Wednesday, February 04, 2009


A new Rasmussen poll further demonstrates that the GOP could be in for a long stretch in the wilderness. A majority of GOP voters now say that the party should be more like Sarah Palin. 55% of Republicans say the party should be like Palin, 24% say they should be like John McCain. Dumb ass ignorance and abject stupidity is all the rage now in GOP circles. Don't have a clue or a brain and you think God's talking to you? Hey,they can use you in today's Republican fascist party.
Now the real conservatives will back out and hopefully find some other party. But
apparently, as the semi-normal conservatives back away from the Party of Hate,
that leaves the Palin/Coulter/Hannity/Limbaugh faction in control and that's a good thing folks...for us. Thank you so much God for allowing the Republicans to go down that road that I wanted them to.Thank you for letting them ignore Bobby Jindal.Sarah Palin thinks that she is relevant,Limbaugh is the de facto leader of the party. The RNC picked Michael Steele(R-Lawn Jockey)to be their leader and the next thing out of his mouth was just as stupid as ever. This is going to be a good year.And President Obama get this tax stuff straight...ok. I need you to vet these people better than what your doing. Now on the Bush scale this is not a big deal. But I loved the way you handled it. Now your haters are coming at you full force. Remember these are the people who bent over and grabbed ankles for Bush for eight years and now all of a sudden they are paying attention. These people who criticize you are not comfortable with a darky as president. They really want to call you a N-word but what they are going to do instead is criticize you for every little thing you do very harshly and even call you stupid like a local radio hysterical neo con of a female talk show host. Now remember these whores never bothered criticizing Bush harshly(they will say they do but they are lying)with the same fervor.So they will start to apply their evil whorecraft to you.

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