Thursday, March 20, 2014


 But don't worry, it's just the Earth burning!

Now that the East Coast and parts of the southern U.S. have been battered over and again with extreme weather this winter, and while California is in the midst of its worst and longest drought on historical record, the Sunday "news" shows, all at once, decided to cover what they describe as "climate change" --- or, in the words of Meet the Whore's, David Gregory, "The Politics of Weather".

All four of the major Sunday "news" shows --- NBC's Meet the Whore, ABC's This Whore, CBS' Face the Whore and Fox's Fox "Whore" Sunday --- covered the matter in various (lousy) ways.

Out of all four of them, just This Week and Face the Nation, bothered to book an actual climate scientist to take part in the conversation with their various bevies of political and journalistic deniers and non-scientists.
Only Face the Nation offered a one-on-one with a climate scientist before then bringing on the denier.

They say England is having it's worst flooding in 250 years.

Repeat - the worst flooding in 250 years, but I'm sure that's nothing to worry about.

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