Thursday, December 31, 2015


I want to say Happy New year to all of my readers around the world. I love you all and 2016 will find me posting more and criticizing this stupid political world we live in. I predict the candidates will say and do even crazier things and attack each other and attack Trump and Trump will fracture the party in two pieces assuring a victory for Hillary. Be safe out there and see all of you in 2016.

Saturday, December 26, 2015


  I am so sick of the political correctness on college campuses. Safe Zones and wanting to quell free speech,,WTF? I am so not with you liberals on this. You guys are so wrong. There is never any "safe zone" from free speech. You guys are becoming little fascists and I do not like it. Stop shutting down others and Bill Maher for speaking their peace.  Here is a lesson for today..popular speech  by definition does not need protection.  Black Lives Matter I fully support your civil disobedience. Blacks on college campuses you get no safe zones from racism, no matter what color you are.

Anthony's truth of life# 32. "PEOPLE BELIEVE IN FREE SPEECH UNTIL THEY HEAR SPEECH THEY DO NOT LIKE ! You do not have the right to not be offended ! I get offended every day by offensive speech ...I listen to it and then register how I feel about it .....and then (wait for it)....I go on with my damn life! It's this crazy thing I do called being an adult. So your so called safe zones(seriously ?) and calling for the assault of a media person,do not supercede my right to free speech ! Starbucks(a private company) is not obligated to cater to your religious or holiday whims (it's called religious freedom(seriously people are crying about what a coffee cup does not say? ) War on Christmas? F**k Outta here! How about Starbucks free speech right to not put it on there ? .Someone says something publicly on campus (or anywhere for that matter) that offends you..offer a rejoinder or don't !. But don't shut them down ! And don't call the police (it's not their job) this is what counselors and school officials and other organizations are for . I support protests and your right to peacefully speak and assemble . But are we turning into a nation of coddled crybabies.? Anthony out !


Ok moment of truth! I am so done with this fake tough man posturing over firearms. They want to open carry and act all bad and tough,but won't sign up to go fight ISIS or ISIL. Stop this good guy with a gun,stops a bad guy with a gun crap(canard). This idea only works,if you spend lots of time at the range perfecting your skills( this only constitutes 3% of mass shootings of good guys helping out ) and not shooting a piece of paper and receiving your card and calling it a day and never going back to the range. So to some of you weekend warriors who think you have what it takes...keep this in mind. It took 23 highly trained & experienced S.W.A.T officers and responding units to take down the San Bernardino shooters. Let that sink in for a moment... While airing a parade of spots stating that every American should be armed to protect themselves and the "homeland", FOX studios does not allow weapons on the premises. *ahem*

But let's keep pretending that you, John Q. Couch potato, with your entire 3 hrs a year at the range and your CCW 40., with no tactical training or experience whatsoever, never been in a fire fight in your life,hell, most of you have never been in a fist fight and now you are going to save us? . So you believe that you will instantly acquire magical, one shot, one kill, skills, because you are drawing on your years of video game experience playing Call of Duty, Black Ops to save the day? *FACE PALM*( Very few people in a high stress situation, have the proper judgement and tactical know how to have proper target discrimination in close quarters in low light conditions in a crowded place with a moving target to hit clean ) Think of everything else that most people screw up on or do half heartedly ...but then they turn into Rambo in a crisis with a gun and little training to save us ?

Friday, December 04, 2015


As you can see,some bigots had a problem with a imaginary story been told by black actors. But its ok when the actors are white  or when white actors portray roles that were historically black or dark skin. See my point. When you're white your all right. Keep in mind only bigots deny white privilege