Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Okay folks, today is the day.Barack will be sworn in. This is the day that we officially get rid of Bush and the crooks(to be investigated later I hope)and we welcome in intelligence and competence. Now keep in mind the neocons are a failed lot,conservatism has failed us it only works on paper. These guys gave us economic failure, made this country unsafe for us and failed to get Bin Laden and they covered for Bush and his crimes. They have ran this country into the ground and divided this nation. Plus it looks like they are going to go the Palin route stupidity on top of stupidity.But the funny thing is folks is that these dick weeds are going to act like that they did a great job and its the left that screwed everything up ...now they want Obama to fail believe me they do. They won't take responsibility for their actions and hell we tortured and still did not come close to getting Bin Laden. This is the pitiful legacy of the neocons parasites. So please revel in Hannity's and Coulters and the rest of the mental handicapped neo cons out there and laugh at their stupid views and just know that this is what delusional people do for entertainment.

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NIck martin said...

Yo ant-dog
Man it does my heart good to see you are still telling the truth just like you did on the radio back in the day