Friday, July 20, 2007


During my time at KKFI, I have never broken any rules concerning airing dirty laundry. I have always respected that. But since I am no longer part of the KKFI family. I have no such reservations and want to tell my listeners whats really going on behind the scenes. I think they should know of the duplicious nature of the FCR(Friends of Community Radio or now as they would like to be called Media) elites.I am sorry to inform my KKFI listeners of the bad news. There will be no more Wavestation X on radio anymore on KKFI. I thought and asked on record, that the grievance committee be fair with me. But fairness is so foreign to them like a personality is to Dick Cheney. So as promised, I will post all relevant documents(including my violation) pertaining to my grievance and you can decide for yourself ...did KKFI treat me fair? Or was I a casualty of a vendetta from 1999/2000?
When we shut down some FCR people from engaging in harassment activities at people homes and jobs(concerning station issues). Now keep in mind I have never been issued any warnings, verbal or written of any kind. for anything, Ever! I was accused of not giving station id's,which is true,(which I have on occasions forgot,like everyone else) but I am not the only person at KKFI who has forgotten to give station ids,it happens all the time. Cool Wayne on his show last night did not give station ids at twelve and 1am and 2am at all, he did not give a proper id at 3am. How come no one has suspended his show or pulled his past shows like they did mine? And he is not the only one! You will see documents written by the former acting general manager accusing Dennis the Red Menace and myself of trying to solicit hookers and sex on the air. Then when I confronted him about it, he admitted he did not do a thorough investigation of it and that it was not true. Plus that he probably received my emails that he lied about not getting in the first place. He admitted that he was wrong on the sex allegations. Even a grievance committee member understood the context. Now the grievance committee conviently left these little revelations out of the official findings from the official record. There are other lies contained in this letter but folks I want you to view everything and come up with your own decision and ask yourself does the punishment fit the crime. This is by no means over(trust me) and I will still post to my blog and thanks for giving me thirteen great years. I love you all! Evilly Yours Anthony. You can also call KKFI at 816-931-3122 or the on air number is 816-931-5534 and speak to the GM.

"People believe in free speech until they hear something they do not like".