Thursday, December 29, 2011


I am so glad Maher said what he did about that hypocrite Tebow. It seems like the religious people can't take being criticized. Now they want people to ban HBO. Hell, I just renewed my subscription to HBO.

'Tebow lost and I guess he forgot to give God the glory. All Maher said was the truth.


Bill Maher created a firestorm over the Christmas weekend with a funny reaction to Tebow's
four interceptions in the Broncos' lopsided defeat to the Bills, Maher poked fun at the very religious NFL star. (Warning: Bill Maher uses the language most Americans use.)

"Wow, Jesus just fucked #TimTebow bad! And on Xmas Eve! Somewhere
...Satan is tebowing,
saying to Hitler "Hey, Buffalo’s killing them," Maher tweeted.

Maher upset a number of no-sense-of-humor conservatives. Eric Bolling, a whore who's paid
to be outraged by Fox News, called Maher"disgusting vile trash," among other things.

Tebow didn't bother responding to Maher, but plenty of his fans did. Some called for a mass
cancellation of HBO subscriptions over the offensive tweet. "Real Time with Bill Maher,"
is scheduled to return January 13, 2012.

As a wiseman once said......Boo-fucking-hoo.
A comedian made a joke about religious hypocrisy and the religiously insane can't take it. When Tebow wins, he says "God won this game, not me."
So when he loses, why is it not God's fault?

Of course, the truth is there is no God but many people are afraid to admit it.
They can't make it thru the day without advice from that angel on their shoulder.

Maybe that's why America is no longer the greatest country in the world.
What are we ranked these days, 45th?

The religio-crazies want it both ways.

When the plane crashes and kills all but 3, they say, "God reached down and saved those 3,"
but they never mention why got wanted the other 297 people on that plane to die.

And when will the Right learn that comedians LOVE IT when they're attacked?


TF said...

Bill Maher is an asshole, he says that shit to purposefully be offensive. God bless america

John said...

Tebow is the real deal as far as being a christan. He and his parents do a lot of missionary work in Asia.

The issue is that he lives his faith out in front for everyone to see and that tends to rub a lot of people the wrong way.

I just hope God is dealing with more important things like the suffering in the world and not a stupid sporting event.

John said...

Maher might be offensive to some but he is a comic who is edgy and is a social observer of the culture. If you don't like it just ignore it. If you think he is bad then you should have listen to Bill Hicks material or Kathy Griffin's stuff.

Anonymous said...

Bill Maher hating Jew. Nothing to see.