Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Storm to Destroy Nazi-Con 2012?
God is angry with the woman-hating GOP

Well it seems like there may be a hurricane interrupting Nazi-Con..OOps I meant the Republican Convention So sad. Forecasters are watching Tropical Storm Isaac, which was moving towards next week's Nazi-Con 2012 in Tampa. It's much too early to say with any certainty whether it will gain hurricane strength or make a beeline for Tampa,
on Florida's west coast. But it's the type of weather that convention organizers knew was a possibility during the  peak of hurricane season — and they have backup plans in place in a worst-case scenario. It's been 90 years since a major hurricane made a direct hit on Tampa, so they're due.


Anonymous said...

Just like a dumb ass LDB!!! got it all wrong. Typical.

Anonymous said...

I see Big DUHHHH!! is still blogging his useless thoughts.