Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WTF Stupid Quotes !

"The evil _____ is on it, making Bachmann look bad....Oh save us evil one!!!
Ummmm why leave off with that. How come your not posting shit about Obama not knowing his own damn birthday/age. Oh thats right your bias.

How come Obama cant have a Bush moment?? Oh and he did believe me.

Im sure you wont post this but i know you read it."
(some WSX reader pretending to be angry and muttering some nonsense about..something.)

I love it when people love to falsely compare Bachmann ignorant statements to Obama having misspeaking. They are not ashamed of this woman's embarrassing lack of historical knowledge and I guess that is the same has confusing Elvis's death day with his birthday of saying the founding fathers(lol) fought slavery and black kids had it better in slavery...Oh there is more. But decide for yourself.
And they thought I would not post this.....hhahahahahah lol.

I guess this is the same..HUH?

He obviously meant to say one month and as far as the states he misspoke but to compare him o Bachmann I mean come on!


Anonymous said...

Obama doesnt even know his own birthdate......Now thats funny...LOL

Post this and make some lame attempt to insult me. Same old same old.

Hows the radio show? DOH!! thats right. What does it say about a mans character to lose a volenteered gig. FLMAO!!!

Anthony said...

I fully expect some idiot to make a general statement about a happening event and not know the facts about it. I also like it when some listener talks out of his ass about stupid comparisons. What does it say about a mans character when he has no character and copies his book and is so beneath me in intellect and status and such an improper speller. Poor soul if his brain was dynamite he could not light a match.

Anonymous said...

"Poor soul if his brain was dynamite he could not light a match."


More idiotic statements.

I sourced all my info in my report. Oh and here is a thought. I gave them credit and all sources could be verified. Unlike someone we know....FLMAO!!

Doesnt matter the details of your release of a volunteered gig. The release says alot about i mans character who then refuses to own up and explain. Whatcha hidden from?

John said...

The President can't make a verbal gaffe?.

But it really is funny how someone
post something about losing a radio gig on a station like KKFI
and don't know what they are talking about.

A true man's character isn't measured by his sucess but how he handles failure. Ant's doing fine.

"rockit evil one!!!"

B said...

Higher in intellect than Bigdog, that's a given, but higher in status... Elitist mentalities could very well be our world's largest downfall. Status is relative anyway.

Anthony said...

Wow bigdog I see that you still have limited cognitive abilities. You see I have put up a website that chronicles what happened with the show. But I see that all you care about is lying about and insulting me. So I can not argue with your lack of understanding the issues. It seems to me that you are no different than all of the other right wingers out there. Plus it is very apparent that you do not understand basic simple logic. I can tell by all of your postings here and on other sites ..for example how you flippantly throw around the term "liberal douchebag" Right then and there a person can tell they are not dealing with a serious person. When you say stupid things it takes away your credibility you thought you may have had. In short you sound just like the dumb ass right wing robot I knew you to be.I knew you to be. I can't even take you seriously because the things you come up with is just so plain bat shit crazy. I swear I look at your comments and email my friends and we enjoy a laugh at your addled minded rantings and bad spelling. I know that is so elitist of me but damn man you are such a rich source of comedy relief.So to be honest I want you to post all the time because nothing I love more than exposing the idiocy and bigotry of your thoughts. But I know deep down inside you just can't help it. You just can't do any better. Good night!

Anonymous said...

"I swear I look at your comments and email my friends and we enjoy a laugh at your addled minded rantings and bad spelling."

Sure thing. A real credible person needs to circle the wagons in hopes of a full recovery.

Addled comment from EG: "Poor soul if his brain was dynamite he could not light a match."

Now thats comedy relief...LMAO!!

Spelling errors happen with everyone including you. See the thing is that mis-spelling is much like not knowing your own birthday..LMAO!!!

YOu might want to examine the word dumb-ass. Notice the correct spelling. I beleive proper english would denote 'right winged robot'.

"In short you sound just like the dumb ass right wing robot I knew you to be.I knew you to be."

Oh look more superior sentence structure with a redundant thought.... superfluous anyone?? According to you. Your credibilty and cognition just went bye bye.

Now here is a thought. If you truelly posted an explaination on this sight for your dismissal, of a voluntary gig...(LMAO!!) Please link it for me and prove me wrong.

I'll be waiting for the explaination/link.

Anthony said...

The link is posted in my blog. So if you really care about it. I will give you a hint the last year I was on the air was 2007.

Anonymous said...

From 2007; "I will post all relevant documents(including my violation) pertaining to my grievance and you can decide for yourself ...did KKFI treat me fair? Or was I a casualty of a vendetta from 1999/2000?"

Ummmmm.... its 2011 and you havent done it. Now you are getting at the root flaw concerning your own character. Coupled that with your idealogy of not posting ones rebutals, wich would have made you look less than you think you are. Adding to that severals dashes of plagiarism. I enjoy knocking LDB's around whom appear to be pretensious by nature. Frankly you and John fit that bill and in lies my bigotry against LDB's.

Back to your dismisal. I already knew about the station ID thing. YOu should be reminded i defended you at the radio blog when someone accused you and others present, of having a show while high as fuck.
Notice i was the only one to do so out of all your listeners, including John. Nope no hightened sense of loyalty just reminded you of something you may have forgotten and to soften my next comment abit.

You are a tool for not posting my rebutals. I slammed your Reagonomics mis-representation with real facts and you never posted it. You said i flamed you wich wasnt true. I spent alot of time linking the correct info. So your reputation as an honest, open thinker went fucking south real quick. Then i notice, a same trait with John about two years ago and in the same time frame.

FOUR years later and no documents. BTW in that 2007 post i never posted a thing because i was waiting for full disclosure from you so i could decide for myself.

Anthony said...

Well for someone who complains that I never post your rebuttals. You sure have a lot of rebuttals on here. Send me your email addy and I will happily send you the link

John said...

I might disagree with conservatives on issues but I demand they come to the forum with respect. We are all americans and at the end of the day we need to work together to make this country work.

Someone like BD tends to make me sad. He is typical of a lot conservatives in today's body politic who are angry all the time. Even when they are in power they are pissed at something.

He admits he's a bigot toward LBD's (liberal douche bags) and I have a feeling his bigotry moves to other areas about me,Tony and others.

Anonymous said...

Right on and every time you make your stupid challenges like i dare some teabagger or right winger or reaganite or whatever you decide that day as a title. When i except and post my retorts and in turn make you look foolish based on REAL, FACTUAL content, those are the ones you wont post. So pick and choose your lil LDB heart away.

Link to what? The documents you promised 4 years ago?

No problem: