Saturday, April 07, 2012


“We will have a hearing and put on the record what sports leagues and teams at the professional and collegiate levels are doing to make sure that there’s no place in athletics for these pay-to-main bounties,” Durbin said on the Senate floor Thursday. “I want to hear the policies and practices in each of the major sports and collegiate sports that are being put in place.” Dick Durbin (D - lying ass hypocrite) pretending that this bounty stuff is very serious.

NFL bounties? You mean Congress wants to do something about it? Right they can't keep their own members straight.

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John said...

I really think the Senate and House has a lot more important things to do then dealing with something that the NFL has dealt with. It would be nice if they start working on jobs programs,raising taxes on the rich and along with that spending cuts.Also it would be nice if one side of the Congress would stop trying to rollback the gains for women. Just throwing it out thar!!