Thursday, November 11, 2010



"I have been willing to compromise in the past
and I am willing to compromise going forward."

-- Obama, proving once again that he has a learning disability.


Anonymous said...

I have supported this President on his efforts to work in a bipartisan effort with the Republicans. NOT NOW!!!.

I'm sorry but that bipartisan shit went out the door when those idiots fought President Obama on the healthcare reform act. They couldn't stand up to the fact that Obama knew what he was talking about on policy issues so they decided to say no and make claims on his policy moves by flat out lying about things.

The fact is if you exstend the Bush taxcuts it will increase the deficit up to 500 to 700 billion a year. The fact is this POTUS policies have taken 20 to 25% of the deficit since he's taken office.

If he tries to work with them then he shouldn't get our support on anything.


Anonymous said...

Hey John why not just tax the wealthy at 100 percent.

Anonymous said...

The Bush taxcuts would put 500 to 700 billion a year on the deficit if they are continued.

I'm sorry but in a progressive tax system the rich pays taxes. The real drivers of the economy is the middle class because they are the one's that make purchases that keep business going. Taxes pay for schools,police,fire dept. and the military. It puts money out so that we can take care of the handicapped,disabled and the less fortunate.

Question; If you all want to get rid of social security and medicare then tear up your cards. I'm waiting!. Not!.

p.s. It would be stupid to tax the rich at 100%. Get Real!!!.