast motorcyle is like someone telling you that you have to hold your breath during a diving class(get the picture) somethings are just a matter of COMMON SENSE! Hey the above picture is dedicated to you. Love and Kisses the Evil Genius!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

You Can't Fix Stupid!

Okay hear me out just like these NasCar people who freak out when one of their favorite drivers goes kaput on the oil slick track, well it seems that another athelete almost bought the farm. Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is okay after having a near fatal motorcycle accident the other day. He flew off of his bike and hit a cars windshield so hard that he left a crack in the glass the shape of his skull,by the way he was not wearing a helmet. he broke his nose and jaw. The doctors say he is going to be fine and I am happy to hear that. But this speaks to a bigger issue should cyclist be forced to wear a helmet?
I will say my answer is an emphatic HELL NO!!!!!!! You see I am a believer in individual freedom as long as you are not hurting anyone else. See how that works.
I think people should utilize common sense and realize if you get on a fast motor bike then maybe you should exercise some good sense and wear a helmet, But the fact of the matter is, is that we live in a social "engineering culture" everybody wants to tell everybody else how to behave. Now any laws in the area of public safety and by that, I mean anything that affects the general public at large I am for. But helmet laws doesn't affect the public at large. All it does is gives a bunch of lawmakers power over your right to choose. I will explain what I mean. We have laws against murder, stealing, etc. Now here's a question professor Anthony has for the readers of this blog. How many of these laws actually prevent these acts from occuring?....I'll wait........give up, the answer is NONE of the laws prevent anything. You see, we will have laws against murder and stealing as long as people will object to being killed and stolen from. But the aforementioned affects the public at large. When you refuse to put on a helmet then that is your choice to do that. Although you would be better served to put a helmet on just in case of an accident,if not then we will happily scrape you off the pavement and go on with our lives, you see sometimes fun costs ya. Helmet laws would do nothing but money in the coffers of the state and the police depts thats it! Its funny we live in a culture that legalizes cigarettes and alcohol that kill thousands of people a year and ruins lives, but where are the people advocating banning people to drink and no smoking at all laws. You will not see it because of money and prohibition did not work. The short and long of it is this, people should exercise common sense no amount of laws will prevent stupidity. Now here is a last question, if bananas were found to cause various deadly cancers and intoxication and altered state of conciousness would the store owners remove them from the shelves immediately, yes or no?

Being Malkin Witch.

I am so sorry but this lady is the worst case of racial stockholm syndrome that I have ever seen in my life,she is just as mean as the Coultergeist. I put her picture here because Ann Coulter(spokeswoman for the republican party)keeps giving the impression that no one on their side could not respond to the 9/11 widows. Well Michelle and her friends have, all the time.

Damn that Daryl Hannah!

Okay here is where I get accused of being a rightwinger or a hyporite or a confused liberal. But I must point out that these baseless accusations always comes from closeminded tunnel visioned idiots. You see so many people are so focused on their viewpoints and their self righteousnes that when they are faced with people who can actually "think" they freak out and start name calling other than deal with the facts. Okay here we go, actress Daryl Hannah was arrested with friends after she climbed into a walnut tree or chained themselves to a concrete filled barrels to protest the eviction of 350 farmers who have occupied the land for 15 years free (did I say free)and have grown flowers on it for 10 years. Oh yeah did I mention that they never paid the actual land owner Ralph Horowitz rent.The owner was paying $25,000 to $30,000 a month in mortgage and other land costs. These lazy bastards never bothered to help out the land owner with any of the bills for the space they were actually using. Now the owner wants his land back and these farmers turned around and sued him and picketed his office. Now to their credit, the city provided other land and some farmers did leave. My point is this man has every right to do what he wants to on his property period! These squatters had no legal right and no contract to be there. They were trespassing and so Hannah and her sisters in crime were promptly arrested and jailed like the criminals they were.
Now I respect civil disobedience but what we witnessed was extreme leftist politics in action, depriving an owner to utilize the land he rightfully owns. You see folks the extreme left, like the extreme right has a sense of entitlement and that is wrong. This owner can do what he wants with the property he owns. Right!
When the left does stupid things like this they play right into the rightwings slimy hands now all of the rightwing hosts will now take this story(although its a fringe group) and then make it mainstream and then spin it and then say all liberals believe this stuff. That damn sense of entitlement.

Keep your Bitch Close And Your Enemies Shocked!

To all my Wavestation X listeners, I know we all saw the soft exchange between Hannity and the Coultergeist. I was not shocked to see Hannity throw her softball questions about her stupid book. You know with all this negative talk about the 9-11 widows lets remember this. That these brave women help fight for the creation of the 9-11 commission. The same commission that the Bushies wanted to put a stop to and stop investigations into and the creation of. Bush tried to cut funding to it and to show you how much he and Cheney respected the law they did not testify under oath and no recording was allowed and no transcripts were taken. Hmmm what were they trying to hide? How come they did not want their words verified? Any supporters have a answer to that? Now Clinton testfied also and did not do so under oath but the proceedings were taped and there are transcripts(Clinton did not have anything to hide apparently). I bring this up because Hannity and Fox News and Ann Coulter never do. Why? They are the first to say that the left hates honesty and the truth and how they love deceit. Hmmm Could the neo-cons really be talking about themselves. Also any listeners who try to bring up these facts to a neo-con please be prepared to be called anti-american and other names because it is a known fact that they do not like facts and remember that PBS study that surface about two years ago that proved that people who viewed Fox News on a regular basis were grossly uninformed about the war,world and politics. Makes you wonder why they are always on the backs of PBS. The honest truth is that they do not know any better, thats why they come off as so stupid... OOPs! I mean uninformed.


I swear this sounds familiar.

"A constitutional amendment should never be undertaken lightly
-- yet to defend marriage, our nation has no other choice."
-Dubya, July 10, 2004

Hey Mr. Bush that sounds a whole lot like,
"To prevent Saddam's mushroom clouds, we have no other choice but to invade Iraq."

You make bad decisions Sir- even for a worst president ever.

Gay Marriage Revisited!

You know I am starting to think where would the GOP be without gay men to run against. I am so tired of hearing this gay bashing crap, GET Over It! You know if gays want to get married let them. I am so tired of these bigoted elites on the right and left saying well they can have civil unions but not a marriage. Shut the hell up! Who are we to say that these people can't have a legal marriage. I mean how can we talk when our representatives are Britney Spears and every other straight marriage with a 70/% failure rate.(people love to ignore these facts).Hey look gay people have a right to lose half their shit like everyone else. Lets also stop this gay marriage constitutional amendment lie. We knew this was not going to pass when they conceived it, and stop bringing it up every election year. The bible thumpers are finally catching on to the fact that they are being used and bilked for votes,hoodwinked,baboozled,lead astray,gay people did not fall on us,we fell on gay people(let me hear the church say amen). This river of freedom must flow freely and to stop it,is like inserting another finger firmly in the dyke.(Thats river dyke,dirty minds).We know its a joke that the neo-cons only use gay marriage as a ruse. The idiots who are for it never get what they want afterwards just only in election years.

A lady named Anne in NewYork(not the Coultergeist) said in a letter,"They can call it whatever they like, but marriage will always be the union of a man and a woman.
If they want civil unions that's fine with me.
Please don't trivialize marriage by saying the people of the same sex can get married. They can have a civil union." Hmmm... is it just me or does that sound alot like, They can eat, but the front doors of restaurants will always be for white people, Please don't trivialize the front doors of restaurants.If they get hungry, they can use the back door like good coloreds.

Tell me, Anne, if you were gay and in love, would you want what every other couple have? Or would you settle for whatever bone the bigoted, hate-filled, God-fearing, Bible-thumping majority was willing to throw you? Just a thought.

For Whom The Ban Tolls.

Okay the kneejerk reactionists are at it again and so stupidly playing into the hands of the neo-cons. The latest installment to the cultural trainwreck known as Ann Coulter,is that some NewJersey democrats are trying to get her book banned from bookstores. This is a stupid move on the part of the left because now they are parotting the same behavior usually reserved by rightwingers, to shut out any dissenting voice(who do they think they are Fox News and the Bush administration). Your humble libertarian servant the Evil Genius feels that no matter how morally repugnant and wrong and hypocritical Ms.Coulter is, she deserves the right to free speech. Now I have the right not to buy her book or listen to her but I will never and "we" should never try to shut her up. I do not agree with Ann but I will defend her right to say what she says because if its Ann today it will be us tomorrow.
Even though she said this last year, "Liberals are always accusing us of repressing their speech. I say let's do it. Let's repress them. ... Frankly, I'm not a big fan of the First Amendment," Coulter said during an Oct. 21, 2005, speech at the University of Florida. Well.....lets be better than her.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Coultergeist!

Yeah I know this picture is extreme but so is Coulter
Okay I know we all saw the Matt Lauer and the Tucker Carlson interview with Ann Coulter. I know that she upsets a lot of people with her comments. But you can't let people like Ann upset you. I watched the exchange between Ann and Lauer and I also give Carlson credit for calling her on her brutal invectives concerning the 9-11 widows. Here is what it boils down to. She is trying to sell her book. I have read her past books and those books do not make sense. When I see her, I see a very disturbed individual. Let me say that Coulter is just like O'Reilly, they build a "strawman"(liberal) and then attack it. You see, they could not attack what real liberalism is because then the world would see that they are full of it. You see, when Coulter uses words like "liberal infallibility" her red meat base will eat it up and start using the term to sound somewhat intelligent. But the truth is there is no such thing as "liberal infallibility" she made it up like she does everything else hence the "Strawman" effect. I will give you another example of her lies. You see Coulter is a pathological liar when she said that they are not allowed to respond to victims who criticize the president or republicans, well she implied this lie when she said to Matt Lauer, Coulter: "To speak out using the fact they are widows. This is the left’s doctrine of infallibility. If they have a point to make about the 9-11 commission, about how to fight the war on terrorism, how about sending in somebody we are allowed to respond to. No. No. No. We have to respond to someone who had a family member die. Because then if we respond, oh you are questioning their authenticity"

But here is the interesting part. There has not been not one time that Limbaugh. Malkin,Carlson,any myrmidon on Fox News, O'reilly,Drudge,Savage has not critcized Cindy Sheehan and the 9-11 widows, hell they do it all the time, so what in the hell is she talking about? Now Bill O'reilly has said she makes a point, but she only makes a point if no one on the right has criticized the people, but they have!

Ann Coulter is a liar and probably mentally ill because what other kind of person would behave in this fashion. Lets hope she takes her medicine.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Flashes of thought in the Darkness of my mind Again

Hey guys I just thought of this listen up. It never hurts to follow the money.
If global warming is a myth, then why are insurance companies dropping flood coverage?
They seem to think these storms are getting worse and the odds are against them
More insurance means more profits, but they dropped those policies because
they would have to pay a penalty for ignoring the facts - while Bush is free to.

Crooked is as Crooked does!

Well it seems that this democrat William Jefferson might have taken some money that he shouldn't have. I mean the authorities found ninety thousand dollars in foil in his freezer. Now either that money is illegal or thats his new piggy bank. If he is guilty then he needs to go to prison,. But here is the interesting part, he is being protected by all people the Republicans. Why? I'll tell you why,you see there is a federal investigation going on and the focus of this investigation are republicans! So they do not want the government violating their privacy. Hmmm lets see...its okay to conduct illegal wiretaps with out warrants and lets see you can start an illegal war with the wrong country on trumped up charges but you can not raid the offices of a crooked congressman because you would be violating his rights. What? Did I hear that right! Their rights, Bull! They are not above the law and this does not violate the constitution.

You see folks,in the seventies the Supreme decided that bribery was not part of the legislative process so lets go get these bastards!