Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Don't Touch My Junk!

This guy is a hero and stood up to these TSA folks about their stupid patdowns and searches. Why can't we just do what Israel does?


Anonymous said...

The lame argument that I keep hearing in defense of the nude-body scanners and pat downs is that it was supposed to prevent terrorists from blowing up planes and that actually has little if anything to do with it. Last I checked it was about keeping terrorists from hijacking aircraft and using them as missiles. If it was really about them blowing up planes then we'd also have to have scanners or pat downs on trains, buses, shops, restaurants, concerts, ballgames, etc. We have to draw lines, I don't want to be telling my future grandchildren about the old days when we didn't have to be sexually assaulted everywhere we went.
Hows about permanently isolating the passenger compartment from the rest of the airplane to prevent hijackings?

Anonymous said...

This is off the subject of TSA but it is another sign of the rising police state.