Tuesday, October 25, 2016


                                           I don't know how to quit you.

 Look, I have to be honest here. I hate the direction that politics are going in this country. I hate that it's turning ugly and pitting Americans against dumb Americans. But lets face it, I have always been ready and wanting and willing to take the time to kick a republican when they are down. Believe me, when I tell you now is a better than anytime to do just that. The republican party is dying and Fox fake news just fired Roger Ailes for sexual harassment  and Hannity is reduced to defending the National Enquirer as a legitimate news source and Trump(R-Pussy Grabber) is running a base election in a general and is out grabbing pussies and his poll numbers are lower than Charlie Sheen's T cell count. I am loving every bit of this. Who would have though that the country does not want to elect a stupid and anti intellectual ,racist,lying and serial sex harassing bully and all round stupid idiot. The debates where awesome and never has a candidate lost two debates let alone three debates in a row. They will definitely lose races in the down ballots. Now some Trump supports are good just misguided people. Then there are the stupid and deplorable bigoted idiots. As the death blow is dealt to what was the GOP( Grab Our Pussy) and is now the White Nationalists Party. I must say that its interesting how the fly monkey lying right as attacked Obama and Clinton on everything but somehow they ignore Trump and his misdeeds. They talk about Clinton's emails,but never mentioned the 22 million that Bush deleted on a private server in the White House. Poor eunuchs Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan and Rubio have killed their careers..Rubio has called Trump (rightfully so) a liar and con artist. Now he endorses him despite all that has come out about him. Trump is a con artist and sexual harasser and liar,but he is better than Hillary..Huh ?  If Ryan or Rubio or anyone who supports Trump then you support sexual assault and anything else this idiot does.

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