Sunday, March 01, 2009


Okay so much has been going on lately...the repubs are being who they have always been
(pretty much worthless).Mucho props to Obama for not having federal agents busting marijuana clinics anymore. I am glad that some grown ups realized that this practice was unnecessary and has stopped letting religious nuts dictating our public policy. Some white conservatives are still not comfortable with a darkie as now they are resorting to passive racist name calling. For instance they love to call Obama..."arrogant". They even stress it all the time. But Bush and Cheney were arrogant. The way their administration was ran was arrogant. But nooo only Barack is arrogant. Translation "Arrogant" is the new "Uppity" So when you hear a republican say that Obama's arrogant..what they are really mean is "uppity nigger"! Don't be fooled by Limbaugh and his ilk, this is what they mean. Because if it was just a matter of arrogance then they would have said the dame thing about Bush.....but they did not did they?

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Anonymous said...

Hey were you beat up by four white kids when you were younger. You seem to have a chip on shoulder.