Friday, April 01, 2011


Ok. I just had a run in with of those dumb ass birthers. I don't take these people seriously at all. I urge all of my friends(conservative or liberal) to please stop talking to these bigoted idiots. It is a waste of time and they will never look at facts. They hate the darky president and thats final. But I found a nice article for you to reference the next time you find yourselves in the presence of one of these ignorant fucktards...OOps I meant individuals.As you can see this video. This bigoted idiot is towing the birther line. Now keep in mind she has no evidence at all for what she is saying. She is just repeating the same racist vicious lie over and over that she has been told. You can hear the chants of the other ignorant asses cheering her on. She screams I want my country back! From whom...we know whom, its that darky president thats whom. Now Mike Castle knows that these people are pretty much crazy and I feel sorry for him btw I loved the pledge of allegiance part and how the women nearest the camera giggled as if to say how stupid this all is. The good part is that these people are now in congress and now life has gotten really interesting. These people are just as wacky as the moon landing hoax people and the 911 truthers. Next time you see a birther ask them to show you proof of what they are saying. Like for instance his Kenyan birth certificate and proof his mom traveled to Kenya pregnant? Now of course they can't prove to you a damn thing.Also watch Rick Sanchez video put an end to this stupidity.


Anonymous said...

My guess is that his actual birth certificate says that he is a Muslim. He is American enough...just another white guy in the White House.
He is simply Bush The Third.

Anonymous said...

Birth certificate. What about his real identity??

Anonymous said...

The real deal is that it says on his BC that he is white. That is what he is hiding. I remember a lot of black people in power asking if he was black enough.

John said...

Wow the birther's sound real stupid. I didn't know a muslim is a race?. Yep the birther's are real smart.