Wednesday, February 04, 2009

LEAVE PHELPS ALONE!!! Smoke it up weed boy.

I am so tired of this vicious attack on Michael Phelps. A local ditz on local radio here was all in a tizzy about it. Look Phelps is a legend at a young age and needs to smoke to relieve the stress. I am so tired at this fake outrage about weed smoking. If he got caught smoking a cigarette we would have said nothing. Lets stop pretending that marijuana is worse than cigarettes ok. These hypocrites are acting like they are so much better. We had a president that lied to get us into war and we lost 4000 soldiers and we have the audacity to be worried about this guy. Now Michael you should have been more careful to smoke in private ok. I get so tired of these liberal and conservative do gooders trying to modify someone else's behavior.Its not like the weed actually helped him win. (Now I was suspicious of all that damn food he eats). Now he might have to act like what he did was bad and apologize. But FUCK THEM! Now Mike here is what you should say. You need to get gangsta on a bitch from jump and say...

Hello, does anyone here remember how my talented good swimming ass just won eight damn gold medals?...Eight bitches! Now obviously smoking a little cush did nothing to diminish my ability to beat every other swimmer in the whole damn world. So what's our problem here? Why does the International Olympic Committee have its panties in a wad over me smoking cush?

Can you imagine the reaction if he had said that. I personally think he should go "Christian Bale" on a bitch. Ps: Don't give me this crap about this anti-dope organization he is part of, because last time I checked. Weed is not a steroid or performance enhancer. It's a sex and eating enhancer.

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Marcus said...

I don't know if you've heard about this, Anthony, but weed is known to destroy your lungs and rob you of ambition... wait, 8 Olympic gold medals for swimming?! Nevermind.