Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I love to hear the truth. This is Tim Wise. I am glad that people are talking about bias's in this country.

Thursday, March 22, 2012



This is a shame what happened to this young man. This man left his car despite the cops suggestion of do not follow him wait for the arrival of the police. The shooter should have been arrested and charged. I have studied this case and the law he is hiding behind does not apply to this case. The cops botched it and someone will pay for this. If you listen to the tape it is apparent at the 2:22 mark on the call tape this man calls the young Trayvon Martin an "F'n coon". Not once did he sound like was in danger indeed he followed Trayvon and he was possibly on a mission to kill this innocent child. This is such a shame and for this man yet to be arrested. Just in case someone feels sorry for Zimmerman please keep these facts in mind. First of all the neighborhood watch rules are to be non confrontational and be a good witness and not to ENGAGE any threat and not be armed! Zimmerman perception of threat was that he did not see Trayvon as a threat. Why do I say that? Because he ignored the suggestion of the 911 operator and left the car to follow him. Which goes against any neighborhood watch rules. This man has a history of assaulting cops and violence and he still had a permit ? On top of that he has what we call a "badge heavy" mentality. Based on the 911 call and Trayvon's girlfriends statements and what I know as a former cop. Zimmerman seemed to be the aggressor and what follows was a police cover up. The gun gave him a false sense of security. He was gung ho about knabbing Martin. His past spells it out for you. My question is ..why did the police test Trayvon's body for drugs and not Zimmerman? Why did the officer not take Zimmerman's statement and then let him leave the scene with the weapon? Why did the police not interview any witnesses and then when they did interview one witness they told the witness nevermind because your version contradicts Zimmerman's ? Why was Trayvon's body allowed to sit in the morgue for three days and the cops went about their own business and then never contacting his parents even though they had is cell phone,Trayvon's parents had to declare him missing before the cops reacted why? Why did the chief of police state that according to the statement Zimmerman gave that it was self defense when Zimmerman according to the officer on the scene never gave a statement? Why did Zimmerman leave the care and not wiat foir police as instructed? Just a few questions that I have.



Andrew Breitbart just kicked the bucket. Found dead on the sidewalk. I feel for his family that they have to go through this. But with that said he was a despicable lying human being. I saw the Obama tape and it was an outright lie. I mean that's what taking cocaine will do to you Andrew,snorting one bump too many you cokehead. I guess Ken Lay has a new playmate in hell.

ANTHONY'S NOTE: Disclaimer...I do not know for a fact at all that Breitbart even seen, let alone snorted cocaine or died of a coke overdose. But I am just doing what Breitbart would have done ,by lying and distorting a story like he has done to many innocent people all the time.