Thursday, January 24, 2013


                                                       THE WAS NOT OK!
I really have lost respect for the NRA! This organization  has degenerated into a caricature of itself. They are very selective with whom they want to arm and disarm! Let me educate you on the Mulford Act, where then Gov Reagan wanted to keep the Black Panthers from walking around with their guns in public following policemen who were brutalizing their neighborhood.So not wanting to be abused by govt officials,they decided to take up arms  or their protection.Not to threatened police. They exercised their 2nd amendment rights and open carried their guns. Which was perfectly legal in California as long as the guns are unloaded.. Now keep in mind that this was before the Panthers attracted attention from Hoover and The FBI COINTEL PRO. So along with the help of the  NRA,  Reagan  passed the Mulford Act which disarmed Californians. You see when Trayvon Martin was killed there was no cry from the NRA for young black men to arm themselves. So just keep in mind that the rightwing and conservatives and the NRA are a joke and probable bigots.

                                                       BUT THIS IS OK ?
                        You can bring assault rifles and handguns to JC Penny and  presidential events.

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