Thursday, March 22, 2012


Andrew Breitbart just kicked the bucket. Found dead on the sidewalk. I feel for his family that they have to go through this. But with that said he was a despicable lying human being. I saw the Obama tape and it was an outright lie. I mean that's what taking cocaine will do to you Andrew,snorting one bump too many you cokehead. I guess Ken Lay has a new playmate in hell.

ANTHONY'S NOTE: Disclaimer...I do not know for a fact at all that Breitbart even seen, let alone snorted cocaine or died of a coke overdose. But I am just doing what Breitbart would have done ,by lying and distorting a story like he has done to many innocent people all the time.

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John said...

This clown was a product of the new media. He made his living being over the top and saying and doing really outrageous things. I feel for his family but he I hope is resting in Hell!.