Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hot For These Teachers!

Okay, I found this very interesting. How do I get back into school?

Here is a loooooong-ass list of the teacher 'sexpidemic' cases WhoreNetDaily has documented where female teachers have been accused, or convicted, of assaulting students:

Note from Philip, who sent this in:

It would take a person three days to read this entire list. What is going on here?
What is the bottom line? How many don't get caught? Is all this something new?
and the number one question it too late for me to get my ignorant-ass back in school?

Looks like another good reason not to send your kids to a Catholic school.

Between being raped by a priest at the age of 5 or having sex with the hot teacher at 16,
I'd rather gamble with the public school system. At least in public school, you're not
dealing with a worldwide child-rape conspiracy run by the dang pope.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Democrats cave in on FISA!

Its good to see that Carlin was right. Power does what it wants and its good to see that the democrats still can not stand up to the lawless Bush administration. So to hell with the Constitution. I hear the next stem cell debate will be whether its possible to create spines/backbones in the laboratory and implant them into democrats.

Vote their asses out next term!

Reprint. The Truth About The War!

(Originally titled; Sean Hannity Is A Trick Bitch!!)

Sean Hannity(R-Insane Lying Whore)always likes to repeat this lie over and over again you know the lie...... "If the democrats were in power mass graves would still be filled and the rape and tortures rooms would still go on"....really dumbass let me count the ways. In 1988 Saddam gassed the Kurds and America sold him even more weapons of mass destruction Oh yeah by the way he threw the bodies in "MASS GRAVES" the same mass graves that he used as a lie Oops! I mean reason to go into the country to invade! America helped Saddam cover it up. Which could go to explain why Saddam is being charged with pre 1983-88 crimes and not anything having to do with 9-11(interesting). In 1983 he killed Iranians and Reagan sent Donald Rumsfeld to ensure Iraqi/American relations and of course we sold him more weapons(Anthony say it ain't so). Its so! So basically I am refuting Sean Hannity's ASSertions to prove that under two Republican adminstrations that rape and torture rooms went on and mass graves were filled(Damn I am good) and they did not bat and eye. Now all of a sudden they care about the goings on 17 years later.What! And do not give me this Clinton thought so to crap. The next time some crippled bitch neo-monkey slithers up to you and says that. You respond by saying... Well here is the TRUTH on that one.

This claim, while accurate, is completely irrelevant to the question of whether Bush lied us to war. What follows are a few of the things Clinton and Democrats didn’t say in the run-up to war. Yet these are claims—starting in the fall of 02—which took us to war in Iraq:

1) President Clinton didn’t say: That Saddam could have a nuke within six months. That was the statement of Vice President Cheney—and it contradicted the state of the intelligence.

2) President Clinton didn’t say: That there was only one use for those aluminum tubes—that the tubes could only be used in nukes. That statement was made by Condoleezza Rice. It contradicted the state of the intelligence.

3) President Clinton didn’t say: That Iraq had unmanned aerial vehicles which it “could deliver biological weapons to its neighbors or, if transported, to other countries including the United States.” That clownish claim was made by Colin Powell in his presentation before the UN—the presentation which ended debate about the war. (In Plan of Attack, Bob Woodward drew a devastating picture of the way Powell assembled this report. Liberal elites ignored it, though. Reading books is just too gosh-darn hard.)

4) President Clinton didn’t say: That Iraq could fire up its chemical and biological weapons within 45 minutes. That was President Bush, in September 2002—making the statement which George Tenet derided as “the 45-minute shit.” President Clinton wasn’t talking this “shit;” it was Bush who was talking it. (In Plan of Attack, Bob Woodward describes Tenet ridiculing Bush’s statement this way. Liberal elites ignored it.)

5) President Clinton didn’t say: That Saddam was seeking uranium from Africa. Whatever you’ve decided about this claim—we’d say it played an extremely small role in the run-up to war—it wasn’t Bill Clinton who made it.

6) And, of course, President Clinton didn’t say: That Iraq was involved in September 11. That was the Bush team, over and over. The claim was made to build the impression that Saddam was inclined to attack us. With those UAVs, for example. In as little as forty-five minutes.

The concept here isn’t all that tough. Yes, most people did believe that Iraq would have chemical or biological weapons. We’d assume that the Bush Admin actually thought this too.
But chemical and biological weapons weren’t a threat to the United States—so the Bush Admin began to pimp the idea that Saddam might also have nukes. The heavy pimping of the nukes began in August 2002—driven by blatant misstatements by Cheney, Rice and Bush, not by Clinton. At the same time, we heard that Saddam’s UAVs could deliver chem and bio to this country—and we heard that Saddam would surely do so if he could. (Just look at his role in September 11!) Bill Clinton didn’t say these things—these things were said by Bush/Cheney/Rice. And these were the claims, in the fall of 02, which actually took the nation to war. The claim that Saddam had WMD was not the claim which took us to war. It was the claims we’ve listed above—claims which were not made by Clinton.
posted by Evil Genius Anthony at Wednesday, November 16, 2005 |

Message from the EVIL GENIUS!

Ok, thats not really me in that picture. But I thought it was really fly and bitchin.
I want everyone now to listen and watch what is going on in this country. Despite the lies and half truths you will hear on talk radio here is what you will bear witness to. For one, the Democrats let Bush off the hook with that Fisa bill they passed which will protect all of the telecommunications companies from prosecution for criminal behaviors...hmmmm.If they did nothing illegal like they claim, then why would they need protection..Hmmm!

You now see that myself and a lot of people were right about this war. It was not about "terrorism" it was about OIL and power. Think about it,anyone who does not listen to talk radio or Fox News knows that this is the truth. Just look at everything that went down over the years. Remember this should have a been cut and dried case against Saddam right? But we had missions that changed constantly. Powell lying to the U.N.and now he admits it.No WMD'S, no ties to AL-qaida and plus this war has not made us safer. But one thing that I knew all along is, what's going on now. Check out this article( I am sure its only a coincidence lol). I say this because how everything will be forgotten real soon. They denied this was about oil but look at it now! Plus read an old posting from Nov 16th 2005 from yours truly.


Hmm big oil doing business with Iraq .........HMMMMMMM!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Oh, I Can't Wait Till The General Election!

R.I.P (maybe) George! You have earned it ! We've lost a bright light.

My heart is heavy today with the announcement of the death of George Carlin.
No one has been a greater influence on me than this man. Remember folks,radio and tv sucks in this country and in town on PURPOSE! To keep you stupid and keeps us fighting among each other. The only weapon we have is to use critical thinking skills and to challenge these neo-cons right wingers,religious nuts,crazy left wingers, republicans, democrats and general idiots every chance we get. If you don't believe me please research/google,the prussian school system and a guy named Horace Mann and I want you to think about it and how it influenced or school system(get back to me on it).

Please Enjoy

Monday, June 16, 2008

Guilty of Forced Oral Sex - with a dude

Now you know without looking that it's a Republican.

Aw hell naw! this just isn't right and this is not referring to the homosexual act.
But another crazed sex predator republican(whats wrong with you guys?)


Glenn Murphy Jr., 34, former head of the Clark County Republican Party, and the victim, then 22,had been guests at a party in the Jeffersonville home of the victim's sister last July 28, Levco said. Both men spent the night at the home. When the victim woke up, "Mr. Murphy, former head of the Clark County GOP was performing oral sex on him against his will. He (the victim)was asleep at the time," Levco said.

Superior Court Judge Vicki Carmichael asked Murphy, former head of the Clark County
Republican Party whether those were the facts to which he was admitting.

"Yes," Murphy former head of the Clark County Republican Party, answered.
here is the link

Damn,Shit ain't right!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I don't believe this crap. They the wingnuts think that the fist pound Obama gave his wife was a terrorist gesture. But its appropriate for Bush to chest pound a cadet?

Personally I think they are both are ok. But please get a life.

Can you believe this Sh*t.

The True GOP!

Just watch folks, you are really about to see the Gop true colors.

What tha F..............?

Beam me up Scotty.

Its great, Scott McClellen is spilling his guts about this lying ass administration and willing to testify. Good for you Scott and remember Neo-Cons hate themselves and America so you are doing them a favor. :)