Thursday, November 08, 2012


The talk radio liars..oops.....hosts were crying about why they lost and how can they start winning. I mean Rove just pissed away 400 million dollars on a lie. So although I really do not believe the party will actually ever change even after the ass whupping they received the other day due to the fact the Obama hate is too deep.So I know this will be lost on you guys  but here goes.. You know its like the modern day neocon has been living in a kind of terrarium growing. And in this terrarium bubble they told them selves lies like Obama is a Kenyan socialist communist hates whites and this country and is a failure and is hell bent on taking us down the drain. So also in this terrarium they only interacted with and listened to each other and so they made a dumb assumption that outside of the bubble the rest of the country saw Obama this same lopsided way too.When they encountered facts they foolishly passed it off as typical liberal dribble.. So after the election reality hit them hard and they were dumbfounded about what happened. I mean look at Rove's meltdown on Fox News Megyn Kelly had to set him straight. It is sad really. They ran a candidate who was inferior and a bad salesman and now they are shocked they lost. Their guy said he will not let his campaigned be dictated by fact checkers (WTF) and some voter supression thrown in for good measure. SO what I am saying to you is stop lying to yourselves and go out and be inclusive and actually have a good message of conservatism and say why your ideas are better and let it be fact based and not platitude. I say this with LOVE.

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