Monday, September 17, 2012

To Mitt Or Not to Mitt ?

Look we all know Mitt did not pay taxes. Oh you do not believe me? Well Mit submitted 23 tax documents to McCain so he would know. Check this out :)

Also check out Romney is a flip flopper.


Anonymous said...

Didnt pay taxes huh???? open mouth insert LDB!!

Pastor Pete said...

Bain Capital, leave Sensata in Freeport! A person would have to be an absolute idiot to vote Romney and expect him to "get tough" on China. His greedy ass is sending U.S. jobs to China so that he can make a profit. This shit is not that hard to figure out folks. And please take a swing at me lil' Romney, you punk-ass bitch. Go Obama!! Now go shout it from the mountain tops. Praise be to god. Glory in the highest.