Friday, November 16, 2007

Dog Eat Dog World! I love It!

Okay we have heard all about Dog the bounty hunter and his racist rantings.
My point is, hey Dog don't apologize you meant every word. You just never thought you would be caught thats all. Now here is what you do. First of all butch up and not bitch up and tell everyone that you were just angry and you let it slip and hey sometimes these darkies piss you off. Secondly, tell that stupid son of yours to stop defending you in public by saying "My dads not racist because if he was then he would shave is head and have swastikas tattoed on him"....What? Thirdly please do not try to appease blacks by saying that you will be buried in a slave cemetery that is so patronizing,plus it makes you look more racist. Fourthly(is there such a thing)Stay the hell out of your sons business,if he wants to date a black girl leave him the hell alone and get your own. I am so tired of this white arrogance in this country. As is if you guys are so good and that blacks just do not measure up. No one put you guys in charge of anything, Ok! Drop the white arrogance and grab a black person and pucker up whitey.Oh yeah and cut that outdated Twisted sister mullet".

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