Thursday, September 22, 2011


I was listening to a local radio show and I heard a man by the name of Kevin Jackson. This guy is a black teabagger and a Obama hater. Now there is a difference between someone who genuinely dislikes Obama and his policies vs the haters who constantly insult him and his wife and name calls him all the time. This man actually said that all liberals blacks are bad workers and if a black is hard working then he probably is a conservative.Some say he is a Uncle Tom or Sambo,a shine,a hambone,or house negro and a sell out . I just think he is a misguided political hack and a hustler. He calls himself the black Glenn Beck. The only difference is the real Glenn Beck is much richer and liked by conservative whites.Jackson on the other is just fodder for the whites who tolerate him.

Now, I will not stop to explain the ignorance behind such stupid statements. I mean is this where we are headed? That you can make sweeping generalizations and not be challenged on it. I mean I heard so much vitriol and ignorance from this guy. This man seems to give racists a cover for the hatred. He is a minstrel show turned on its ear. Are there any sane people in the teabaggers left? This man represents the teabaggers. I mean anyone can be lazy and shiftless regardless of color or political affiliation don't you agree? Just some highlights from Mr. Jackson

"The outcome is black Liberals are their own worst enemy when it comes to getting jobs. Employers don’t want the headache of hiring black Liberals. The first thing black Liberals want on the job is special treatment. Once hired, they immediately have a problem with the “Employee Handbook” that they happily sign in order to get the job. The dress code is racist or they have a problem with the policy of showing up.

“What you mean I can’t wear this, and I need to be here every day. And why I got to be on time. I have kids, and I can’t always do like them white folks who got nannies and sh*t What you mean, I can’t cuss.”

It’s because you were hired to be OUR RECEPTIONIST, you ignorant skank!

Black Liberals read the “Diversity Handbook” from cover to cover not thankful to the company for hiring them for their diverse point of view; black Liberals read the Diversity Handbook to look for lawsuit angles. They join the company’s racist black organization, organizations that have one purpose—report anything that appears racist, like use of the term “niggardly,” or other nonsense.

Forget doing your job and being excellent at it, for the real goal is to find a loophole to get a brotha or sista paid. It’s just a matter of time before a black Liberal will create a lawsuit out of nothing.

In short, black Liberals are horrible workers. They under-perform then use the race card, daring employers to fire them. A secret in the black community is black employers don’t even want to hire black Liberals."

What black people does he know? I mean how do we know he is even telling the truth? Why generalize? It seems that this works in a comedy routine than it does in a real political discussion.

Let me try some generalizations of my own and see how it fits.

All conservative women are whores.

White conservatives are all racist and lazy.

White people are inherently evil and are the cause of everything bad in this world.

Whites need to learn their place.

Blacks make this world better and whites come in and mess it up.

Whites are mentally inferior to blacks.

Whites have a weak recessive gene that makes them insecure because a man of color can wipe out is DNA with one good sperm shot.

White man are cowards and hide behind guns because that makes them feel powerful and gives whitey a false sense of security towards their superior darker counterparts.

White women need a real man and that's why they come running to us black gods.

White conservative men are stupid and hypocritical and dumb. I mean just look at the current crop of GOP presidential candidates if you don't believe me. And that dumb stupid white tramp running.

See my point racism and generalizing is stupid and pointless and the only people that engage in that form of idiot behavior are people who do not have a good argument or position in the first place.
So they go for the anti-intellectual low blow.

Kevin Jackson is a joke!