Saturday, December 26, 2015


  I am so sick of the political correctness on college campuses. Safe Zones and wanting to quell free speech,,WTF? I am so not with you liberals on this. You guys are so wrong. There is never any "safe zone" from free speech. You guys are becoming little fascists and I do not like it. Stop shutting down others and Bill Maher for speaking their peace.  Here is a lesson for today..popular speech  by definition does not need protection.  Black Lives Matter I fully support your civil disobedience. Blacks on college campuses you get no safe zones from racism, no matter what color you are.

Anthony's truth of life# 32. "PEOPLE BELIEVE IN FREE SPEECH UNTIL THEY HEAR SPEECH THEY DO NOT LIKE ! You do not have the right to not be offended ! I get offended every day by offensive speech ...I listen to it and then register how I feel about it .....and then (wait for it)....I go on with my damn life! It's this crazy thing I do called being an adult. So your so called safe zones(seriously ?) and calling for the assault of a media person,do not supercede my right to free speech ! Starbucks(a private company) is not obligated to cater to your religious or holiday whims (it's called religious freedom(seriously people are crying about what a coffee cup does not say? ) War on Christmas? F**k Outta here! How about Starbucks free speech right to not put it on there ? .Someone says something publicly on campus (or anywhere for that matter) that offends you..offer a rejoinder or don't !. But don't shut them down ! And don't call the police (it's not their job) this is what counselors and school officials and other organizations are for . I support protests and your right to peacefully speak and assemble . But are we turning into a nation of coddled crybabies.? Anthony out !

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