Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What do you do to a rabid animal?

Ok we've all heard the exchange between myself and a certain caller. Thank you for all the emails I received in support of putting a racist in his place. I just wanted to say that in the future if you do not know anything about a particular subject matter, than you should read up on that subject before calling in a show and making yourself look like a fool and trying to argue the opposition. Now with that being said, this person who could not debate me on the issue at hand, had to result to a old racial standby of calling me "boy". Now on the surface boy is not a racial insult. But it is when said in the context and intonation that he used. You see 60 percent of communication is body movements and 30 percent is intonation(anyone who has ever taken a speech class is familiar with this). Remember this effect as a child when your mom said your name a certain way you would know if she was mad or happy? Well its the same way in this case.
This person was losing and he resorted to a low class way of trying to muster some kind of superiority and finally resulted to the only thing he knew how...Racial. He thought he hurt my feelings but I ended up laughing at him. Its a shame when a man only has to brag about the color of his skin. Now this person will swear that he is not a racist. Well Michael Richards said the same thing. All I know is that I can never forget this exchange and that he can never break bread with me ever!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Show Note!

I will not be on the show tonight. But I will be back next week.
Muhammad will be doing the show. Please makes sure he holds true to the show..LOL

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Usual Suspects!

Happy Birthday Osama you are the big 5 0

Folks I got this from the Huffington post...

Osama bin Laden is going to turn 50 on Saturday. The big 5-0. It's a special occasion. And George W. Bush got him the biggest present of all: 2006 days of freedom and well-being!

Man, that's thoughtful. Five and a half years ago, when bin Laden ordered the attacks against the Twin Towers, Pentagon and White House, he could not have imagined things going any better.
They hit three out of four targets. The United States government was asleep at the wheel. The American leader was so flummoxed by the attacks he sat around reading a children's book and looking like a jackass to the rest of the world. That same confused leader then invaded the country you were in but missed you as you strolled into Pakistan. Then he attacked the wrong country and deposed a secular leader you hated. He ran his army into the ground fighting the wrong people. And let you run free and uninhibited for 2006 days.

And now you're about to turn 50 - and you're still foot loose and fancy free. 2006 days since you attacked the United States and still no consequences. George Bush certainly knows what to get a guy. You couldn't have asked for anything more. He all about put on a party hat and sang you a song.

Friday, March 02, 2007

There is No Way in Hell!

Okay brace yourself for this one folks. Matter of fact I hope you are sitting down when you read this and pull up this site. Because when you visit this site you will find out that these folks actually believe that the earth is not rotating on its axis and is not orbiting the sun. No .. I'm not kidding. They actually believe that the earth is fixed in space ... not moving .. and that everything in the entire universe is revolving around the earth. This they believe because they say it is all set forth in the Bible.
Well whoop dee F**king Do.


This Country Needs A Enema!

I am so sick of this Anna Nicole Smith coverage on tv. Now keep in mind I knew the media would whore this out till the bitter end and ignore real news. Now with that being said,its a shame that she died and she was a tragic figure. I have no real sympathy because I do work in Hollywood and believe me people like her are the norm.
Now here is whats really going on in the world and if the media were doing their job instead of this love fest about Anna you would have heard about it. Al qaida is rebuilding, now wait! I know you are saying no way! Bush took care of him. Right?
Hell Naw! Let me jog your memory a little. Remember these quotes?

I just don't spend that much time on (Osama).
I truly am not that concerned about him."
- George Bush, March 13, 2002
"I just don't think I ever said I'm not worried about Osama. (Smirks)
It's kind of one of those ...exaggerations."
- George Bush(lying about the earlier quote), debate with Kerry, 2004

Remember Republicans telling us that Osama was not important anymore,that he was just a figure head. Well guess what? That figure head and his men just rebuilt Al qaida stronger than ever. How can the Bush administration let this happen? Because they were not serious about this war on terror in the first place. Now here come the spin no one is talking about this on tv that much especially Fox News.


Interesting Quotes!

"I've heard the call. I believe God wants me to run for president."
-- George W. Bush, quoted in George Magazine, September, 2000

"I would like to thank Providence and the Almighty for choosing me
of all people to be allowed to wage this battle for Germany."
-- Adolf

"A person who is guided by God will never be misguided by anyone."
-- Osama