Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Stupidity.

"You should get glasses since you seem unaware of what is painted on that sign the guy is propping up."-Palin supporter lying to himself and pretending that the word "Niggar" is not another way of saying "Nigger". I tell you what Palin supporter how about you explain to me what that word meant and what he meant by that sign? I dare you.

Hey look, why do you guys even bother responding to my postings. You have failed to present a rational argument on anything. You just want to attack and attack and not have a intelligent conversation. This site is for people from all different backgrounds to comment on or disagree. This and I repeat this is not a Fox News site where you can can spew hatred and arrogance and lies. So I am putting you bigots on notice...either respond intelligently to these postings or don't respond at all...Got It!! Now go take on the day!


Anonymous said...

I don’t know why you have such a hard on for Palin other than for the reason that you want to ride her around your bedroom. The fact is that for such an obvious retard such as Palin she seems to have cashed in big time and is doing all right for herself just like Obama. Maybe you can explain why Obama is so much more qualified to be president than Palin. Both were media creations.
As far as the guy holding the sign it is true that his choice of words were poor but you can’t really make the claim that he is a racist. He probably couldn’t even tell you the meaning or history of the word. It looked to me that he was just saying that members of Congress are the new slave masters and that taxpayers are the new Niggers on the block.
It did appear that he used the term Niggar because of not wanting to use the banned word Nigger thereby weakening your claim that the man was a straight up racist. A true white racist would have you used the word Nigger and hell with the consequences.
Is a lot of opposition to Obama because he is black or half black sure no doubt but then what would you call the people that protested against Bush…anti white/racists/bigots? The fact is that some people legitimately don’t like the direction that Obama and his allies in the Government want to take the country in. Is Obama a socialist…at heart I think he is but does that mean he will be able to swing the country ‘hard left’, only time will tell on that? I think that a lot of people understand that the health overhaul is nothing more than a wealth transfer from the shrinking middle class and upper class to the lower classes. Nancy Pelosi said something to the effect that a sixty percent tax rate sounded about right to her…I assume she was talking about the Federal Tax Rate and not all the other taxes that people are forced to pay. It all comes down to the last chapter of the Bell Curve that is the people with money supporting those with no money, ambition etc and little likely hood of achieving much in their pointless lives other than producing more children which doesn’t take any brains at all.

John said...

Your giving these idiots to much credit for having a functional thought process. They won't deal with you on a intelectual level cause they don't operate in that area.

We know "niggar" or "nigger" is a word that is being directed at the President. If they would talk about concerns about spending and the goverments role in the bailout,deficit reduction,federal reserve,etc. (speak with actual knowledge on the subject instead getting talking points from Fox news and talk radio then I can give respect.)

These are the idiots that had no care when Bush ran up the deficit on "TWAT" on a credit card. They don't deal with facts and they always need to be ridiculed and made fun of.

Anthony said...

Niggar or Nigger is still racist. the fact he used "Niggar" doesnt make him less of a racist it makes him more of one. Only a racist would think that using "NIGGAR" would not appear racist at all.He wanted to use the word so he did it in a roundabout way. If he wanted to be non racist there were other words could have been used. So do not try to excuse your ilk on this site. But I am guessing you thought you were blogging on a fox news site. . Don't post here anymore if you are going to just be stupid ok. This is a private site and I will erase without reading your posting. have a good day.