Monday, January 28, 2008

Francis Semler

I am angry with Francis Semler for stepping down from the The Kansas City Park Recreation Board amid the controversy of her membership with the Minute Men. There were certain organizations like the SCLC and the La Raza(all fine organizations btw)that refused to hold their meetings here in Kansas City because of her affiliation with the Minute Men. Now Mayor Funkhouser(Lurch)had a showing of bravery when he said last year, that he does not believe in "guilt by association". Well he made the mistake of thinking that people actually used critical thinking, because that was lost on a majority of people. You see, I personally think the Minute Men are a bunch of right wing crazies and may have some organized/disorganized racial component present. But I think different people join for different reasons. But I refuse to believe, what the liberals are saying about it in their own Fred Phelpian fervor; "The Minute Men are a terrorist organization and they have attacked Hispanics and Blacks, they hate minorities and they are Nazi's"! Wow! Well this is what the Evil Genius believe.....The Minute Men to my knowledge have not been involved in any killings or terrorist activity to date. This hysteric rantings on the left are tantamount to the hysteric rantings on the right concerning illegal immigration. So to all you Minute Men haters,prove to me specific cases of these terrorist acts or racially motivated acts against minorities that can be traced back to the Minute Men. Because if you can't and are parroting just what you have heard from these organizations then you can have a job on Fox News!


I am so sick of all of this negativity between Clinton and Obama. Now all of you who hate what Bill is doing, have to realize that Bill is just playing the game. The only drawback, is that he is making his wife look weak and that does not bode well for her. I did not like it when Edwards wife was attacking his enemies and I do not like it in her case either. I also want to say, Hillary......really that crying thing was a little over the top. But I really like this race. You have Romney(who the Gop really wants to win). John McCain(the only decent guy in the republican race) I wish he had not kissed Bush ass so much. My man Ron Paul and that wonderful southern baptist bigot Mike Huckabee( the Gop is working against him).

At it again.

See folks, they are at it again. This a copy of an attack against me because I dare speak the truth about KKFI or what happened to me. It interesting that I have moved on from the station and these things still persist. No matter what I write or what some idiot says, it will not change the fact that a certain station is being mismanaged to the point they have endangered their existence. Now, to you 9-11 kool aid drinkers out there. Please when you write me a glowing thanks or a stupid hate letter, please take the time to properly punctuate it. There is no excuse for your laziness and lack of attention to detail(are all of you guys illiterate or something). So just know this, there should have been a exclamation mark after "No" since you were making a statement then capitalize the "t" [in this]. That way I can better read your nonsense and respond to it. Oh, and to answer your stupid statement, Yes! My snoring is better and I already get the panties just ask your mom. Okay that part was a joke(I don't know your mom)but I still get the panties. As far as being a disgruntled talk show host. Hey its KKFI not commercial radio. I loved my time at the station and it was a great experience. But I am "gruntled" and have moved on. I just hope that the station is still around by the time of your next stupid posting.

"Are you saying your snoring on air is more entertaining than 9.11 conspiracy theories? No, this was the comment of a disgruntled community radio station host. You have to wait until you make it to 97.1 to get the panties in the mail."

Iron Chef